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The Maoists are also Indians

Independent India has been consistent in its approach to the million mutinies that threatened the country’s unity and integrity through the past six decades and more. That pattern is something like this: popular alienation is simply left unaddressed even if the root cause remains no great mystery and is possible to be tackled; sometimes the ruling party willfully exploits the alienation to suit the needs of electoral politics (Khalistan); the wounds inevitably fester over time; and, when the wound becomes septic the Indian state cauterizes it without any anesthesia so that the patient freaks out with pain and the horrific memory of state brutality would, hopefully, linger for ever and teach a lesson. 

But the wound as such is never healed. J&K and the northeastern states are still under army occupation. Isn’t there some other way to handle political alienation in the 21st century? India prides itself to be a country with a difference in the world community as a nation of moral stature. In the international forums, it is losing shyness and has begun taking up open positions on human rights and human security — for example, on Sri Lanka and Syria in the UNHRC in Geneva in the recent months. It frequently speaks out at the UN Security Council debates — be it on Sudan or Afghanistan. These are of course only appropriate for an ambitious, aspiring regional power. 
And, yet, India’s own track record continues to remain dismal. The Indian state’s “biggest encounter” with the Maoists in the jungles of Chhattisgarh on Friday once again highlights the tragedy of the situation. Some evidence is surfacing that the Indian security forces went on a rampage in the remote jungle villages massacring civilians in the heat of the night of Thursday/Friday.
The 19 Maoists killed included a 15-year old girl, while not more than two amongst the 19 killed could be identified as left extremists. If so, who were the remaining 17 dead souls? 
To be sure, Home Minister P Chidambaram is utterly preoccupied with Hafiz Saeed. Hopefully, if and when he is done with that, we may know what happened. The security people admit that “a few innocent villagers could have died in crossfire.” Pray, how few is “few”?  
The most shocking thing is that the Indian political class across the board has had nothing to say. They are preoccupied with the election of India’a next president — or with the “reforms”. When 19 citizens get killed by their country’s security forces, in any civilised country in the second decade of the 21st century, some political commotion could be expected. But, not in India? The silence of the politicians points at the terrible weakening of the moral fibre of the Indian nation. 
The most reprehensible aspect is the deafening silence of the established parties of the Indian Left who are, arguably, on the same ideological spectrum as the Maoists. Alright, the Maoists are rebels who got disillusioned with the Left establishment and bourgeois democracy, but they never ceased to be believers in the ideology. China can disowned them, but how could the Indian Left? 
In fact, the Maoists’ presence in parts of India where the established Left doesn’t even exist shows that they have a legitimacy and credibility of their own which the established Left lacks in very large tracts of the most impoverished regions of our country that are inherently open to the egalitarian ideals of communism. An enlightened Left leadership would have sought to dialogue with these misguided elements — and a good starting point would be to commiserate with the 19 dead “comrades” in Chhattisgarh. Give them at least a decent burial. 

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  1. aam admi says

    Maoists are also Indians provided they feel so , are they patriotic in their acts if so they are Indians , but if they are working for the interest of some foreign powers then they are not, they also blackmail and loot the locals instead of serving them like Govt. agents. who are not allowing Govt. money to reach poors. how can we judge them correctly ? if they accept foreingn aid. Aid never come without strings attached.

  2. Manas Kumar Sen says

    Those who say ‘ China’s Chairman is our Chairman”, can they be considered as our people? They are anti nationals engaged in treasonous activities. No mercy to them.

