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India’s foreign policy is neither rational nor decent

A good foreign policy will be an extension of a country’s national policies of development. But the disconnect becomes shocking in the case of India. Hardly a week after the euphoria over the multi-billion dollar decision to raise a mountain corps for the Indian Army comes the dismal report on what constitutes “poverty” in our beloved country. 

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid claimed that the decision on the war front was taken in “national interest”. No political party — including, tragically, the communist parties — questioned the efficacy of such definitions of “national interest”.
Now comes the shocking news that when the Indian political class speaks of “national interest,” how hopelessly out of touch with the realities they could be. Suffice to say, India would have roughly 250 million ‘poor people’ — or 700 million ‘poor people’ — depending on a bit of statistical jugglery and, of course, on how the political class chooses to view the tragic situation in our country which they have governed for 64 years since Imperial Britain departed.
The figure is 250 million if one were to argue that 60 cents is all that is needed for an Indian to keep body and soul together. But the figure jumps to 700 million if you slightly raise the bar of purchasing capacity to one dollar per day. Yes, a mere American dollar makes all the difference between heaven and hell for an Indian. 
Yet, Khurshid claimed that India maintains “a rational, decent balance in our policies.” No, he is dead wrong — this is neither “rational” nor “decent”. This is plain illogical and it is sickening. We are losing our way. Read the lead story in today’s Hindu here.  

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  1. Golden says

    India’s foreign policy is made by its master USA and no matter which party is in Delhi, this can’t change…

    GOI has easily accepted the slavery of USA. This has happened to many nations, unfortunately, even the mass of India has done the same thing and this ends any possibility of change in future also…

  2. nitmohan says

    Foreign policy of India with Sri-Lanka ended with Rajiv Gandhi, with Pakistan we are daily experiencing the scars like beheaded soldiers, with Bangladesh all borders are with welcome banners for intruders, Nepal is a gateway of India for all illegals anti Indian elements. China has already ………………

  3. raman govindan says

    iif we have foreign policy only we can comment on it.

    how can bhadrakumar comment on nothing and tell that is not rational or decent!

  4. dineja panda says

    Every poor in india would like to stay 1/2 day hungry. if there is choice between freedom and slave to chinese. If 1/2 day hungry gives that than so be it. I do not represent the poor but i think poor also like their freedom

  5. shilpy says

    sir, to regain our sanity, let’s have namo for pm.

  6. Amit Sharma says

    India’s foreign Policy is for Italy. FULL STOP.

  7. Nikhil Agarwal says

    We should ask our politicians to open a kitchen for the poor where they can serve meals at Rs. 1.00, Rs. 5.00 and Rs. 12.00 depending on the location of the kitchen. we should further ask the politicians to eat the same food. We could also ask the MPs, MLAs to reduce their allowance, remuneration etc to Rs. 12/- per meal per person of their household. Or maybe Rs. 50/- per person per day so that they are above the poverty level? May we begin with Montek Singh?

  8. Suman Gadhok says

    To expect policies to be either rational or decent from one of the longest serving dynasty in the modern world is absurd. The reason they have survived in power for so long speaks about the caliber of people who vote them in.
    It is the seven hundred million poor who are given handouts during election time who keep bringing this party led by one elitist family back to power. The family has perfected the art of winning elections by using “Divide an Rule” policies used by British.
    It will be for historians to research and discover how many cabinet ministers over the years in this party are relatives of ex ministers.
    It is the same old wine in different bottles being served to Indians for 65 years, where is the question of rationality and decency.

  9. Guptan Veemboor says

    About this poverty line. How one can say that ‘ if someone earns or is able to live with such and such money per day’. Each and every commodity necessary for living is getting costlier continuously. If one could live with Rs.50/- a day today in another months it will not get him sufficient to buy food items. And when someone say that for Rs.12 one can get a decent meal and like that, however stupid it might be, are there not other necessities for a living ? Does not one need a roof over one’s head and want to send his children to school and all ? Or is poverty to be considered for the capacity for filling one’s stomach only ?

  10. Ibne Ashfaque says

    Same is the madness in Pakistan, where “national interest” does not include elimination of poverty. The rational and decent thing to do was to demilitarize kashmir. Resolve Sir Creek, and that nonsense conflict on the Himalayas. That way both India and Pakistan could focus on eliminating poverty which degrades humanity and is so painful wrong and unjust.

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