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Love – Kabir Dohas

Kabir Dohas

Akath Kahani Prem Ki, Kutch Kahi Na Jaye
Goonge Keri Sarkara, Baithe Muskae


Inexpressible is the story of Love
It cannot be revealed by words
Like the dumb eating sweet-meat
Only smiles, the sweetness he cannot tell

In this Doha, Kabir refers to the situation of a person in Love, a person who has realized the Truth. This compassionate one does not brag, does not talk for the wise one knows that it would be as futile an effort as the mute smile of a dumb trying to express the sweetness of the sweet-meat.

In our daily life too, we find that silence projects our love expressions better than the hollow words we utter for another. Truly it has been said that Love does not need the crutches of a language to express the inexpressible state of being in Love.


Index of Dohas in English

1.     Looking at the grinding stone

2.     I searched for the crooked

3.     Tomorrows work do today

4.     Speak such words

5.     Slowly slowly O mind

6.     Give me so much O God

7.     In vain is the eminence

8.     Like seed contains the oil

9.     Begging is like perishing

10.  Neither illusion nor the mind

11.    Kabira in the market place

12.    Kabir’s mind got cleansed

13.   Reading books everyone died

14. In anguish everyone

15.  Guru is the washerman

16.     Alive one sees

17.     Inexpressible is the story of Love

18.   Worry is the bandit

19.    Don’t be so proud and vain

20.   Don’t be so proud and vain – 2

21.   By my doing nothing happens

22.    Like the pupil in the eye

23.     When you were born

24.        First the pangs of separation

25.       With the ocean set ablaze

26.      Kabir, save the wealth ...

27.     Hope lives in a dying world

If I say one, It is not

29.      Kabir, This is the abode of love

30.        The Rosary rotating by the hand

31.      Eons have passed whirling rosary

The rosary made of wooden

33.   When “I” was then Hari was not

34.     Ages have passed shaving

What harm have the hair done

36.   Arise from slumber O Kabir

O Kabir, Your Hut

38.         He alone’s the Warrior

      Index of Dohas in Hindi

1.  Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar

2.     Bura Jo Dekhan Mein Chala

3.     Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar

4.     Aisee Vani Boliye

5.     Dheere Dheere Re Mana

6.     Sayeen Itna Deejiye

7.     Bada Hua To Kya Hua

8.     Jaise Til Mein Tel Hai

9.     Mangan Maran Saman Hai

10.    Maya Mari Na Man Mara

11.    Kabira Khara Bazaar Mein

12.    Kabir Man Nirmal Bhaya

13.     Pothi Padh Padh Jag Mua
Dukh Mein Simran Sab Kare

15.   Gur Dhobi Sikh Kapda

16.         Jeevat Samjhe Jeevat Bujhe

17.    Akath Kahani Prem Ki

18.    Chinta Aisee Dakini

19.  Kabira Garv Na Keejiye

20.    Kabira Garv Na Keejiye – 2

21.    Kabir Kiya Kutch Na Hote Hai

22.     Jyon Naino Mein Putli

23.     Jab Tun Aaya Jagat Mein

24.      Pehle Agan Birha Ki

25.      Aag Jo Lagi Samand Mein

26.     Kabir So Dhan Sanchiye

27.      Aasa Jive Jag Mare

28.      Ek Kahun To Hai Nahin

29.    Kabir Yeh Ghar Prem Ka

30.     Maala To Kar Mein Phire

31.    Maala Pherat Jug Bhaya

32.   Kabir Maala Kaath Kee

33. Jab Mein Tha Tab Hari Nahin

34.  Moond Munddavat Din Gaye

35.     Keson Kaha Bigadia

36.      Kabir Soota Kya Kare

37.       Kabira Teri Jhompri

38.                        Kabir Soyee Soorma


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  1. Pradeep says

    Nice one shatrughna……. kabirji ke dohe bachpan se hum padhte hue bade hue hai …. its amazing ki us jamaane main kahin hui baaten aaj ke paripeksh main bhi kitni sateek baithati hain … thnx for the share

  2. deby gene says

    Hey..this is indeed wonderful……..the dohas r indeed my all time favourites………i had once googled the whole thing……….now i hv bookmarked ur page…thanx……..listen to the song I posted………shwaasaan di mala nal……..u might like it

  3. deby gene says

    Hey..this is indeed wonderful……..the dohas r indeed my all time favourites………i had once googled the whole thing……….now i hv bookmarked ur page…thanx

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