  3. Mugundhan says

    I dont think Bhadra Kumar is condoning Marxist violence, His point is we dont remove the conditions on which terrorism thrive. It is true that terrorists invent a reason no matter how logical State is but so far I have not seen any vision from any Politician with regard to masses. They are interested in capturing power, they are making sure their party man reach the benefits as soon as they reach power and think about next elections
    When they think about governance, then they will realize “Indian State” authority means not just displaying force to remove irritants but they also need to reach for people in the context of people development
    Until then, any insurgency happens, we will let it grow, a major incident will happen, then State will reach furiously…
    We have so called local administration down to the level of villages, authorities should be getting info, what are district collectors doing? What are state secretaries doing when they get info from collectors? What are state minsters doing when they are briefed by secretaries?
    Entire administration is geared to cheating people’s money by bribes nothing else,
    Unless governance takes precedence, issues outlined by Bhadrakumar will keep propping up

  4. nalini mohanty says

    Only terrorists are super citizen of our country. I am asking why they are blasting schools, Mobile tower and occupied many minings, killing innocent people. We know how many indians are illitrate and not geting food per day.
    What is need of this destroying type of Indian? India will destroy with this type of people

  5. Jaganniwas Iyer says

    If Maoists are “Indians”, are our soldiers aliens?
    Jaganniwas Iyer

  6. deep says

    who kills indians and get killed by indians…

  7. Janarddan says

    The last point is the most relevant. The Indian Left has a Prakash Karat on its top.
    Karat’s speciality is that he is the first CPI-M secretary to work like a PRO or a media
    secretary. He comes with an attache to his office, signs attendance register, reads
    out some prepared leaflets to media persons, has lunch and then packs bag to go home.
    He is the moist suited secretary to lead when criminals in the ilk of Pinarayi, Kodiyeri
    and Baby make up the next in the rung.

    You are completely correct that it is the responsibility of the nation’s Left to organize
    a defense force in areas like Bihar-MP-Jharkhand-Chattisgarh were deprivation and
    exploitation is at its maximum. Maoists are doing it with a limited effectiveness – what
    they lack is political guidance. One strong Communist party and a defense force on the lines
    of Emkhoto we sizwe of SA can bring in a vast change to India and greatly improve the
    lives of 90% of Indians who otherwise remain voiceless.

    Movements emerge when society cries for one, I am sure this cry of vast Indian poor
    will result in a formidable Communist movement of the kind just described.

  8. prasun_tiwari20 says

    Hell guys….
    I wana knw .. Y these Political People raise ther voice wen these Maiost Dies .. Y the Held ther speeches nly wen our Security personals opens the Fire ,,,
    Y always Our Brave security personals hd 2 heard n face these situation ,,, Y
    WEN ever these INHUMAN dies they make the people 2 say media tht killed people r innocent n so These Stupid MEDIA n POLITICAL leaders raise ther voice .. dey actualy 4got tht widout them these people cnt move a step , They all v l be killed by There SO CALL INNOCENT PEOPLE ,
    No 1 cn prove tht those people who died ther r Maoist bt On behalf f tht ground cn v lift of our Forces 4rm these situation .. Jst LIKE DEMANDIN of LIFTIN of AFSPA 4rm J

  9. tick says

    If so, who were the remaining 17 dead souls?

    Half-truth is a dirty word, but can be a useful tool for analysis when the reality is much too complex to comprehend and has multiple dimensions which makes sizing up the matter simply impossible. Dialectical debates enable two set of exponents to thrash out details for the audience to comprehend.

    Think Indian complexity needs trialectical (there is no such word!) debates to enable three set of exponents for audience to better appreciate the complex realities of India. Perhaps such delta mode thinking alone could help contain the issue within Indian context and lead to superior resolution of vexing issues.

    The Hindutva Chintan of Saffronites has mostly tied them to mediocrity, and their disinclination to derive from the profound nirguna-saguna mode is not yet clear. If done, saffronite responses against the Marxian dialectical assertions would be constructive and far superior.

    The liberal progressive thinking of Congress has got entangled in a double think mode due to strains Cold war imposed on its socialism-capitalism mixed-mode paradigm. Like the famed Schrodinger’s cat, Congress appears to be in two states of mind at the same time! One part of it warms up to Marxian dialectics and the second part simply discards it.

    Tough policing measures are undoubtedly necessary to quell the merciless threat of Naxals. The severe toll suffered by police, with hundreds dead in Chattisgarh is a sad reminder, but it can not be factored in while facts of the matter here are ferreted out. Law must not only do it right but also be seen as doing it right; and law does include its enforcement machinery.

