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FDI in retail, time to move on

Unsurprisingly, it fell on Arun Shourie’s shoulders to step in and introduce some sanity into the BJP’s voice on the recent package of economic measures. And he has done it with elan. Shourie has gently reminded his partymen that the government’s package — including on FDI on retail sector — is something that BJP can learn to live with. 

Indeed, there are strongly divergent viewpoints regarding the government’s move to allow the entry of multinationals into the retail sector. The Left has a hard position on it. Call it dogmatism or what you will, but they’ve decided to dig in. However, the same cannot be said about the BJP or Samajwadi Party or the Trinamool Congress, the 3 main protagonists on the centre stage today. 
All three have taken unabashedly opportunistic stance. Narendra Modi says FDI on retail sector would lead to Indians having to use pens sold by goras. But what is wrong with it if one can wear Rolex wrist watches and travel to China (4 times) by aircraft made by goras? Modi has taken a lef out of party politics in the 1950s in Punjab when the opposition derided the construction of Bhakra-Nangal HPP, saying the water available for irrigation would be insipid after all the good electricity was extracted out of it. 
The Samajwadi Party is downright hypocritical. It opposes FDI in the retail sector, but it will continue to support the UPA-2 government, because, it is the only way to keep Modi out of power at the centre. Clearly, Trinamool Congress is grandstanding. The finance minister in Kolkata is himself an ardent supporter of neo-liberal economic policies. We don’t even know which of the “two Mamatas” is performing tomorrow — “Derektion Didi” or “Didi Amin Dada”.  

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  1. Narinder Ailawadi says

    Problem is not the Goras or American. Anyone who has ever shopped at Walmart will tell you that there is nothing that is sold there is not made in China. So which country’s workers benefit – indian? american? Or the Chinese!.

    That is the point to ponder over – turning over indian market to the chinese through US

  2. aam admi says

    The problem is not with FDI or our own shop keepers , the problem lies with the administrative set up and Corruption involved at all levels including Parliament members and Ministers. Once the intention is not honest , how the result will be positive. Why so many decisions of Govt. is causing concern in commonmen, what , really the problem with the present Govt. , is lack of goodwill and mistrust, i,e deficit of trust. First they should remove it by their actions , then if they talk of planning , one will believe it. FDI is a mere tool , if applied recklessly and under pressure ,will harm every one.

  3. Shiv Narayanan says

    I think it is important to read the BJP stand on the issue after removing the political posturing

    1) they are for FDI but believe the govt could have extracted more from America before pushing ahead with it ( source: Ravi Shankar Prasad)
    2) if the govt believed why not push it through the parliament through a special session?

  4. Avadhani KC says

    Dear rulling men, do you require foreign person to bring in money to set up the crisis created by you. Dontu think the third person brings negative. Why cant you solve Fiscal Difisit problem and create an invironment so that Indian investers bring in money. Once you do not have control in your present system, how why dontu you think the other person may explore the weakness of you for his benefit.

  5. Balan Iyer says

    When the PVNarasimha Rao Govt scrapped Socialism of Nehru -Gandhi era and ushered in Liberalisation on the advice of IMF, BJP and Commie politicians cried foul and branded it as a sell out to USA and IMF.But the same BJP when came to power,merrily continued with the same liberalisation policy initiated by PVN Rao.It is a sad truth that ,though BJP has the credentials to become an alternative,viable and strong opposition,it plays destructive politics oweing to its ideological bankruptcy.

  6. NIRMAL BALIA says

    all indian leaders are shame less they are all old and needs to replace the SHOURIE of INDIAN EXORESS under SHRI RAMNATH GOENKAJI who brougth the loss of RAJIV is not even a pale shadow now lagta hai SATIYA gaya hai

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