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Get upto 80% “Additional Edge” to clear your CA, CS, CWA exams

February 23rd, 2009

It’s good to see that The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI)has been taking various proactive steps to raise the standards of education of accounting and financial reporting from time to time in keeping with the global trends.
The shifting of focus of the modern accountants from National to International Accounting Standards, ICAI’s recent launch of Accounting Technician course and the ICAI’s plan to slowly and gradually make the residential classes for the students mandatory as and when proper infrastructure takes up shape are few of the major recent developments which has always kept the accounting world quite awake even at this point of time when opinion of the experts on the short to mid term
economy of the nation is a bag of mixed thoughts.

The demand of accountants and finance executives both tier 2 and tier 1 level does not seem to have been blackened out with the recent economy developments. Be it a Chartered Accountant or a MBA – Finance professional or any other Finance professional working for any organization, every body needs a helping hand to assist in the accounting / auditing / finance oriented work carried out by them on a day to day basis. This has also necessitated that the corporate world gets adequate inflow of tier 2 accounting professionals at all phases of a country’s economy. Hence, be it a B.Com graduate, a semi Qualified CA – CS – CWA or a Qualified CA / CS / CWA or any other commerce Professional every one’s role is gaining importance in achieving efficient and optimum working resource within an organization.

Various timely attempts are being made by all the relevant governing bodies monitoring the course of the accounting / finance world to regularly update its course curriculum, syllabus etc to make sure that the students are exposed to the most latest technical knowledge that will help them easily perform to their best in working conditions for which they have been trained during the course.

It has been understood that in line with its efforts to enhance the efficiency in the conduct of examination, ICAI for the first time successfully conducted online Common Proficiency Test (CPT)
on 7th December 2008 (Sunday) in 11 major cities. It has also been understood that the demand for chartered accountants also is on a rise. This is evident from the number of students which enrolled for appearing for the CA entrance exam i.e. CPT held on 14th Dec., 2008.

These initiatives which are being taken by the governing bodies across the country to help the country get better accountants and finance professionals has surely made it really necessary for the entire student community to honor such steps being taken by the front enders by putting their best in the examinations which ultimately would help them to build a Promising career ahead.

Also the increasing enrollments for the CA exams / CS exams/ CWA exams etc and the peer pressure has led not only students be very sincere with their preparation for the exams, but also this necessitates the mentors who act as useful guides for students to be sincere and keep
theirselves updated  with the latest updates / trends and students requirements.

Be it coaching centers, private tuitions or other form of mentors for eg. Eduex ( providing mock exam solutions to the students of CACSCWA course, every one need to respond to the changing course dynamics, curriculum structure etc to their best as they too play a important role in helping the examinees to be confident of their preparation right from the beginning. This could only help achieve better results for students and would at least help students be ready for any kind of surprise as they would be satisfied with their performance levels and would be
looking ahead with more ease.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Valentines day, 2009

February 3rd, 2009

Valentine’s Day is around the corner already. February 14 happens to be the D-day to express your love to that special someone in your life. Named after Christian martyrs named Valentine, over the years this day has come to be associated with the very idea of romantic love. So say it valentines flowers, say it with valentines cards, say it with valentines chocolates but more importantly say it with love and rest assured you’d get the person you’d like to be with for the rest of your life.  How about some general pointers to woo that special someone, you game? … So let’s go.

Flower Bouquets: They say when you want to speak your heart out, say it with flowers. Fresh, friendly, passionate and with a feel good factor that nobody can deny; choose a bouquet that speaks out to you, we’re sure your loved one would get to hear it.

Valentine's Valentine's Valentine's

Valentine Chocolates: Sweet and sinful, chocolatesbring about a sense of nostalgia and can melt even the stoic-est of beings. Amalgamate it with your love and watch the magic unfold.

Valentine's Valentine's Valentine's

Greeting Cards: Nobody can beat the effectiveness of a handwritten card. The very effort you put in to jot those few lines for your loved one makes up for all those moments you screwed up your relationship. But then again, not all of us are literary geniuses now…are we? So unless you have access to the Napoleon-Josephine love letter saga, how bout hopping over to the next card-store, and get your valentine a card that touches you the most.

Valentine's Valentine's Valentine's

Valentine Soft Toys: Teddies, Hug me… symbolize love, warmth and joy.  Gift these beautiful Soft Toys to make your Valentine messages much more meaningful.

Valentine's Valentine's Valentine's

Valentine’s Day Cakes: Complete your Valentines Day celebrations by giving your Sweetheart an irrisistably delicious and fresh Cake.

Valentine's Valentine'sValentine's

Keep these pointers in mind, and chances are you’d be wearing the fragrance the next morning along with your valentine. Well they say love doesn’t cost a thing, and probably they’re right too. But think about it, do you take your partner for granted? Am guessing no right, Then doesn’t he/she deserve the very best on this day. Express you love for him/her, let ‘em knows that they matter and rest assured this affection would come back to you ten folds.

If you want to gift someday very special, Check some of Valentine’s Day Gifts for him and Gifts for her

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day,

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