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US bribes the Muslim Brothers

I am now willing to wager that one day the Pakistani Islamist Hafiz Saeed will be received in the White House although there is a 10-million dollar US bounty on him. The KUNA (Kuwait News Agency) has disclosed that the US has granted an immediate financial assistance of 1.5 billion dollars to the Egyptian government led by the Muslim Brothers soon after the Brothers were received in the White House on Thursday. 
Even by the yardsticks of American diplomacy, the bars of pragmatism have been shifted to accommodate the Brothers. Technically, Brothers are waging a ‘jihad’ against the US and Israel. Their views are no less radical than those of Saeed. 
Read a piece in Jerusalem Post by Barry Rubin, the noted American scholar on the Middle East, to get an idea of the MB’s manifesto. The rest is politics. It now suits Washington to overlook all that happened and to do business with the Brothers. Period. 
The US is overlooking the close ties between MB and Hamas, which, incidentally, is designated as a terrorist organization under American law. The establishment think tank  Council of Foreign Relations in New York provided its platform for the visiting Brothers. Imagine some day Saeed taking the podium in the CFR. 

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  1. barry says


  2. rashid rab says

    America knows better, whom to make friends and when……Don’t you remember so called “TALIBAN” and their history.

  3. Mohammed Yousuff says

    That may happen tomorrow itself if Sayeed stops agitation against NATO supplies.

  4. D S says

    religion based separation is promoted by Arabs, then the angrez and now even iIsreal tacitly allows it. All because religion becomes bandwagon to seperate india-pak-afgans-etc. and then control the trade, weapon supply, energy, tech, etc into this region.

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