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India hopeful on Annan’s Syria plan

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously approved a full-fledged observer mission for Syria with upto a total of 300 observers, based on a Russian draft resolution co-sponsored by China. The Indian statement in ‘explanation of vote’ by Ambassador Hardeep Puri reiterated India’s strong support for the mission of Kofi Annan, Joint Special Envoy. 

Puri once again called for an “inclusive Syrian-led peace process”; adherence to the Annan plan by all parties; and an “impartial supervision and monitoring of the ceasefire.” Interestingly, this is the second time India stresses the imperative of the UN observer team being “impartial”. The initial UN team that went in had Morocco, Brazil, Russia, Belgium, Norway. 
Contrary to the western propaganda that the Syrian ceasefire is “fragile”, “not good” and so on, the Indian statement expressed satisfaction that “Mr. Annan’s efforts over the past seven weeks have resulted in an improvement of the situation in Syria” and went on to estimate that the ceasefire of April 12 is holding and “has been observed by all parties in a large part of Syria.” 
The Indian statement also calls on countries to “refrain from any action that may cause further bloodshed” — an implied criticism of the continuing outside interference. Meanwhile, it is just as well that India jumped out of the ‘Friends of Syria’ cabal in the nick of time.
The big question is whether India is going to be part of the observer mission. It all depends on the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, who, of course, will want to hear from Washington first. Ban has invited Denmark, for sure. No matter whether he invited China or whether Washington would want China in or out, Beijing has made an offer to Ban to depute a team of Chinese observers that Ban will find difficult to refuse. In sum, 3 out of the five BRICS are ‘in’ already. 

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  1. Eddie Ray says

    Poor India has no ideas of its own to deal with a crisis.
    It is left to endorse the proposals of others.
    India is largely irrelevant on the international scene.

  2. skastor says

    Some sections of the world press is talking about a large stockpile of chemical based WMD in Syria, and how that could become a factor in the entire scheme of things. Is it red herring like the one in Iraq a few year back or is it a true fact?

  3. Michael Miles says

    This is extremely fascinating as I’ve discovered from another blog the notion of the oil expense indicator, which is defined as the price of oil times consumption divided by world GDP. In any case when the indicator reaches 5%, historically it predicts a worldwide recession. Apparently, we’ve been at this point since January when the West started its ill starred campaign against Iran. What fascinates me the most is how a few resource rich countries can control the future of super powers by controlling the supply of commodity. Interesting times, indeed!

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