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India’s moment of shame

India is ending the year 2012 in a note of shame and unspeakable sadness. It is unprecedented in the history of independent India that the Secretary General of the United Nations has issued a strongly worded statement about the tragic plight of women in our country. 

Ban Ki Moon represents the conscience of the world community. The operative part of his statement offering UN’s assistance to the United Progressive Alliance government led by Manmohan Singh to ensure gender equality and empowerment of women in India speaks volumes about the state of affairs in our country. 
Someone in the UPA government should bear the moral and political responsibility for what happened. But that may be too much to hope for, since Manmohan has a history of threatening to resign only when he is hundred percent sure that his offer will be turned down. 
And in this case, the country will only heave a sigh of relief if he simply quits and retired to private life. At the end of the day, it is his theek hai remark in his national address to his grief-stricken countrymen that is bound to become the legacy of his disastrous tenure as prime minister
Clearly, the moral responsibility doesn’t end with Manmohan. How can we possibly overlook that the ruling Congress Party is led by a politician who is also a woman? And any politician in a position of absolute authority — with a conscience, of course, and the moral fibre — should know what is the atonement when there has been such a colossal failure of governance.  
The country has a right to expect a New Year gift from the UPA government and the Congress Party. 

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  1. randi says

    we Indian collectively need to solve this problem. Solutions are in us. Why do we elect such callous people to rule us ? Can we educate the poor to make a judicious choice during voting ?

  2. Nabakumar chaki says


  3. Kamaljit Garewal says

    Criminal justice system has collapsed. 19th century methods of investigation and prosecution in the 21st century is ridiculous. No one is accountable when a prosecution fails. Police is too powerful but its investigators are not equipped with the tools for scientific investigations. Trials take too long, allowing witnesses to be won over by the accused. Provision for day-to-day trials exists but work over load makes it impossible to work. There is empirical evidence that death penalty is a deterrent. But then quick trial is difficult to achieve unless trial courts neglect all other work, causing further delays in other trials. There will be no change in the near future, women will be continued to be harassed, molested, raped because boys are not brought by their parents to respect women, it is a male dominated world out there. With the population explosion, and continued neglect of school education, things are not going to change through legislation. What a downfall, my countrymen, UPA, MPs, CMs, MLAs, bureaucrats and policemen should hang their heads in shame.

  4. Communal Award says

    * No protests when over 7000 people in India die of hunger every day.
    * No protests when a 16 year SC girl was r@ped by 12 FC men in Haryana.
    * No protests when Haryana DGP, Rathore r@ped and killed a 14 year old girl.
    Now media/students are protesting when a 23 year FC girl is r@ped by 6 BC men in Delhi.
    If you demand capital punishment for r@pists, 90% FORWARD CASTE men in rural India will be hanged.
    Everyday they r@pe/molest lower caste women in villages which are never reported/recorded by media/police.
    Google ”Violation is the norm here”.

  5. pro_indian2000 says

    Parents have to take care that they create good citizens from their children for their own good future. Child’s training starts from home. Then school and friends. If we have good and responsible citizens, things will improve to an extend. Rest should be taken care by strict laws and the government should not wait for disaster to happen. The current and future generation of India will not tolerate irresponsible governance. About the PM, its high time to be diplomatic with your own countrymen. Be honest is the only message.

  6. Varun Shukla says

    is desh me Insaan kam aur Janwar jyada rehte hain……..agar kisi ko aapatti hai to Insaan ho saabit karo khud ko kisi aur ko nahi……..

  7. Junda Munda says

    Shame that tulers and intellectuals and media have NOT thought of long term steps to prevent eve teasing

  8. Vattem Krishnan says

    United has several initiatives for developing countries and his assurance in this regard is to be welcomed.It has nothing continunace or resignation of Prime Minisiter..Even in developed Nation they have not ahieved gender equality and the recent speech made by Republicans about employment,scala and compensations prove this issue.Let’s not be looking for shadows.

