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Tanning Salons

Ind??r t?nn?ng ?? ??f?r th?n th? ?un h?l??ng t? ?r?v?nt br???t ??n??r b? u? t? 75% b???u?? ?f th? V?t?m?n D b?n?f?t? ?n th? UV r??? fr?m t?nn?ng b?d? ?nd b??th?.

Onl? ? m?d?r?t? ?m?unt ?f UV r??? ?? n??d?d t? ??h??v? ? h??lth? b?d? ?l?ng w?th ? b??ut?ful t?n. V?t?m?n D ?? n??d?d t? ?urv?v? ?nd th? hum?n b?d? d???n’t m?nuf??tur? ?n?ugh ?f ?t.

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Th? f??d ?? d??l?t?d ?f th?? mu?h-n??d?d v?t?m?n, th?r?f?r? ??u ??n t?k? ?u??l?m?nt?, ???k u? 30 m?nut?? ?n th? ?un ?r g? t? ? t?nn?ng ??l?n wh?r? ??u ??n g?t ? f?v?-m?nut? ??r?? t?n ?r u?? th? t?nn?ng b?d f?r 10 t? 15 m?nut??.
tanning salons in grand rapids mi
UV r??? ?r? g??d f?r ??u ?n m?d?r?t??n b???u?? ?f th? V?t?m?n D ?nd ??u’r? g?tt?ng ? t?n ?t th? ??m? t?m?. Th? ?r?bl?m w?th th? ?un ?t ?m?t? n?t ?nl? UVA r??? but ?l?? UVB r???.

A ?m?ll ?m?unt ?f UVB r??? ?? ?m?tt?d d?m?g?ng ?ur DNA. Sun t?nn?ng ?? r??k? b???u?? th? UV r??? ?r? n?t ??n???t?nt ?ll th? t?m?, wh?r??? ?nd??r t?nn?ng ?? ??n???t?nt ?? ??u g?t th? ??m? ?m?unt ?f UV r???.

Sun t?nn?ng dur?ng m?d-d?? ?? m??t d?ng?r?u? b???u?? ?t’? th? h?tt??t ??rt ?f th? d?? ?m?tt?ng m?r? ??w?rful UV r??? ??u??ng h??t ?tr?k??, ??n??r, ?r?m?tur? ?g?ng ?nd ??? d?m?g?.

It’? ? m?th th?t ?nd??r t?nn?ng ?? r??k?, ?f ?n?tru?t??n? ?r? f?ll?w?d ?r???rl?. It t?k?? ?u?t ? ?m?ll ?m?unt ?f UV r??? t? g?t ? t?n fr?m th? flu?r????nt UV bulb? ?n th? t?nn?ng b?d? ?nd b??th?.

W?th ?r???r gu?d?n??, w??r?ng t?nn?ng g?ggl?? t? ?r?t??t th? ???? ?? t?t?ll? ??f? ?nd g?v?? ??u ? n?tur?l t?n w?th ??ur n??d?d ??ur?? ?f V?t?m?n D ?n ?u?t ? f?w m?nut??.

M?r? w?m?n d?? fr?m br???t ??n??r th?n ?n? ?th?r f?rm ?f ??n??r kn?wn. M??t ?r? d?f????nt ?n v?t?m?n? wh??h h?l? k??? u? ?l?v?. V?t?m?n D ?l?ng w?th ?th?r nutr??nt?, d??tr??? th? b?d ??ll? th?t ??u?? br???t ??n??r.

Th? b?d ??ll? ?r? ?tr?ng?r th?n th? g??d ??ll? ?tt??k?ng th? ?mmun? ???t?m k?ll?ng ?ff th? g??d ??ll?. Th? ?un g?v?? ??u th? V?t?m?n D ??u n??d, but th? ?un ?l?? ??u??? burn? ?m?ng ?th?r ?lln????? ?nd d??????? ?f ??u ?t?? ?n ?t t?? l?ng.Tropi Tan Tanning Salons Cascade
3989 Cascade Rd SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 965-2401

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