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Chandy, Raval & Italian Marines

Kerala is outraged! Everyone in Kerala is ‘flaying’ everyone else over the latest twist to the fate that awaits the Italian Marines jailed in Thiruvananthapuram. Malayalis have forgotten all about Agni – V. 

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is flaying India’s Additional Solicitor-General Harin Raval for misrepresenting the Central government; fishermen’s association is flaying the Central government; and Communist Party of India (Marxist) is flaying Sonia Gandhi. 
Chandy is the only one who is being transparent. Raval had no business to have said what he said if the Central government had been advising and guiding the Kerala government in the handling of this case. 
The puzzle, however, remains. Raval made a strong point and what he said is as per the rule book. Who briefed him, if not the central government? All sorts of rumors are floating around in Delhi. Someone should clarify. It’s just not good enough to say Raval is in the habit of airing ‘personal opinion’ before the Supreme Court.  
On the other hand, the fishermen’s association in Kerala has no business to butt in at this stage. The families of the deceased have settled with the Italians. The settlement seems reasonable. Period. Some folks are trying to make politics of out it and it is not a pretty sight.  
As for the charge by the venerable CPM leaders — that the Marines hailed from Sonia Gandhi’s “motherland” — it is laughable. For, God only knows Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone had committed a grave, unspeakable sin in their previous life in India and had to be reborn on earth to bear punishment, and that is how they came to be born as Italians. If they hadn’t been Italians, India’s central government wouldn’t have acted so severely toward them.
The plain truth is that the grandstanding by Delhi due to Piravom bypoll brought things to this pass. Delhi should have accepted the offer from Rome to conduct a joint probe to establish what precisely happened; informally, Delhi could have advised the Italians to reach a private settlement with the aggrieved families; and, finally, depending on the outcome of the joint probe, a decision could have been taken where to put the Italian Marines on trial. 
No, Comrades, Sonia Gandhi had nothing to do with this affair. The Italian side was consistently restrained and accommodative although they were sure the crime took place in international waters and India had no jurisdiction. They knocked at every door from the Vatican to the fishermen’s hut in Kollam seeking fair play and a reasonable settlement. Indeed, Delhi acted needlessly tough. Sonia Gandhi might have been born an Italian. So what? 

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  1. jaggu says

    Had you been in place of the dead fishermen , then I can imagine that for yourfamily the Blood money might have worked perfectly well due to a lack of spine.

    However in this case a criminal case is correctly lodgd and all italians on the ship are equally liable for capital punishment.

  2. rony says

    In India there is no law to accept blood money and give pardon. As per my knowldege the crimes are handled as per IPC only. Then how can the authorites advocate for a settlement by accepting bloodmoney which is a practice in Middle East.

  3. Honest says

    This is not the FIRST Time Solicitor General have said something against the Govt of Kerla for which he represents the Supreme Court! A few weeks ago the same Solicitor G (Mr Raval) has
    said something to screw the State, in spite of representing the State, in the CBI Case against a Police Officer ( now in Jail requesting release on health ground)! Still the State is paying for this Solicitor!!

    A couple of weeks ago, while another Solicitor, representing Kerala in the Water dispute with Tamil Nadu, made statements in the High Court to please Tamil Nadu! The entire Congress Party and its alliance defended his statement and said something vertically against that in the press in one breath!

    This shows the State Govt and Central Govt are jointly deceiving the people of Kerala! This time Congress in power in Kerala is doing all kinds of dirty tricks against people of Kerla! Only the other day, they were gifting a 5th Ministerial birth to Muslim Leage without any regard for the Non-Muslim votes the party got during the last election!!!

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