  9. Varun says

    *****Mera Bharat Mahan, Bachalo Isko Bhagwaan*****

  10. R K says

    Very superficial analysis. There is no crime free society – however, both the frequency of crime and convictions distinguish societies from one another. In India’s case, we are almost at the bottom in the world for our gender ratio and we have a history of electing mass murderers. That is hardly the governments fault, its the spciety. In this particular instance, the accused have been caught and are most likely going to be swiftly convicted. And the idea that this was an easily preventable crime but for government action is just not borne out by the specifics of the incident. You really expected the police to be stopping every tinted glass bus? I believe this person is a former diplomat – scary that they have such poor analytical skills.

  11. NIT DIESEL says

    Every body says that PM is not corrupt.Well. corruption need not be of money.There are several types of corruption – money, moral , power , character etc. Why do we always talk about money corruption when we refer to PM, Gandhi family etc.
    They may be corrupt for power.

  12. Cobb says

    The easy thing to say is that there should be a change in people’s mindset and close the issue. Truth is in our country law enforcement is a joke and as aptly said by Sushma Swaraj law abiding citizens are scared to go to a police station and the criminals go in a nonchalant way. There should be an overhaul of the policing and how judiciary functions in this country for any change to be visible. For this new year, at least the govt should show intent to move in this direction rather than sing platitudes and in this the opposition and all state govts have a role to play too but first it should start at the center from the PM …

  13. ravindra_41 says

    I too understand

  14. pranab banerjee says

    Must be a Congressman.
    Sir,you are talking like a parish priest or a toothless social reformer.
    ‘we should not sin;we should not swear;we should have faith in god……….’ thinking this will bring a big change.
    Sir,People change only under pressure positive or negative and crushing circumstances.’
    This can be done only by an inspiring GOVT having a firm resolve to do it.
    The arrogant UPA is on the saddle and full of sycophants and corrupts and retrogrades, too busy with their personal interests than to lead this country.
    They remind of the traitors who traded the freedom of this country in history.

  15. deleted says

    We have tendency of blaming others for every mishappening, every time we blame government because we feel better if any other one is held responsible of the bad acts and government is best one for this. No one have guts to have held responsible himself as our whole society is spoiled and responsible for this act. We always blame UPA for every misdeed I would like to ask who are UPA people ,are they from Mars. They are part of our society .We should look inside of ourselves and should say no to factors responsible for spoiling our society and major one is our films , mid use of intrnet as porn movies are availble for everyone even for teenagers. What will be reaction if one medicine is given to every one such as if a teenager is adict to such adult films and our so called progersive movies which are availble everwhere then no one can save our society to get perished.

  16. Anonymous says

    The author was not bashing up the UPA but was just giving a true picture of our Prime Minister and his good for nothing ministers. India is the biggest democratic country in the world now see what has the PM done, put our head in shame.
    What we need now, right now a man who can give/deliver to the citizens of India what we need most, safety,security and growth – definitly Manmohan Singh is not the correct person as of now

  17. Goloka says

    After Delhi rape so many rapes took place in the country. No respective governments are taking responsibilities. So why should UPA also take responsibility?. They are also killing the time like others. So people should think what is the real problem.How to stop this nuisance.It is not easy to stop all of a sudden.It requires lots of courage,open mind.and time. My suggest is :- RULE LIKE A SECULAR GOVT.not for the sake of vote bank. Now what is the secular govt.duty? .who ever follows Hindu Dharma let them practice strictily according to that dharma..If who over follows christian dharma….like this ..The govt.should see that they should follow that Dharma.THIS IS THE SECULAR GOVT.UPA can not act like this.For that matter no govt.can act like this.So no hope for us.

  18. Venkataramana Dhara says

    People would Change when the system governing them changes. Implementation of Law should be quicker and swift. Escape should be made tough. Castartion of rapists in public and jail for not less than 7 years should be must. Instant hanging in the open also another idea. Governemnt would change once the people in the Govt change.

  19. narinder singh says

    The article is really an expression of India’s millions feelings. There is no question of bashing but accountability. Our system has become totally unaccountable and no one owns the failures.It must change otherwise no change is possible.

  20. Girish Chandra says

    UPA govt. had weaken to Indian due to high corruption, born fraud ministers, Police paralise, high inflation. They run the govt like family business. So, We want to change the leader.

