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MEA shouldn’t overreact on SRK

The Ministry of External Affairs over-reacted on the SRK episode. This was not a diplomatic incident for the MEA to call in the DCM of the American embassy and to make a demarche. The decision was probably taken by the political leadership with an eye on the domestic opinion. These are testy times in Indian politics and the government is edgy that some opposition guys may call it ‘spineless’. 

I first thought SRK’s problem has something to do with his name, religion and/or ethnicity. But apparently that isn’t the case. Amir Khan says he never had any such problem with the US immigration. How come? The logical explanation seems to be the calm opinion by Irfan Khan — “This is system’s ignorance.”
Or else, do you think the Americans would ever do such a ghastly thing knowingly to someone who travelled in Mukesh Ambani’s private plane? Think it over. 
There is a point in what Irfan said — and I say this not because I’m a great fan of this talented actor. But, look at how shabbily former US vice-president Al-Gore was once treated. Can’t be that Al-Gore was mistaken to be a Muslim? Plainly put, there was a ‘system failure’, as Irfan pointed out, and Al-Gore gracefully took the slight. SRK too should have.
At any rate, there is no need for all 1100 million of us to get into a patriotic frenzy. The world will only laugh at us if we act so silly as a nation. SRK may be an iconic figure in our country but for the US immigration, he is an incoming foreigner. Period. By the way, after repeated insults, why does he want to visit the US again? Last time in 2009 he vowed never to visit the US again. But he broke his vow as easily as those many vows he reportedly took to quit smoking. 

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  1. raman govindan says

    the the Indian media and SRK makes a mountain out of mole hill! the first one has no sense of proprtion!

  2. Dr Ajay says

    One would wish that some readers would have a sense of decorum and decency in putting their opinion here. A disagreement or another viewpoint is fine but gutter language is not. Frankly, the use of undipolmatic language in an opinion discounts both: the opinion and its author.

  3. Informed says

    did congress pay you to blame opposition for their stupidity? looks like you are having trouble balancing between sensible thinking and loyalty to congress, because your article is mostly sensible except where you try to protect MEA by justifying their stupidity as fear for opposition. Opposition wouldn’t care about SRK. This congress govt is doing it because of fear of mslim vote bank, they are even ready to compromise the nations respect by doing these stupid things for minority appeasement. And btw buddy, 1100 million of us are not getting frenzy, are you getting frenzy? may be 10 million people know that SRK was detailed and may be his 10000 fans might get frenzied, looks like your circle is filled with those SRK fanatics, come to the real world blogger, we don’t care about SRK

  4. hamallik says

    Stars wont fall from the sky, if SRK waits for 2 hrs at the airport. Even APJ was stripped and searched. Kudos to US security agencies who prevented any attack on their soil for 10 years.
    India should learn from them. We allowed multiple attacks after 26/11.

    It seems even SRK took lightly, why MEA should react for a film actor, they dont react when needed. Stupid AHs.

  5. says

    This man SKR is a crazy feeling and treating himself beyond the system. He may be a lord forckland in India and by virtue of his religion getting special attention by the idiotic political system , but for US he a mere one of the foreign trvaller looking pretty ordinary from US system perspective . We can nto expect US to treat him like Demi God .

    And by the way he does not sort out the matter himself . If hos name is problem he shoudl chneg it or convince the authoritiess by he shows surly the tantrums and fall int oproblem. He need a kick !! need ot be totally ignored !!

  6. Free Free says

    If they can’t fix the system in 3 yrs then I think we have a right to make it a big deal. He may be just a foreigner for them, so is Tom Cruise for us. I don’t think they would take it easy if we detain Cruise or Jolie for few hours, let alone doing it twice. They did this with APJ Kalam too, and it’s not acceptable.

    Both of these people are iconic figures of our country, just because SRK is from entertainment industry and not a politician does not mean we will be more acceptable towards their behavior. India does need a backbone and we really need to do is to respond in the same way.

  7. sudhir jagannath says

    The article shares good thought. SRK is not visiting US on diplomatic front for MEA to involve and sour the relations. For different countries around the world, he is a common man doing his job, paying taxes and leading life and most importantly, he is a alien entering US. MEA should voice for Abdul kalam which makes sense and not for him. He was not under detention to involve MEA.

  8. antar jaal says

    Flown in a private Jet to the US and he wants us to treat him like a victim..
    Gets to address Yale because the daughter of India’s richest businessman demanded a toy to show off to her friends at Yale.
    Its probably his attitude that makes the Immigration dudes act even worse with him.
    Agree that it was more incompetence of the system than singling out Khan…at least someone is unintentionally/unknowingly/out of their incompetence getting even with this spoilt brat of Bollywood that we have to tolerate day in day out with his antics. Wonder what is worse SRK’s overacting or his overreacting to a delay at the airport.

  9. Daipayan Deb says

    Just listen to that disgusting mahesh bhat(promoter of a porn-star and also linked to LET earlier) and javed akhtar in ndtv, the fuss they are creating as if Sharukh Khan is some head of the state and a our national treasure.. my foot…US has nothing to do with the fake celebrity status of this over hyped actor…i think the Congress Govt has gone over board and made it a diplomatic issue, just to appease some Muslims..US will give a damn to this non-sense…

  10. Fouzan Shaikh says

    abe o gahde,,,, has he made owe to you that he wont go to US again … the question is about repeating the same mistake and treating abdulkalam, fernandez, praful patel … ja ke ghas char le kahin par ..

  11. Jhandu Singh says

    I agree with most of the things written here but why should the author worry about SRK’s smoking habits ? He may never quit smoking, so what ? Let the tar accumulate in his lungs and he will die one day.

  12. dalit143 says

    He is adored by millions. He was called to inspire Yale university students. He is name in the worlds most elite poeple list ( Along US ex presidents) Chubbs fellow. I don’t think all your family likes you. Get life looser. Of course SRk special to all human kind.

  13. Godrocksbig says

    Why it should not overact? Otherwise, how can UPA get minority votes in elections? These are golden opportunities to consolidate vote banks.

  14. Balaji B says

    Whether SRK goes to the US or not, is not any of our business. Just like there is no need for all us to get into a frenzy, there really was no need to question the why behind his visits. Plus, I don’t see SRK himself make a big deal out of it, he too clearly took the slight gracefully, both time actually. Its the rest that have made a big deal out of it.

  15. Parminder Singh says

    Dear Bhadrakumar,

    I have been living in US for 8 years, and answer to your question (in third paragraph, ” will americans ever do such a ghastly thing……….’) is YES. Americans may or may not be racist but they are arrogant to their core and, in Shahrukh’s case may not like to see someone enjoying so much importance. By the way, no one knows about Ambanis here and people working a t Customs are law enforcement, not necessarily equipped with diplomatic information. Shahrukh did not have any political/diplomatic visa he was just traveling as a person who is very famous in India, and some people at airport, i believe, tried to hurt that feeling of people due to their arrogance to show that they don’t care.
    PArdon me for anything you don’t like but this is true.

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