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Effective Natural Cure for Passing of Semen in Urine Problem

The passing of semen in urine problem is serious and needs to be taken care of immediately. Although most men get scared when they notice it, it doesn’t mean that it is a life threatening condition and that nothing can be done about it. It doesn’t jeopardize your life, but it puts you through embarrassing and frustrating moments. Ignored, it can aggravate and lead to severe conditions of the reproductive system.

Passing semen in urine problem results from the fact that a man no longer has control over the nerves that provoke ejaculation. It is mainly about the parasympathetic nerve. If this weakens, semen won’t only be discharged during intercourse, but also without orgasm. It can happen during the night, or at day, usually after urinating. Although over masturbation is often the reason behind passing of semen in urine, there can also be other causes, like problems or infections of the urinary tract. These require a visit at an urologist and adequate treatment. However, for those men experiencing passing semen in the urine due to over masturbation recovery is possible with the help of natural remedies.

A natural cure for passing of semen in urine problem should definitely consist of herbal remedies that will balance hormonal levels and will strengthen the nervous system. Two main issues need to be addressed by an herbal treatment for passing semen in urine. It’s the parasympathetic nerve that needs to be strengthened, as explained above and it’s also the problem of the testosterone level in the body. The quantity of semen that the body produces is strongly connected with the quantity of testosterone. If there is a natural hormonal equilibrium in the body, involuntary semen discharge won’t be a problem. 

Generally speaking, herbs that help in reversing the side effects of over masturbation also help in solving the passing of semen in urine problem. There are ayurvedic herbs that tone the reproductive system and promote its good health. The most famous ones include shilajit, safed musli, saffron, ashwaganda, shatavari or mucuna pruriens. The most effective herbal supplements contain one of more of these herbs and other ones that improve the health of the reproductive system. They are safe to be used and unlike artificial pills available over the counter don’t have any negative impact on your body. Herbal supplements such as NF Cure capsules and Shilajit promote a permanent healing and, accompanied by giving up unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking or over masturbating, will not let you down.

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