  21. raju tejumal ramchandani says


  22. SUMANTA SINHA says

    ita a very strong comment to make but the law can be chaged only if a VIP’s wife/daughter/sister is raped

  23. venu says

    There is no solution for this attitude of Chalta Hai which is a product of Congress politics. They don’t put efforts to solve any problem facing the country. They just try to push it under the mat. Look at the way all scams have been handled. First deny, then silent. Playing with the people memory. Just give one solution they give to this country. Of course, they go overboard with any kind of reservations. Because that will ensure them the votes. Throw congress, country will prosper or else, go to dogs.

  24. Vibha says

    Yes sure we have to bring changes within and around us. Govt must also assure that required police force reforms are taken up with due accountability.

    People are fed up and scared of the police forces due to their twisted approach to mint money. No one feels that there is some cover to help them rather feel that police will tease them and make scene worst.

    a lot of changes are required.

  25. Santanu Banerjee says

    Why should we pay income taxes to this Govt. when we have no security at all? Why should we celebrate republic day when there is no law and order in this country ?

  26. vijay kulkarni says


  27. Praveen Kumar says

    Gentleman, please note this is not against UPA or any godforsaken party, it is against the government system, also note unfortunately the head of UPA was the party that ruled our country for over 80% of the time since we got independence.
    So requested please understand we need to change the fundamental policies if we need change in this country, or we can go on like this for ever shamelessly.

  28. caeser b says

    The Only Solution for India to solve all its problems is to control its own Population Explosion

    Population of India : 125 Crores/1.25 Billion . This is a matter of Shame, isnt it or not??????

    China too Knew this is their problem and they implemented rules to control it, no such rules in India and btw China is 3 times greater than India and has sufficient resources. No doubt why the Chinese daily bashed the democratic rule in India which fails badly???????

    So is anybody doing something for this. Or is India going to continue building its Cricket Teams led by its politicians?????????????????????????

    @Rediff : Why not a single article on this,???????

    I guess this is the crux of all the problems in India………………………………….Act swiftly its already too late………………………………………….

    I hope it is not recognised in future as a place of worms by the world , or is it already?????????????

  29. Haresh says

    Get rid of the old outdated laws left behind by the british which were only to protect themselves in Indian uprising. Instil fear in the minds of potential law breaker, murderer, rapist etc. by introduction of tough laws and severe punishment. And no one absolutely should be above law.

  30. Anonymous says

    Blaming the Government for the miserable condition of women in this country shows only a lack of understanding the root causes of the centuries-long problem, which in some way imbedded even in the ethos of a lot of people. Moreover, politicization of the problem is another way of allowing the problem to continue… Laws alone will not help. We have already laws against dowry system in place! But has the practice in any way abated?
    John Kulandai

  31. indian20130101 says

    I request every one of you not to support changes to laws that would put thousands of innocent men that are falsely accused into peril, but force a change in police system, judicial system and societal views about the crimes against women.

  32. gautam yadav says

    I completely agree. Such critics should look into the gravity of the matters instead of working on a political agenda of their own. It is necessary that we should respect the sentiments of the people who have elected the government and should always support government to carry out their functions effectively. A vigilant citizen should, instead of criticizing the shortcoming of the government who has been elected to represent him and scores of other citizens like him, always find ways of tiding over such shortcomings of their elected representatives and how to make them work for the betterment of the citizens. Mere criticism does not help in any manner. As far as plight of women in India is concerned, i would definitely be not wrong in saying this that it was definitely not the PM who is responsible for rapes in the country but normal citizens. As long as citizens don’t change their perverse mentality towards women in general, not even GOD can help this country. So Mr. Bhadrakumar, please try to be more generous in your critical approach towards the government and more specifically the PM, who is definitely much better person as an individual.

  33. rajesh_tiwari123 says

    It is really an alarming state of affair, but the routes of evils doesn not remain with governance alone. Though present government has failed on many acocounts including securitu of woman. But its time to look deep inside the society, banning mobile phones

  34. ajay puri says

    I think there is aneed to change of whole system main issues are corruption ,security of young girls.We need to have control on many things .There is need to change in dressing sence in this issue we need more contribution requred from Bollywood,media,Socity,Eduction etc Law is one thing which can be used but there is need to add from verious NGOs in verious levels

  35. ajai cs says

    Interesting to note Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon’s prescriptive advise to Govt of India in Women’s rights issue . Only wonder if he would issue a similar advise to United states Govt on protecting its school children by making guns less available to gun wielding psychos who regularly massacre school kids in that country.

