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Gmail: Now Compose E-mail in 5 Indian Languages [Feature Alert]

March 31st, 2009

GmailGmail just announced the latest update which positively affects Indian users around the world.  E-mail is one of the most prominent modes of communication over the internetand making it available for everyone to access it regardless of language, only seems logical to me. 

Indian users can compose e-mail in 5 different Indian languages. The languages include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The new features are based on Google’s transliteration technology.

Gmail Languages

Google’s engineering team in India is always looking out for stuff they can work on to make Google’s products more local and accessible by Indian users. Gmail offered local language interface quite some time ago and offering to compose an e-mail in local language was the next best thing to do.

The feature will automatically appear on Indian Gmail users interface, however, if you don’t see it on your account you can enable/disable it from “Settings”.

Gmail Settings

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Rescheduling of CA exam – How far good!

March 30th, 2009

The recentannouncement of rescheduling of CA exams from its scheduled month of May to June this year primarily due to the forthcoming elections is by and large being seen as a BIG RELIEF in the minds of the CA students who have planned to appear for the CA exams this May. The rescheduling includes for levels i.e. CA – PCC and CA – Final.

Some may look at this as an opportunity to brush up their studies and preparation as they would look forward to utilize this extra bit of time on the reschedule of the exams. This seem to be a blessing for students who have been very busy with their college studies or Articleship as this extra time would put them in a more comfortable zone. This extra time would make students plan or re plan their study timings so that they can look ahead to clear up the exams more confidently and easily.

However, it may also be noticed that any re schedule which is not planned may disturb the momentum of students who have the habit to plan their studies in time and who follow regular routine studies dedicatedly. Any stretch or a squeeze can be real bothering for students in various ways.

Some might get panic seeing a long stretch of nearly a month while others may have been got a big relief with the announcement of reschedule.

Getting excited on such news is a normal human behaviour. For some this excitement brings smile and to others it can also be an added tension. One must remember that any such re schedule should be looked in a more matured way and not in excitement. One needs to really be at his / her toes and look at things more seriously rather than being excited as that might distract students for a period of time which might be JUST long enough to take every thing even Lot far!

Any such unplanned developments are very serious issues and one must make sure that he or she does not get carried away in any desired anticipations.

Planning this extra time for your studies is of utmost importance so that the momentum you have built in month’s time does not get affected by this. Hence, be cautious and confident of your preparation. Nothing can stop you clear the exams and be a Leading Chartered Accountant of tomorrow if you are confident of your self and have a dedicated attitude toward your studies.

CA exams though considered to be tough to clear have been looked upon as the most demanding career option not only by students of commerce stream but also for students who looking for an alternative career being a science graduate / post graduate.

Demand for accountants and finance professionals in India and overseas although have surely
taken a blow with the general downturn in the economy but still students with a long term vision have been choosing CA as their career option. To keep the intake of students growing even in these challenging times, the respective institutes like ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI have been constantly been thinking to so bring in more attractiveness in their course modules and also by showing their positive attitude to the masses by opening up themselves for external tie up with allied institutions across globe and also within the country.

The recent move of the ICAI to conduct the foundation examination (currently known as Common Proficiency test – CPT)bas multiple choice examinations. Also the Institute has started off with conducting CPT Online so that students find it an upgradation of traditional concept of writing examinations by going to examination halls. What’s exciting to watch is will the same move be possible for other levels of the examination been conducted i.e. PCC and CA – Final.

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What is ethical search engine optimization ?

March 23rd, 2009

Ethical search engines optimization is all about optimizing a website for visitors, not for search engines. But yes, we can’t forget that we are optimizing for website’s search engines rankings. In this way, we need to use only ethical methods and white hat seo techniques.

Now, let us consider some of SEO methods / practices –
1) SE Friendly Design – Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Making a website according to guidelines by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live will definitely help in search engine index, find, and rank your website.

2) Content - Website content should be relevant to the particular page and should be optimized with the targeted keywords. Don’t overdoyour keywords and don’t duplicate it on the pages of the website. Content should be fresh and unique. Make pages for users, not for search engines.

Don’t deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users, which is commonly referred to as “cloaking” which is an unethical way.

3) Meta Tags – Meta tags (title, description, keywords) are used to show your keywords and phrases to the search engines and to online visitors that what services you are offering. Always use unique and relevant title, description and keywords in meta tags content for any particular web page.

4) Directory Submission – Always choose the most relevant category for submission of your website in free / paid directories available on internet.

5) Link Popularity – Link exchanging is still considered as a major practice in the search engine optimization for good rankings in search engines for any website. Link exchange with only relevant websites is only the way for the right traffic toward a website. If you even go for a 3 way link exchanging, please do not go for any irrelevant website in 3 way LE too, all three website must come in the same theme.

6) Sitemap – Always offer a site map to your users with all the important links of your site. If the site map is larger than 100 or so links, you may break the site map into separate pages.

If we say about unethical ways, then, in that area, everything is optimized for the search engines and methods such as hidden content or hidden links, cloaking, unwanted automated queries and doorway pages are integral part of unethical SEO. Please note that unscrupulous search engine spam techniques could get your site removed and “blacklisted” from search engines.

So, always use only ethical SEO techniques and services.

Leading the way: Chartered Accountants!

March 18th, 2009

We understand that The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has been increasingly focusing to deepen the knowledge thrust of the budding Chartered Accountants on one hand and also on other hand ICAI is trying to enable the members of the Institute (Qualified Chartered Accountants) to get recognitions from other allied Institutes of accounting profession of other countries in an easier way.

As part of such an initiative, we understand that ICAI & ICAEW has recently agreed to recognize each other’s degree and Indian Qualified Chartered Accountants would enjoy exemption of papers of ICAEW.

Such a step taken by ICAI and other like accounting bodies further strengthens the profession and also widens the scope of the members of the Institute in terms of exposure for practicing chartered accountants and also in areas of job placements for members not in practice.

This on other hand would also ensure that the students have enough comfort and have the confidence to choose chartered accountancy as their career path. Such flexibilities and enhancements in the options definitely make life easier for students to choose CA as their career path.

We are now moving in an arena of both globalization in economy coupled with globalization in accounting practices. As we move more and more towards building in better transparency in accounting records which is to a larger extent acceptable by different countries having say in the economy of the country, the need to regularly update the knowledge of existing members of the Institute is becoming a necessity. Seminars, classes and other courses are being conducted to help members polish their knowledge base with the current developments so that they could sustain and grow in the competitive and dynamic environment.
We are also seeing moves being taken by ICAI to regularly update its syllabuses like for example: the recent changes in the courses offered for CA – Final and CA – PCC exams to ensure that the students are taught and tested on the recent developments and requirements right from the beginning.

All these measures surely would keep CA as the choice of professionals looking for making their career in accounting profession.
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