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Facts go against SRK

The SRK episode is becoming curiouser and curiouser. K P Nayar, the veteran ‘Washington hand’ of The Telegraph, who is extremely well-informed thanks to a decade-long stint in the US capital and his first-grade professionalism, has unearthed the devil in the fine print of the SRK story. It appears that the matinee idol landed up on American soil on a wrong visa

KP’s viewpoint is balanced. ‘Islamophobia’ is a fact of life in America. Countries that go through searing experiences like 9/11 (or 26/11 in Mumbai and the Beslan school siege in Russia) may develop phobias, but that has nothing to do with racism. That is the plain truth, because it is human nature. But in this case, SRK can’t complain. 

The Americans observed the law — perhaps, a little too literally that a celebrity like SRK is unused to in our society with its feudal culture of fawning over the lords and the nouveau riche. External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna should calm down. This is the second time he barged in without checking up facts. The first one was in interfering with the tragic life of two Indian children in Norway. Unfortunately, in the competitive environment of Indian politics today, EAM is coming under pressure, lest someone accused him of being waffly. Opinions may vary, but facts, Sir, are sacrosanct. Diplomacy is always well-rooted in facts. 

Obviously, the Americans have dutifully apologised. Why? For one thing, they know the prickly Indian character well enough. Second, they don’t want to take punga with us on such a trivial matter. Iran nuclear issue? Yes. Nuclear Liability Act? Maybe. SRK? For heaven’s sake, NO. 

From KP’s dispatch, available facts seem to suggest SRK has no case to be unhappy except that he was treated like an ordinary mortal by the Americans.  Ever read Jane Austen novels in your college days, SRK? Be proud without being vain — that’s what she wrote. SRK should tell the MEA to move on. 

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  1. deepak says

    SRK is a fraud…should remake the old Shammi Kapoor starrer Bluff Master. The man is basically a closeted Muslim and turns our deceitful half truths like My Name is Khan, which shows the real victim of Islamic violence, the West and other Kafirs, as perpetrators. Only in India are such bums tolerated.

  2. raman govindan says

    right on dot!

  3. Akash Pandey says

    That is their (USA) security system and let them do their work. They (USA) are so clear in their concept and human right. Our country (India) treating all rich persons as VIP and General Public as beggers. This is the headic of our country who treat Shahrukh Khan as a Superstar and not the headc of America. Indian Government always reacted in hurry and they don’t deserved for the position. India Government does not care and respect their CITIZENS and reacted in trivial issues. The children / oldaged peoples in our country are begging in the roads / temples/ redlight but government are so busy in the scams. Can you seen begging childs in US/ UK ? No? They are so particular for protected CITIZENS / RESIDENTS of USA and never come any harm to them? Every Indian have been a dream to go and visit and live in USA instead of India? I hate myself being an Indian. I don’t have any government protection in any situation. If I earned government have charged too much through TAX. If i buy something government again charged TAX for their scams? Worst Country of India. USA action and detention of Sharukh Khan is absolutely right and we should let them (USA) to do their best for their country. In India there is no internal security system and after every attacked we have to alleged PAKISTA>.

  4. PKR says

    India should do what Brazil does to US nationals Then we should see what seasoned analysts say I bet if India does it maximum noise wlll be from US citizens of Indian origin

  5. ohgandhi says

    Hypocrite corrupt congress govt and SRK !

  6. singh_sam86 says

    i agree with mr.nayar dnt give this mch importance to a small issue as our country have more srious problem thn ths

  7. satchit basu says

    S M KRISHNA seems to be always reading from wrong script.
    Satchit kumar Basu

  8. jaihind1122 says

    Celebrity or Not , A muslim is becoming unwelcome everywhere.

    Islamophobia is a reality in not only America or Europe, but the entire world is realizing, that there is nothing called aPeaceful Muslim..

    Europe and USA should move towards banning their entry in the future..
    if they want to protect themselves.

  9. SK Anand says

    An individual needs to take responsibilities for his documentation for his travels and visits.

    Tighter security norms means that everyone are conditioned to go thru anything at immigration counters, irrespective of the nature of your airline that your travel or your profession.

    Countless number of international passenger grin and bear the process, the ones who dont rant, and pay for the consequences.

    SRK should have checked the documentation before travel

  10. Suhrud Patel says

    US Immigration department is perfectly right , rthey have done right job, but surprisingly , what is Nita mambani doing with klown khan? we all in india know that khan trio is being promoted in bollywood at cost of other actors by under world and middle east funds, US immigration is no idiot to know all these facts,,
    what is Nita mambani doing with klown khan? shmeless woman

  11. mkdn says

    SRK is totally ok.