  36. srao s chivukula says

    The time is not for UPA bashing. It is for BANISHING the UPA. Since the Executive is disfunctional, the Judiciary should take centrestage and frame laws to give severe punishment to the perpetrators of such heinous crime.

    Sarveswara rao

  37. Archan Ghosh says

    How do I like the above response?

    What the comment above mentions applies for not just rediff but for the whole of the media. The Government seems to now be the quick punching bag, notwithstanding the grave failures on its part..

    There is unfortunately no ideas from the 100s of “expert” panels that create these huge noise of sound bytes or paper print, while they sensationalize and drop the crocodile tear. I am afraid, its also an intellectual blackout.. no one seems to have the solution..

    Somewhere, each individual, the very fabric of the society needs to admit, own up responsibilty and take concrete steps, This applies to each individual and organization..

  38. samudra blr says

    Rape Laws are bound to be misused:
    1.Prostitutes will misuse the rape law to extract money from their clients by using Rape Law as black mailing tool.
    2.women will harass their male co-workers with rape cases if they are not promoted/compensated well.
    3.A breakup between a girl and her boy friend can provoke a girl to use Rape Law against her boy friend to trouble him.

    To prevent Rapes:
    1.Prostitution should be legalized for those willingly entering this profession by issuing id cards.
    2.Adolescents should be married, probably the age of marriage should be reduced to 16 years. Early marriage should be encouraged.
    3.women should dress up decently in public and not venture out late nights.
    4.Women should not board unknown private vehicles or move with their boy friends in public.

    Past Misuses of women based laws in India:
    Already women are misusing the laws made for women in India. The judges of supreme court itself have acknowledged this misuse.

    Famous false rape cases:
    1.Julian Assange was falsely accused of Rape, as many international governments conspired on him.
    2.IMF chief was also accused falsely of rape charges and was removed from his position.
    3.Our own bollywood personalities Anu Mallik and Madhur Bhandarker were falsely accused of Rape
    4.Supreme court had also dismissed a false Rape Case on Rahul Gandhi, Son of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

  39. rohit lal says

    I agree entirely with you. It is not so much the failures but the inaction post the event that is leading to the discontent with the functioning, the policies and the processes of the UPA government. Sacking poor constables and ACPs is not the answer – heads must roll at senior levels of ministers, bureaucrats and police officials. i am eagerly awaiting the best NY gift we can get – the inglorious exit of the UPA government.

  40. Manish Kumar says

    Mr. www we are also fed up with people like you who always put forward a fig leaf for government saying things will not change till people change. Same type of arguments are put on issues of corruption. So pray, why do we need governments. Should we not simply forget democracy and start thinking of a social revolution so that people change and there is no corruption, rapes, murders.
    Please do not try to complicate issues, it is a law and order issue, have harsh laws be uncompromising in its implementation accept no excuse like yours and you will see the difference.
    We Indians are always good in complicating things, bringing out society, people thinking, culture, traditions in trying to rationalise criminal happenings. Let us not do that.

  41. girraj says

    UPA Govt already given a new year gift to common man in form of increase in Diesel and keroscene rate,

  42. Dr Ajay says

    Aye to www www’s comments.
    Such callousness is rooted in identification with false ideals: (i) misunderstanding of scriptures, (ii) traditional notions. They swear by religion to behave like Satan! They blame west (where women are much safer) for their Desi ingrained banalities (honor killings, rapes, lewdness etc.) – untouched by any idea of god or hereafter. No teaching have ever worked in removing these mind worms. Only the fear of swift and harsh punishment works with these animals. So, spell out the ‘requirements’ of ‘desirable’ and ‘not desirable’ outcomes to define laws, and the process for law enforcement and adjudication. Verify that the process fulfills the requirements from all considerations and perspectives and implement it without exception.

  43. www www says

    As an Indian, I strongly agree that we have failed in our responsibility. As a sting in the tail, I should say that I’m fed up of your UPA bashing. Instead of this regurgitation, I would be more happy to hear your suggestions on how we can bring changes within ourselves to rid off this evil. I dont think any government can bring about any change unless the people change themselves. So spare the easy target and focus on the tough one, please.

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