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Parts of Cartesian Plane

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Rene-Descartes has named the Cartesian co-ordinate system.He was a french mathematician as well as a philosopher.And one more mathematician De-Fermat had also worked on the Cartesian system.
The number line is the basis of the Cartesian plane. We can begin with the line x,let it be the x axis. And one another line y.And suppose these lines ,that is the x and y axis is  intersecting at origin. And suppose they are perpendicular to each other. It is the point 0(zero) on the number line. Now we can mark points to right and left of these lines.
parts of cartesian plane
II  Quadrant                  I Quadrant
III quadrant                 IV quadrant
Parts of Cartesian Plane-co Ordinate Plane
In the Cartesian system we can mark the positive and negative integers.
The positive integers will be marked to the right side of the origin and negative numbers are to the left of the origin.
that is …….-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4………..
The integers to the left are negative integers and to the right are positive integers.
The set of rational numbers are also can be marked in the Cartesian system,that is by partitioning the area between the integers.
In the co-ordinate plane The x axis is placed horizontally  and the y axis is placed vertically. The numbers on the y axis increases as it go up.With respect to the horizontal axis,the positive number to above the horizontal axis and the negative numbers are below the horizontal axis.If we are considering the x axis,we can tell above the x axis it is positive,and below the x axis it is negative.
We can locate the points in the Cartesian system by knowing where the point is placed horizontally and vertically in the plane.That is the x-ordinate and y ordinate respectively.
The x and y axes divides the Cartesian (or coordinate) Plane into four parts. These parts are called quadrants.  The quadrants are numbered I, II, III, and IV started with the top right quadrant and working counter clockwise.
Quadrants (parts of Cartesian Plane)
How to plot points on cartesian plane:
The points in quadrant I have x-   y-coordinates which are both positive. Ex: ( 2,3)
The points in quadrant II have x-coordinates which are negative and y-coordinates which are positive. Ex: (-2,3)
The points in quadrant III have x-coordinates and y-coordinates which are both negative. Ex: (-2,-3)
The points in quadrant IV have x-coordinates which are positive and y-coordinates which are negative. (2,-3)

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