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Red Star over Narendra Modi

The Congressmen may regard Rahul Gandhi as a “youth icon” and smart ministers like Shashi Tharoor and Jyotiraditya Scindia might have massaged their own ego by showering such embarrassingly fulsome praise on their party’s new vice-president. 

But, pray, why has the Congress Party done this unto itself? The objective was three-fold: “to boost the morale of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh-led United Progressive Alliance government hit by a series of scandals in its second  five-year term in power; to galvanize party workers after a series of demoralizing electoral setbacks in a number of states. 
“And, the third and the most important objective behind Gandhi’s promotion as party Vice President is to project him as a youth leader who is ready to take on the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party’s potential prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.” 
But, honestly, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t make a convincing prime ministerial candidate and his “charisma may not work” in the upcoming general elections. 
Maybe he is young and thirty percent of  Indians are also young. But, so what? Narendra Modi is “single”, too. And, Modi is no pushover, either — he is a “heavyweight” and has “delivered in Gujarat.” 
On the contrary, Rahul Gandhi’s “magic failed” in the last state election in Uttar Pradesh, and Congress suffered erosion in its electoral tally. 
But at the end of the day, the Albatross for Congress is none other than the government led by Manmohan Singh. “Indeed, the soft-spoken Manmohan Singh has not been able to defend his government adequately after the scams were exposed one by one. Though an honest leader hmself, critics believe that he has failed to deliver when it came to tackling corruption, of course, inflation also.” 
Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and go on to make a guess who could have made such an honest assessment? No, you won’t get it right. It’s by Xinhua here

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  1. R K says

    Every minister credibly accused of corruption (Raja, Kalmad) has been removed from office by the UPA government. In contrast, every person credibly accused of crimes (Modi, Kodnani) have been made ministers in BJP Gujarat.

    Because the victims were Muslims, Hindus such as the author of this article and commenters are willing to overlook it.

  2. Rajni P says

    Narendra Modi is proven and well experienced player in politics…Rahul just the failed personna and shadow of congress.

    India is badly weaken every day and we really need strong PM like Narendra Modi, who has vision and drive this country more safer than congress bureaucratizes. I am sorry abt rahul and don’t want to see him as PM of this country. If at all he comes then that would be unfortunate thing for this country.

  3. ishwer says

    I dont have any respect for our PM because he is a failed PM of the country ever.
    If he is HONEST then why he has been as PM till now and why he supported the NDA, why he did not resign, so that any other party would have been in place to save billions of rupees.
    Secondly every leader in our country is rememberd for his contribution, like Mahatma Gandhi for his fight for freedom,as well as Subhash Chandra bose, Jawhar Lal Nehru for dividing India for his personal picular gains. Lal Bahadur Shashtri for his honesty. Indra Gandhi for ordering Militry to attack On OUR Golden temple, VP Singh forcing youngsters to sucide for there rights, jagdish titler and sajjan kumar for roits in Delhi killing innocent sardars . Bal Thakrey against punjabis and bihirais living in Mumbai (Thinking that Mumbai is his ancesstors Property) . Narsimha Rao for economic reforms in the country etc etc.
    Please let me know what for our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh Will be rememberd?
    May be for Chamchagiri of Soniya?

  4. KRISHNAA says

    rahul is a chakka . he never lead india .He can ran away from ;girls those closed minister(new) daughter.

  5. Pratham says

    Ofcourse MMS is a dishonest corrupt to the core politician hiding behind his image of honesty. only a crook can be so protective of such criminals. and in our constitution – and other better constitutions around the world – a person who helps the criminals is also a criminal himself. and he is tried in the court of law for abetting crime.
    this guy i would say is the most corrupt politician ever. this mms – who must be doing all kind of chores to please his masters the lady and her son and her daughter and her son in law and her grand children. thats his main objective and work. he is a liability to nation and a traitor at core.

  6. Anonymous says

    Very apt Shilpy ! This is what MMS represent. Trying to remain PM inspite of such gigantic scams on his cup board itself is a dishonest corrupt practice. He can be equated with Rajat Gupta and deserves to be in jail instead of in PMO for his unpardonable omissions and commissions. It is time for idiot mediawallas to stop calling him ‘Honest’ and start calling the obvious ‘Super Dishonest’

  7. shilpy says

    it is about time the people acknowledge that mmsingh is totally a dishonest – and that neither is his economics degree from the queen victoria age of colonialism /socialism relevant to modern indian economy.

    mmsingh has been a willing accomplice in corruption within his own cabinet of which he knew very well but failed to react to it in complete contravention to the solemn pledge he took before assuming the office. this is dishonest as it can get, plain and simple. the people are not interested as to whether he put any dime in his own bank account. the fact is he saw his interests best served in being complicit to the steady stream of ungodly theft of people’s money. if your watchman sides with theives while he is on your payroll, he is dishonest, and guilty of being accessory to larceny. please don’t call him honest, for that trivilizes the huge theft, and also the solemity of pm’s office this unelected man – this is another dishonesty on his part to be an unelected pm of the “world’s largest democracy – presumes to hold.

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