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A legacy for our president and vice-president

When the chronicle is revisited, the manner in which the Indian political class closed ranks against Anna Hazare looks absolutely stunning. They set aside their mutual acrimonies over ideology, personalities, economic policies, foreign-policy issues, etc. and simply hunkered down when it came to the Lok Pal Bill — like donkeys who could be taken to the river bank but nonetheless stubbornly refuse to drink. Alas, the stance of the Left parties is particularly obnoxious. They saw the groundswell of public opinion applauding Hazare’s campaign and they thought it prudent to try to tap into it — but, only for a fleeting moment, after which they stealthily moved away, realising where their class interests would ultimately lie in a bourgeois democracy.

The Left made a mistake, if the media reports from Jantar Mantar are any pointer. In the coming weeks, when the election of the vice-president takes place and when the parliament meets, Lok Pal Bill could come to the fore again and it may become difficult for the political class to asphyxiate it, as had happened once on the floor of the Rajya Sabha. But if they manage a repeat performance, it will be in full public view and that is going to look rather ugly. Hazare is campaigning over a national issue, an issue that won’t easily go away but will keep popping up as the day follows the night. Hazare is not the issue. 
Of course, the malaise of the super-rich hiding wealth in offshore accounts is a worldwide phenomenon. By coincidence, an exhaustive study titled “The Price of Offshore Revisited”, has just been released in the West. The research was commissioned by the Tax Justice Network, which was originally mooted by the British parliament and was supervised by a former chief economist of the global management consultant firm McKinsey & Company. As regards India, the TJN estimated in March 2010 that the country had lost 213 billion dollars in illicit financial flows, with a present value of at least 462 billion, conservatively estimated. Wow! Am I right? The amount is Rs. 2541000 crores. 

To my mind, the finest legacy that the newly-elected president and vice-president could bequeath to the Indian nation during their 5-year term in office will be to ensure that this time around at least, the Lok Pal Bill is enacted. For that, of course, they need to rise far, far above the political class. The TJN report is here.

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  1. annie says

    The foreign Proxy government puts emphases on a Lame duck president and Vice President particularly a corrupt politician in the Job.
    India is already controlled by Hidden Izlamic government in the back ground.The I ta lian lady is a person President of India black listed from holdimg chair of PM. So she supported by with almost all foreign corporate controlled Print and TV media, which in turn is controlled by Jesuits backed by Vatican, used a lame duck exCIA man (Rao’s book) become PM. But to remain in Power to loot she needs coatrie of A’mad Patel, Salmon Khur-shid, Alvi and neumouous other Mzslims moles that include beurocrats, Judges CBI and RAW ib infiltrates to control a Pro Pak-Izlamic regime. Most congress elected are bullied and terrified just as SP and BSP leaders are of CBI card.
    India is no longer an Independant country and Hinduz are fifth class citizens but first class enemies of present GOI.To day
    Hinduz are forced to convert girls kidnapped out of Pakistan and their religion and Burnt alive in Assam to day and Indian Media is silensed by Vatico/Izlamic ruled congress Mafia.

  2. Dr Ajay says

    If history is any indicator (with the exception of Presidents Prasad and Kalam), the Indian presidents have rarely left a mark. The office of VP even more so. Does any school child recognize this office, other than it being a forgotten spare tire in the trunk?
    The expectations from the incoming duo should be, ugh, zero. The best hope is that they will not stoop to acute partisanship, given the recent play out of selection politics. (BTW, the best performance was from Mr. MS Yadav with his complete about turn. Is Defense ministry portfolio in the offing?).
    No Indian institution exists as a counterweight to the malaise. Given multiple CBI flip flops, SC reversals (Gen. VK Singh’s case in point), the rot is total. Anna Hazare can only leverage public opinion. If it picks sufficient public disaffection, it can easily get out of his control and usher in a Nicholas Romanov solution.

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