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Shame on you, India’s PMO guys!

I can’t believe my eyes — this PIB press release in front of me which says India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh phoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai today to congratulate him on the birth of a baby girl in the presidential palace in Kabul. MMS wished the baby and her mother ‘health and future well-being’. 

What a day to do that and what impeccable timing — at a time when Karzai ought to appear in public to be in deep mourning over the Kandahar killings which, incidentally, included 10 innocent children. The Afghan parliament was just today told it was a massacre. Didn’t our Mission in Kabul know what happened? Doesn’t our PM read newspapers? Or, more to the point, don’t his aides in the PMO read newspapers?
What abysmally poor taste for an Indian prime minister to felicitate Karzai on a day like this when the DGMO of the Afghan army just confirmed the worst fears about the Kandahar killings. A shame on you, PMO guys, who mislead a gullible prime minister who is 80 years old. 
No, no, no. I don’t want the crazy thought to cross my mind even remotely — that some one in PMO estimated MMS would be doing US president Barack Obama a favour….

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  1. smako says

    @Rajiv Kumar, context is fundamental.

    Honest self-criticism is the only way to improve as an individual and as a country.

  2. Narayan Kuppuswamy says

    It confirms that mms Is a joker

  3. Rajiv Kumar says

    I do agree with you and understand your sentiments, but what is the harm in wishing some one. Is it the fault of girl that born on that day or it did SMS ignored killing innocent children. Lets be practical. It has become a fashion now to critise India , PM and ruling party. I am not a Congress supporter but I just cant tolerate someone saying shame on India. You should love India , at the time when you disagree with PM or for that matter anyone else.

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