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Promotion through Blog commentings

April 23rd, 2010

Leaving comments on other blogs is one of the most efficient ways to
promote your own blog, and to network with fellow readers and blog

Given the rise of blog spam, however, getting your comments approved
is not as easy as it sounds. Below you’ll find 10 ways to get your
comments blocked or deleted (so yeah, avoid them if you can).

1. Use a keyword as your name

The field “Name” on the comment form refers to your name. It doesn’t
refer to your blog name, and it certainly doesn’t refer to keyword you
are trying to optimize for. Writing something like “John Doe –” is fine for most blog owners, but “Cheap Car Parts” would
flag you as spam from miles away.

2. Use sensitive keywords in your comment

Even if you comment is a legitimate one, you should avoid using
sensitive keywords like viagra, loans, and blackjack,
because the spam filter of the blog will probably block your comment.

3. Use HTML to make your comment stand out

Sure, you want to make sure that people will read your comment and
visit your blog after that, but don’t try to achieve that by using the
bold or italic typefaces throughout your comment.

4. Write in capital letters

The same is true for writing in CAPITAL LETTERS. The analogy for this
would be people trying to have a nice conversation while you come
screaming at them with your thoughts on the issue. The blog owner will
probably just delete your comment.

5. Write a one-line comment

Maybe you are in a hurry, maybe you just want to get a link back to
your blog. Either way, if all you write is “Great post!” or “I will
certainly try to use that information!”, there are good chances that
your comment will be deleted.

6. Write a comment before reading the post

If it becomes clear to the blog owner that you wrote your comment
without even reading or understanding his post, he’ll probably just
delete it. Even if he approves your comment you’ll look a bit stupid, so
make sure to read the post before commenting.

7. Include a link to a dubious page in your comment

Including a link to a related post inside your comment is usually
fine. However, you should clarify where the link is pointing to. If the
blog owner gets suspicious about the link he’ll probably just delete the
whole comment to be on the safe side.

8. Include a second link to your site at the end of your

Most blog platforms allow you to include the URL of your website when
leaving a comment, and that URL will be used to link your name to your
site. Some people, however, like to reinforce that by signing-off their
comments with their name and with a second link to their sites. Needless
to say this practice makes the comment look spammy.

9. Use foul language in your comment

Expressing your opinion is fine, but don’t include foul language in
your comment, even if you are upset or annoyed by something in the post.
This is one of the quickest ways to get your comment deleted.

10. Attack the author or other commenters

Criticism is fine, and even appreciated by most bloggers. Personal
attacks and confrontations, however, will only make you sound like a
troll, reducing the chances of getting your comments approved.

Picturesque Kerala on South India Tours

April 16th, 2010

Kerala is a beautiful place gifted with the wonders
of nature. Kerala is a popular tourist destination for both domestic
and foreign travelers. It is gifted with lovely beaches, hill stations,
spectacular backwaters, amazing greenery, wildlife, bird sanctuaries,
spice plantation, boat trips, rare gems, good food and rich culture.
Throughout the world, Its beaches are famous for their amazing beauty.

Kerala Backwater Tours

Kerala Backwaters
are the most popular tourist attraction in India. The Kerala
backwaters are a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to
the Arabian Sea coast (known as the Malabar Coast). The network
includes five large lakes linked by canals,interlinked by 38 rivers.
The coastal regions of Kerala have a network of waterways, inlets from
the sea, estuaries of rivers, lakes and natural canals connecting
coastal towns. The local people for transportation also use the Kerala
backwater. You can travel on these waterways on a conventional
houseboat and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the backwaters in Kerala.
Kerala offers you splendid and exhilarating houseboat cruises on the
enchanting backwaters. The backwaters in Kerala are a world of serenity
and admiration.

The backwaters of Kerala are unique in a way
that the freshwater from the rivers meet the seawater from the Arabian
Sea in the backwaters. Many unique species of marine life is found
here. Palm trees, pandanus shrubs, various leafy plants and bushes grow
alongside the Kerala backwaters, providing a green tint to the
surrounding background. You can also see the amazing flora and fauna on
your kerala
backwater tours

ayurveda tour packages

Kerala is also famous for its therapeutic
ayurvedic massages and spas. These spas also claim that these massages
are effective and can cure lots of ailments. Kerala’s friendly climate,
with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants, and the cool monsoon
season is best suited for Ayurveda
tour packages
. Whether true or not, one can always go there for
relaxation and recreation.

