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Most of us know Vietnam more because of its historical War with US and
China during 19th century. However tourists visiting this destination
are certainly in for a surprise owing to Vietnam’s sublime beauty and
natural settings. You can find a number of Vietnam tour operators and
choose your desired package among several Vietnam Tour or Travel

The delta regions: Mekong delta in
south and Red River delta in north is a brilliant and luscious patchwork
of greenery owing to rice paddies. The inland part of Vietnam
destination is surrounded with beautiful mountain ranges and dense
forests. Bestowed with such exquisite and rare beauty Vietnam honeymoon
can be an ideal gift for the newlywed couple.

Some of the most
famous and well visited tourist destinations which should be covered
in your tour to Vietnam are:

Tram Chim Park:
Situated in Tam Nong District the park is scattered over in 7,588ha
area. The prime motive to design this park is to preserve the submerged
in-land ecosystems. Your tour operator in Vietnam can make
arrangements for you to explore the exclusivity of this park.

Na & Ninh Chu Beach
: Ca Na is located on the
trans-Vietnam railways around 200km east of Ho Chi Minh City. Situated
at 5km south of Phan Rang, Ninh Chu beach is another quite scenic
spot. The Vietnam tour
can well arrange for an exclusive Vietnam beach
vacation on your behalf.

Binh Chau: One of
the most spectacular Vietnam Destination, Binh Chau is situated in the
mountain ranges of south east Vietnam.

Dong Thap Muoi:
This is one of the prime Vietnam tourist destinations passing through
the lush green forests embedded with exquisite natural beauty.
from above there are many other attractive tourist destinations which
can be explored during your tour to Vietnam. You can
also opt for any agencies which renders Vietnam visa services to
ensure your easy sail for Vietnam tour

Tour to Vietnam can be a real treat
for visitors as it offers you an insight into their rich cultural and
historical events. The exquisite beauty and humble hospitality of  Vietnam hotels
leaves an everlasting impression on tourists; compelling them to
revisit the beautiful locations.


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