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Three cheers for Home Ministry

From all appearances, the cabinet ministers in the UPA government are back to their old self again — with 2G scam fading away from limelight. That is the impression one gets after reading the sensational lead story in an English daily in Delhi today. The story is that there were troop movements near the capital on January 16 which raised alarm that something ‘unusual’ (read military coup) was afoot, but in the event, it turned out to be bullshit. 

The thrust of the story is that things are really rotten in the Defence MInistry headed by A.K.Antony. Equally, reading between the lines, what emerges is that India’s  Home Ministry headed by P. Chidambaram is so much smarter than the Defence MInistry. If the nation can sleep in peace and if democracy is safe, we owe three cheers for Home Ministry. 
Now we know MHA is the best and the brightest in the entire Indian cabinet — by far superior to the Defence MInistry. It has that fabulous capacity to not only smell in the air the whiff of a military coup, but it can actually stall a military coup in Delhi by simply ordering the traffic police to create a traffic jam on the roads leading to the city.
Even a dumb-witted reader can draw the appropriate political conclusions. What is distasteful in the entire story is that the army has been cast in a poor light — and for no fault of its own, as it subsequently transpires. 
The daily should now roll up its sleeves and swiftly have a follow-up in a truly investigative spirit. Check out what happened to those smart alecs in the MHA who raised the false alarm, even waking up our aged prime minister from deep slumber in the wee hours of the chilly January morning. Shouldn’t they be made accountable for creating a ruckus at the highest level of India’s leadership? To my mind, they should be severely punished for their oneupmanship. The Indian Express report is here

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