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Install Mobile Dialer for Cheap International Calling Dialer is application software developed for calling purpose and can be installed and used on a mobile phone. Many software solution provider companies provide branded mobile dialer. They are designed to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) from a mobile. All companies need to interconnect their employee by a communication channel and for this purpose they prefer voice communication. Mobile dialer is the solution for this need. You do not have to pay IDD rates or expensive roaming charge in using the app. Hence the application is completely portable and your will be connected while you are in move. The hassle free features and interface is very easy to use. You can not only make calls from the app moreover you can send text also.

The dialer has been designed in such a way that it can give best performance at a very low bandwidth. Mobile dialer eliminates the conventional VoIP limit of using computer and several other VoIP devices, which are restricted to home users only.

Branding function involves:-

  • Adding sign up and recharge links.
  • Displaying balance
  • Locking to provider’s service
  • Adding check rate button
  • Adding call thru service.
  • Adding tailor made name and logo banner on interface.
Mobile dialer has is first choice for communication for all big business houses, as it does not take time to connect calls, which doesn’t waste your time. The errors such as error in connection and busy routes do not persist here. Business houses require real time information sending mechanism to synchronize their business and mobile dialer is the perfect solution.

Branding of mobile dialer provides customization option for
user interface:-

  • Changing of logo.
  • Changing of skin.
  • Changing of language.
  • Changing of splash screen.
  • Changing of icon.

Mobile Dialer can work on mobile phone having android, windows, iPhone, symbian as their operating system. Call centers and BPO relay entirely on calling for their business. Their monthly bill will be very high if they will use conventional PSTN but the bill will be cut down, if they use mobile dialer. Thus the dialer should be in top priority list of every BPO and call centers.  If you will buy a branded good quality mobile dialer from a reputed company, then they provide you assistance in installation or use or maintenance of their software.  

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