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EU’s lunch with Modi

China discovered Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi far ahead of the rest of the international community. It seems Modi has been to China three or four times already. Curiously, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s allergy to the Yellow Peril didn’t put off China. Nor did it dampen Modi’s enthusiasm to get acquainted with socialism with Chinese characteristics. 

China is consistent in such situations. The priorities are clear. The irksome Bhagwatian nitpicks wouldn’t deter Beijing when purposive agenda presents itself. But then, according to media reports, Modi’s China dalliance isn’t dispiriting Bhagwat, either
Again, Britain characteristically broke ranks with the Western world once Modi began to be discussed seriously as a national figure in Indian politics. The British ambassador paid a high-profile visit to Ahmedabad just before the Gujarat election to pay respects to get acquainted. 
He knew it might ultimately pay that he broke loose from the herd in Chanakyapuri. Now, when Britain takes the lead, can other european countries desist? Britain is, after all, insightful about tidings in Indian politics. 
But self-confidence was lacking among the Old and New Europeans to take the plunge and, perhaps, finally opted for a Kumbh Mela  – an EU (vegetarian) lunch for Modi
That leaves out the Russians and the Americans. (Moscow wastefully hosted Gadkari, though.) Do they know something the Chinese and the Brits are unaware regarding the inscrutable Indian peasant voter whom Modi is yet to connect with? 
The Russians, of course, are enormously experienced in ‘transitions’ in the nick of time — switch from Indira Gandhi to Morarji Desai (as dusk was falling) was simply breathtaking. 
On the contrary, Americans may have a problem. Like secularist opinion makers in India, Americans also pursue a ‘value-based’ foreign policy and how they reconcile the past antipathy toward Modi will be fun to watch. 
All that can be said with certainty is that reconcile the Americans will, for sure, once they truly estimate that Modi has a fighting chance to become India’s boss. Maybe, we are nearing that point. Maybe, contacts are already established. It all depends on whether the Americans go by Xinhua reports
The ‘unknown unknown’ in all this is what Modi himself thinks of them all — the world of today and tomorrow. He has spoken very little, if at all, on foreign affairs. Does he have a worldview? 
Of course, there are self-appointed cheer leaders of Modi, some of whom write occasionally with passion on the bomb, Tibet, et al. But the extent to which time servers could be voicing Modi’s views we do not know and have no means of knowing. 
Some Indian think tank could take the lead and invite Modi to speak on the foreign policy. Ideally, the IDSA could have invited him to deliver the keynote address at next week’s Asian Security Conference. We from the audience could have asked Modi: ‘Sir, what do you think of the US’s ‘rebalancing’ in Asia …. the Arab Spring … Taliban’s homecoming?’ ‘Sir, what can India really do to help the Sri Lankan Tamil? ‘Sir, do you have a secret plan for Hafeez Saeed —  or, Sir, for the Dalai Lama?’

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  1. sg sg says

    We see a lot asking id modi has it in him for the larger role i.e. foreign policy etc. My question to all is does Manmohan have it in him after one term and half way through second. So stop making excuses and throw anything that comes in hand at modi to ensure he dosent qualify for the race. there has been too much venom spat against one individual for the last 10 years where as the congress has done worse in their rule against the community during riots. give the guy a break and speak the truth for once.

  2. knowthe reason says

    perhaps writer has got goosebumps already. what will happen if mody wins :)

  3. shilpy says

    i don’t see why bhadrakumar must pull in the name of rss chief shri mohan ji bhagvat into this. for his information, it is not smart to judge a person on one small issue, and mohan ji is certainly is the kind who looks at the total record of a person, unlike the stuck up secularists who sound like a broken, irrlevant, besoor record. to characterize these indian secularists a “value based opinion makers” is a joke. everybody knows they are corrupt like the indian congressis who these paid opinion makers serve. “value based”? pls stop embarassing yourself.

  4. ashish sinha says

    interesting to see that when it comes to Modi, knives are out. Author of this blog would like to know whaty are his views on foreign policy etc. My point is, did any politician in India ever had to answer these questions to gain power ? Politicians have been fighting and winning elections by promising Rs 2 per kg rice and without having any clue of country’s strategic interests. When such politicians occupy the seat and are confronted with real issues, they have no clue and act like they are doing something. In this scenario if we have Modi who has a crystal clear view of most problems within India, isnt that an improvement enough ? here is someone who knows whats worng with India and has avision. So just because he has already come ahead, now we want to grill him on foreign policy to test his mettle. This sounds unfair. Why this bias against Modi ?

  5. S Syed Nadeemullah says

    EU in depression, keep wondering how much Modi and inc paid up for it!

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