    The risk which has to be averted is incorrect perceptions about police action adding fuel to fire, leading to greater social instability and pervasive oppressive fear in the communities to which those killed belong. Such delta mode thinking is essential for real resolution of issues.

  10. says

    I agree with Mr.Bhadrakumar. It is the responsibility of the Central Govt. and more so the Home Ministry headed by PC to ascertain the truth and come out with the facts. Looks like the police have killed innocents and claiming to have killed Maoists. I wonder if the Home Minister can take care of the grave internal security situation posed by the Maoists. On the other side, PC carries the dubious distinction of being the Home Minister when the largest no. of CRPF personnel were killed.

    Let the Central and State Govts. give a decent burial for the dead.

  11. J D says

    Whose ideology these folks are following? Mao was the man who killed more People than anybody on thi earth ever. These folks were all Chinese. When Mao came to power many Chinese left their homeland in fear fear of persequation or death at the hands of Red Army. I am surprised what goes on in Maoists heads how can they improve their lives with that thinking. China has progressed recently because of western thinking these communists have inducted in every day proceedings. India is progressing because of free market type of thinking. I hope these Maoists get the facts and thus change their lives for good. Otherwise it spells doom for them and also the folks they interact with.

  12. Tanweer Ansari says

    foolish article, if maoist are indian then they have right to kill indian? and govt will not take any action? its a joke, but if a person killed by some muslim (as claimed by media), then they are terrorist…. but maoist are indian….

  13. ramesh kumar says

    True, they are indian but terrorists who indulge in unlawful activities..

  14. ramesh kumar says

    True, they are indian but terrorists who indulge in unlawful activities..

  15. says

    Mr Bhadrakumar,

    I think you need to get your head checked. If you expect the state to yield to the power of the gun, we would have anarchy. All the mutinies that you have mentioned are violent uprisings. You cannot coerce people with a barrel of a gun. It may work for some time but it will end in disaster, case in point the soviet union, libya, syria etc.
    Nobody disputes the fact that maoists are indians, but you cannot turn a blind eye to their atrocities and justify their actions like blowing schools, killing teachers etc. The maoists are criminals and terrorists. If you dont allow the populace to live in peace, you dont get sympathy period.
    And you cannot expect to get a decent burial when you have buried thousands of innocents without remorse.

    There is an excellent place for you in bangalore called Nimhans. Please visit it asap.


    If their loyalty is to the indian state, Why do they brand themselves as maoists?
    Why do they kill school teachers, blow up schools, kill innocent villages, extort ransom and money?

  16. leonid joseph says

    what Left. The new Left is the Right. There is no Left or Right only RIght and extreme Right.

  17. denizen75 says

    Yes, maoists are also Indians but with a difference. These specialised Indians can destroy India’s school buildings, mobile towers, bridges, police stations and kill police personnel, common men, tribals(read police informers) without a second thought.

  18. aga says

    Problem of Naxals and Maoist is off shoot of congress rule, In a diversified country like India, either we need seperate laws for that land, or govt. is so weak that its effect is almost zero for a comman man in that land.
    Even due to doublish policies of govt. problem of J


    Were the 70 CRPF men shot by Maoists Indians or not ?

  20. guest says

    The Maoists are not Indians . They murder other Indians in the name of Ideology and Revolution and never believed in democracy and unity in diversity. Indians believe liberty, equality and mutual respect and not kill others if their views don’t meet with other fellow Indians. The Maoists and the Lefts are the shame of the nation.

  21. says

    Why u r partial, u should say when our security forces die. I remember around 77 security forces were gunned down brutally by maiost. Most of them had point blank head injuries.

  22. rahul rishi says

    and the people maoist kill are they not indians? no sympathy for any one who carries arms agains state of india………….

  23. Sunil Mittal says

    The persons who kiiled by Maoists are not indians?

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