    How about Dr.Kalam, a former President and it happened to him twice.
    Would it be ok to treat Clinton or Bush the same way? if so we should do it.

    I think the Indian reaction, though exaggerated as far as SRK is concerned, is correct.
    India’s clout is growing slowly, but steadily. With China nearby, nobody will give a shit to India,
    so to remind the west, some noise on and off is only going to so good.

    Whether for SRK or India, any publicity is good publicity.

  12. Vasudev Shanbhag says

    It is time India stop pandering to the minorities – for their own sake. As mentioned elsewhere here in comments, India is behaving like the Americans – if an American is killed they create a hue and cry and think of even attacking a country, however if an other national dies – lip service is paid. Similarly the authorities and some in media – if a “minority” person is handled in the same way as one from the “majority” a lot of hue and cry. Why is this? Which country in the world treats their minorities differently?

    It is time people kept driving out the incumbent in EVERY election – whatever the color, safron, green, blue, white or any other. Sooner than later we will see some change in the political thinking.

  13. Vikas Jain says

    but in India, even after 26/11, it is a privilege to be of minority(islam) community. As we see in recent RTE, minority institutions are exempted from RTE. All this is due to cheap appeasement politics

  14. anil gupta says

    Who is srk ? What is his status ? Why at all he is talked about in media. In fact standard of media in India is very cheap. If I go to USA and they search me and ask 10 questions, it is their right. I have nothing to moan about ?

    Indians can do the same with US citizens if the need be. Who stops the Indians ?

  15. Seshadri Moranam says

    I agree with Mr. Nayar. Even when our past president of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was frisked there was no such tensions. When lots of students underwent torture such as radio tagging after given their visa nothing much was done by our external affairs ministry. When an actor suffers questioning for two hours it makes headlines. Our media is known to make hay while sun shines by communalizing a non-issue. Our MOEA should concentrate in projecting our country rather than wasting his time on this silly matters. There are more pressing issues such as kidnapping of Indian crew members by Somali pirates, etc. The families of these crew members were unaware of such an incident for over a month. We perhaps expect too much from a highly educated person of the calibre of SMK. He didn’t go through his brief before reading out someone else’s.

  16. dibya says

    Indian public and politicians are immature ; basically their behaviors are like unruly kids

  17. jailab eqbal says

    what is the use


    He is in habit of creating publicity out of any thing !

  19. shivani valluri says

    “For one thing, they know the prickly Indian character well enough. Second, they don’t want to take punka with us on such a trivial matter.” Laughable analysis by a “seasoned” hand. What link has India got with 9/11? Who did India deny visas and detain for hours at the Airport after 26/11 ? And the moot point—SRK did not complain, he joked about it and been sarcastic. So who should learn lessons on vanity ??

  20. Chris says

    1) Thousands of Indian serviceman languishing in Puckistani prisons.

    2) Several Indians on death-row in Puckistan, SIngapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, etc.

    3) Thousands of Indian fishermen languishing in Puckistani prisons.

    4) More than 80 Gujarati diamond-traders languishing in prison in China.

    5) Two Indian businessmen tortured and being kept in captivity in China by Chinese businessmen for the last two years.

    6) Thousand of Tamil fishermen from India being tortured by Sinahala Nazi Navy.

    7) Hundreds of Indian students being attacked or killed by thugs in Astralia, UK, USA.

    8) Ex-President Abdul Kalam detained and insulted by US Authorities.

    9) Hundreds of H. girls being abducted and forcibly converted to Islum in Sindh, Puckistan.

    The Kangress does NOT care :

    On the other hand :

    1) One Dr. Hanif is detained by the Australian authorities, on the basis of strong evidence of involvment in the London airport bombing by two of Hanif’s cousins. Immediately, Maha-Moorkha-Singh loses his sleep, orders the entire India Consular Machinery in Australia to work overtime till Hanif is extricated from Australia and repatriated to India.

    2) Klown Khan is detained at an American airport. Immediately, S. M. Krishna summons the American ambassador in India for a royal dressing-down.

  21. Krishnamachari says

    When terrorists can recruit doctors and professors for their actitvities, Americans are overcautious irrespective of the stature of any suspect

  22. amitava chakravorty says

    SRK should be fair enough to state the fact. If this is true, then the entire episode shows him in very poor light. The rich

  23. Cobb says

    You happen to sound like you have some facts, but what are they? What was the visa which SRK went in and what was he supposed to carry, I think these details are considered as facts and not just pulling SRK and EAM down with some vague righteousness…

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