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India’s voice is pitiably weak on Gaza

Five days into the brutal israeli assault on Gaza, New Delhi has spoken. The mandarins in South Block in their cloistered chambers apparently weighed the scale carefully and chose to take a neutral, impassive equidistant stance. Of course, such a stance favors Israel, but then, isn’t  that the desired objective? 

The point is, Delhi wouldn’t be drawn into the disproportionate scale of the Israeli violence on Gaza, as it will tread on the sensitivities of the close friend. Equally, it is now India’s policy to equate the Palestinian resistance with the israeli violence. As for the blockade of Gaza, which is the root cause of the current cycle of violence, Delhi keeps mum. 
No doubt, Israel will be mighty thrilled at the Indian stance. Hopefully, India will garner some downstream benefits as quid pro quo. 
The UPA government is, generally, speaking, sensitive on “Muslim votes”, especially as the Congress-led government is tiptoeing toward general election. But in the present case, it estimates shrewdly that the Muslim electorate in India is not swayed by the Palestinian issue. After all, Israeli violence on the Palestinians is as ancient as the hills but India’s electoral politics remained untouched. 
Besides, India attaches great importance to the defence and security cooperation with Israel. Priorities are clear. The Israeli Lobby in Washington also has been a useful conduit for India to influence the US policies. What can Mohammed Abbas or Ismail Haniye do for India in comparison? 
Good question, indeed. However, the mandarins in South Block are overlooking that the Gaza violence is also unfolding against a historic regional backdrop. And the doublespeak of the pro-West Arab regimes on the Palestine problem is not going to be sustainable for long. 
India cannot take comfort that it is playing the same game on the Palestine issue that the emir of Qatar or the Saudi and Jordanian kings are playing. Those autocrats are not on the right side of history. Nor is israel. But India has the advantage of its own colonial history to anticipate the footfalls of history in the Middle East. Especially with a historian as our new External Affairs Minister. 

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  1. navi_reyd says

    I would never be suprised that, considering that the Muslim world deems Kashmir to be a disputed State, the day will come when Kashmiri militants will start firing long-range rockets (made in Iran or elsewhere) into India. India many need something like Israel’s Iron Dome at that time.

  2. Chor Chor says

    Independence means speaking for Hamas terrorists? And what is this jargon about ‘disproportionate retaliation!!! I mean Come on this WAR !!! This is not a Cricket match wherein if opponent have made 200 runs then you have to make just 201. Its WAR and it has to be fought like a WAR only and not a GAME. OK?

    It makes sense for Israelis to kill 100 hamas guys to avenge a single Israeli death because if the body count remains the same then Arabs would still be there but Israelis wont be there. As they are lesser population.

    What they mean by being proportionate ? Israeli should import the same sub standard rockets and fire them on Hamas and at the end of the day sit with Hamas to count the score of rockets fired?

    Its only the people who not connected with masses can think like this. Just go and ask every single Indian on the street and he will say wipe Pakistan off the world map for any next bombing in any of the Indian cities.
    Indians believe in Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.. that means entire humanity is a family and by that logic Indians are minorities and needs to counter any threat in disproportionate manner.
    Have we heard anything from Hamas on the terror attacks on Mumbai or any other Indian cities? NO. They why should we take their side?

    Wake up Indians, read our history books like Ramayan and Gita and Mahabharat and you will learn the tricks of survival and progress and victory. Aftre all it is not by just selling spices that we Indians had ruled the world.

  3. Jaganniwas Iyer says

    Peter Parker’s observations above are spot on. The current outbreak of conflict over Gaza was sparked off by Israel’s elimnation of Hamas terror boss Ahmed al Jaabari, who masterminded the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers in 2006 (which had led to a brief war and stalemate).
    It is laughable for Mr. Bhadrakumar to expect MMS to be holding up the dead carcass of Nehruvian posturing that passed off for foreign policy. The writer’s pique at our foreign policy mandarins is understandable, given his Left-leaning proclivities, but defence and security relations and tie-ups with Israel and the US are far more important to India’s long-term future, than pandering to the Islamic terrorists in the West Asian theatre. If the madarins of the South Block have maintained a neutral and impassioned stand, it is because they have – at last – begun to develop a clear and unambiguous understanding of where India’s interests lie. The writer answers his own question: what can Mohammad Abbas or Ismail haniye do for India? Indeed, what exactly have the Abbasses and the Haniyes done for us all these years? In the 1971 war, Egypt, that much-eulogized co-founder of the Non-Aligned Movement, was “clearly nuetral on the other side”. So much for our moralistic diplomacy!
    If the current cycle of the West Asian conflict ought to be such a concern, Hamas’ – and Hezbollah’s – unrelenting capmaign against the Jewish state ought to have exercised the minds of this section of former diplomats. The problem is their intellectual blank cheque to anti-Israel forces to do just about anything, while Israel’s basic right to exist must be subject to a daily scrutiny by this crowd. The same applies to their theorizing about the Indian nation too, and India’s choice of foreign policies. After years of woolly-headed ephimeralism, India is finally showing signs of hard-headed pragmatism, something that the Left cannot stomach. It is funny that Bhadrakumar sees standing by the suicide bombers as being on the “right side” of history. We’ve seen where that has taken India in the Nehruvian-Gandhian decades. Israel has stood by India at critical junctures, and it behoves us to bat for it.
    Jaganniwas Iyer

  4. Peter Parker says

    Is bhadrakumar sleeping?? For a voice you have to be independent? Where is the independence? Its been sold by MMS ? MMS cares more for Wall Street Journal Opinions then his own people’s? After all he is not elected by the people, rather he is appointed by his Master (Mistress) Sonia Maino.
    Sonia Maino was placed by her country(s) national intelligence service and is currently working for the CIA. Why would she toe a line anything other than what the US / Nato countries will tell her? So what independence does Mr BhadraKumar expect?

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