Kerala is the most famous destination
for ayurvedic treatment in India. The treatment mainly comprises of
powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc. Ayurveda helps us in
understanding each individual at a very subtle personal level and
giving a detailed description about diet, daily routine, life-style,
actions and activities to be followed. It’s a science that teaches how
to live life in a true and natural balance.

Kerala cuisine
comprises of an interesting combination of vegetables, meats and
seafood flavored with a variety of spices and almost always cooked in
coconut milk. The Kerala backwaters is an journey of water traversing
through several Kerala districts with sights that leave an indelible
mark on your mind. This unending journey into the lap of nature becomes
captivating and out of the world when the sun sets beyond and into the
backwaters leaving you wanting for more and more. So you can plan your
next traveling destination in Southern
India Tours
, Kerala.

Vietnam Adventure Tours

April 5th, 2010

Vietnam is the easternmost country located on
the Indochina Peninsula in the Southeast Asian region and has a rich
legacy of historical locations, spectacular beaches, natural and lush
countryside, and the lively and ever bustling cities. Vietnam has a lot
to offer for all types of travelers and tourists, be it adventurous or

One of the important and historical places to visit in Vietnam is
the Cu Chi tunnels located at the outskirts of Ho
Chi Minh City
, formerly known as Saigon. Cu Chi tunnels are a
complex network of underground tunnels that were strategically used by
the Vietnam armed forces during war times, especially during Tet
Offensive. A video presentation before the actual tunnel tour
emphasizes the strategic mastery of the tunnels. The actual crawling
tour of the tunnels, though seems easy at start, becomes difficult due
to inadequate natural light and the unknowing ascents and descents of
the tunnel. But at the end of this walk through the underground
ravines, you will know more about the conflict that took place in
Vietnam and respect it.

Another adventurous spot is Vietnam’s highest peak, Mount
, which is located in a town called Sapa in Northwest
Vietnam. You can travel by train from Hanoi to Lao Cai and either take a
train to uphill Sapa or go biking. On your way to Sapa, you will
encounter several tiny villages having great cultural importance and
people belonging to traditionally rich tribes. All the way, you are in
the midst of picturesque locations, splendid natural vegetation, paddy
fields, mountain terrains and scenic water falls which make your biking
ride pleasant and challenging. This entire journey lasts for around
eight days but leaves you with ever lasting memories.

If you are interested in marine adventures, then Phu Quoc
is the best place to be. Its warm turquoise waters make
it a pleasant viewing experience but the fantastic scuba diving and
snorkeling experience is beyond imagination. You can also avail of
beach massaging and other such services if you wish to. Such diverse
destinations make Vietnam one of the best places to be.

Adventure Tours
is a complete authentic and give Vietnam travel experience
in all senses with

High Efficiency Washing Machines from Whirlpool

April 3rd, 2010

Whirlpool has been serving customers with customized consumer products for over 100 years and is still going strong. One of the main products in its stable is washing machines as they have continuously strived to incorporate the ever-changing and modern consumer needs in all its machines. The two principal types of washing machines are semi-automatic and fully automatic. The fully automatic machine comes in two varieties, top load and front load. The front loaders are available in such sizes that fit well in most modern home designs whereas top loaders have narrower dimensions and are suited to homes with narrow dimensions.

washing machines
The models in both varieties look classy and are loaded with several ultra unique in-built features. To name just a few, they have stain wash, 1-2, 1-2 hand wash, anti-bacterial wash, woolmark, end-of-cycle buzzer, noise reduction, no permanent plumbing and super and flexible loading. The innovative 6th sense technology actually monitors the water levels required for optimizing the washing loads and gives the best wash possible. The machines not only wash your clothes but also dry it up in the best possible manner due to it in-built dryer. And their simple-to-use control panel gives you access to all these features. Well! You must be surprised to know this but you have to actually use it to experience the benefits.  

And the best part of buying whirlpool washing machines is that they save your time, money, water, and energy as they are ENERGY STAR® feature qualified. This feature implies that the machines have duly passed all federal tests and are certified energy savers. The machines use water and energy efficiently to wash and dry clothes. Whirlpool has also introduced the Dynamic Venting technology in most of the washing machines. This feature helps circulates air in the washer that not only keeps clean clothes fresh and but also makes it free from odors, so you can wash your clothes now and dry later.

All these features make it, efficient, friendly-to-use washing machine in today’s times. So don’t wait and invest in Whirlpool best washing machine to not only safeguard your clothes but also the energy resources.

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