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Rouhani’s overture to Putin

This was an initiative that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ought to have taken at least 72 hours ago — yesterday’s telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani. 

But, never mind. The important thing is that it took place at all. The Iranian version makes it clear that the topic was Syria. It is not enough if Russia consults western leaders (minus President Barack Obama, of course) on Syria. Shouldn’t the Kremlin consult the BRICS capitals, too? 
But, of course, Russia has most in common with Iran. There is no point saying Russia is not ideological. The point is, the US continues to be ideological (although Cold War ended), and Russia’s choice is to hunker down in its Eurasian homeland and not venture out. 
Make no mistake, the US’ push for “regime change” in Syria is integral to the main plot of attacking Iran and eliminating the only regional power that has shown the audacity to resist western and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Yet, Moscow allowed Iran nuclear issue to become a bargaining chip in the US-Russia reset (which also, ironically, lies in total ruins.) 
Has anything really changed in the post-Cold War era? Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya — the list becomes never-ending. The NATO has raised its head over the parapet already on Syria. 
Again, no sooner than the mobilization began for a military attack on Syria, Obama began phoning up Cold War allies in Europe and the Persian Gulf and to depute the chairman, joint chiefs of staff, Martin Dempsey to meet his Arab counterparts and Turkey to put together the “coalition of the willing.” (Never mind the “family quarrel” over Egypt.) Is there a viable choice of being “de-ideologised”? 

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  1. John Sang says

    I wonder who wrote Obama’s speech where he used the term Red Line about chemical weapons? Could that writer
    who used those words, have known how they would obligate the president later on? Could that have been a set up?

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