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What India can learn from Erdogan

The West propagated the spin that Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s democratically elected president, had only himself to blame for being overthrown in a military coup. There are many takers in India for this thesis, and it probably came handy for those who were unwilling to hold any penetrating search lights on what really happened in Egypt.  

However, a point has come when it becomes unavoidable to call a spade a spade — as Turkey’s outspoken Prime Minister Recep Erdogan consistently did. Erdogan implied in his latest statement on Wednesday that Egypt’s military coup was possible only with covert western support, and it still remains the junta’s lifeline.
Our pundits need to learn from Erdogan that when a military junta opens fire and massacres over 1000 civilians and causes injury to over 10000 people, it is a bloodbath as horrendous as Holocaust — killing people for simply being unlike oneself in creed. 
Would the junta in Cairo have done this without the supreme confidence that the Obama administration cannot afford to let it down so long as it loyally serves American regional strategies in the Middle East, especially by collaborating with israel’s security establishment? 
So, what emerges in the final analysis is that it was not Morsi’s aversion to ‘inclusive’ democracy that provoked the Egyptian military, but the growing trend that the Brotherhood government was steering Egypt toward an independent foreign policy and cementing a regional axis with Turkey and Tunisia that held the potential to modulate the Arab Spring and promised to spearhead changes and challenge the medieval autocracies of the Middle East — and  frustrate the US’ Middle East strategies. 
India’s eloquent silence over the bloodbath in Egypt speaks volumes about the Faustian deals that our ruling elites have made with the petrodollar-rich oligarchies of the Persian Gulf — and the US regional strategies in the Middle East. 
Paradoxically, the rise of Salafism that the Saudis are fostering in Egypt for the sake of putting down political islam is bound to come to haunt India, too, some day. But for our ruling elites, the charm of ‘green money’ is far too overpowering.  

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  1. S R says

    Dear Bipin,

    While you have rightly pointed out Morsi’s (and the Brotherhood’s) almost bullish stand against popular sentiment and deviating away from secularism (which most Egyptians would love to see), you have implicitly allowed yourself to be blinded by the big fat white elephant sitting in the middle of the room – the United States.

    The U.S./Israel/UK/EU combine have committed themselves to the Egyptian military and are not interested in a democratic Egypt. Democracy does not mean ‘whats good for the West’ !!

    In fact Egypt finds itself in this mess due to decades of toeing the line set by the U.S. and Israel. The very fact that Israel completely supports El Sisi should give you pause for thought.

    Militant Islam is not the reason for this crisis in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood did over-extend itself but the Military never ever gave up its power and were only waiting for a weakness to strike hard. The Egyptian Military (like its Pakistani counterpart !!) is ofcourse fully supported by the U.S.


  2. David Kennedy says

    The USA is the world’s self-appointed policeman. It possesses the greatest military power ever known. It possesses the world greatest secret service – the CIA, that has dominated world events for the past 60 years or more (it toppled Iran’s Mossadegh in 1953 and Chile’s Allende in 1973), with its greatest achievement being the engineering of the implosion of the Soviet Union (1991) by nurturing religious fanaticism (Islamic and Catholic). Its aims – New World Order and Pax Americana – have been set out with great clarity and are being progressively implemented. Syria is presently being ‘tamed’ and brought to heel. Egypt is a sidepiece, albeit a bloody one, and Erdogan, like Turkey, is on a US leash despite its excited yapping like demented puppy from time-to-time. Three other factors complete its grip on the world – the petrodollar, its global communications spying network, and its propaganda machine aka the mainstream media.

  3. Bipin Shah says

    Dear Mr. Bhadrakumar:
    I like part of your analysis but your conclusion is wrong. This is a worldwide Islamist conspiracy to take away moderate regimes. “A man is known by the company he keeps’. Lately Morsi was just doing that. He first needed to get his own people behind than leaving them disfranchised. Egypt is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country and Morsi was applying his own agenda rather than sticking to secular constitution. Some of the foreign policy changes would have come on its own as part of realignment but he is not experienced in state craft and he became an easy pick with Israel and Saudi collaborating. USA and Euro have a limited influence and their plates are full and are more of a silent watchers because they also want to use their trump card to go with winner who ever emerges as a winner. In past history, they have often picked the loser who did not subscribe to western interest like Iraq and Afghanistan. India is too big for them to mess around. We do not have any direct and immediate interest in the outcome of Egypt when much has to be done with Burma, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Sir-Lanka. Anyway, i enjoy your columns and most of the time you are on the mark.

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