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Italian scandal: Arms and the man

The bribery scandal related to the 2010 sale of helicopters to India by the Italian company Finmeccanica SpA is unfolding like an onion peel. Although Italy is a land of scams and despite the present case being highlighted against the backdrop of the parliamentary elections in Italy due in February, it stands to reason that this scandal may not fade away, given its wide-ranging character involving countries other than India as well. 

If some sensational disclosures follow in the coming months, that is bound to cast a shadow on India’s elections as well. For sure, this Italian scandal will be closely watched by Indian politicians for its potential in the election campaign, which is just about beginning. 
Thus, Delhi has taken the necessary minimum step to order its own probe. But the scandal could have other ramifications as well. For one thing, between now and the 2014 election, the government may choose to go slow on some major defence deals that are in the pipeline. 
The prominent among them is of course the so-called MMRCA deal for fighter aircraft which may go to France in a contract worth up to $16 billion. One principal aim of the visit by the French President Francois Hollande to India tomorrow is to wrap up the deal for the Rafale jets. 
The unfortunate reality is that despite Defence Minister A.K.Antony’s keen agenda to clean the Aegean stables of Indian defence procurement, scandals keep erupting. There is already a campaign against Antony that he is too slow in decision-making when it comes to the awarding of defence contracts. The Italian scandal shows he probably had good enough reasons to apply brakes. 
On the other hand, India also needs to cope with the feverish ongoing upgrade of military capabilities by China and Pakistan and delays can impact defence preparedness. A fine balance needs to be struck, which is where happenings like the Italian scandal would impact. 
India needs a long-term solution and that is where political leadership counts. Antony promised one but with indifferent results so far. Clearly, there is no alternative for India but to follow China’s footsteps and modernize its defence production capability so that at some point in a foreseeable future, it can get rid of the arms merchants from abroad. A colossal waste of national resources is taking place because of the continuing culture to buy from abroad. India is virtually financing the economies of other countries. 
Ironically, looked at another way, a slowdown in arms purchases right now may not be a bad thing to happen since the economy has slowed down and cuts in defence expenditure have become unavoidable. Indeed,  Antony himself hinted as much last week.  

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  1. JohnJono says

    No Italian firm can negotiate in India without Quotrocchis son being middleman. 10 Janapath 10% is handled by Quotrocchi family.
    Quotrocchis get 2% of 12% usual defense cut for 10 Janpath.

  2. sanjay bhatia says

    Where ever money can be made, our bureaucrats and politicians will squeeze out the maximum juice. The helicopter scandal has come out because the bribe givers have been so forthcoming.We the bribe takers for obvious reasons are shying away from investigation when the rumours about the scandal have been in the air for so long. Rs 360 Crore is not a small amount. It appears that the top Congress leadership wants to make maximum moolah from this country and then escape to Italy or somewhere else and ensure that their generations enjoy thereafter.

  3. primepetro says

    Mama mia . Here goes the Italian senora and her crooks of merry Italians . Soon India will be called as Mini Italy . Wonder where is the half baked pizza .

  4. Arungopal Agarwal says

    Normal deal through agents are made in all big international deals, they charge 5-7% as their commission, they pass on 3-5% to purchasers, 1% spent on purchasers and sellers officials and earn 1% approx. This is happening since independence, and happens in each country. Biggest problem is that our politicians and bureaucrats hide this fact and eat it personally instead of taking it officially.

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