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Whirlpool Microwave Oven An Inescapable Appliance for Modern Kitchen

June 21st, 2010

A high-quality microwave is a multipurpose
appliance addition to any eventful kitchen, allowing you to heat up
the food, cook ready meals and whole dishes in a little bit of time in
a usual oven.

Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens generate
electromagnetic rays. This radiation stimulates the water molecules
in food which causes the food to heat up. Microwave appliances do not
infiltrate very acutely so food heated for a small time will be warm
on the outside but still cold in the center; this is why it is
important to mix foods during heating. Because only the food is heated
rather than the oven itself, foods cooked in a microwave will by no
means build up a coating.

We can differentiate them in four
types – countertop microwave oven, convection oven,
combination oven and over-the-range or built-in microwave
To help in selecting the right one for your kitchen we describes all
the types here :-

Countertop microwave oven
is suitable for those who have larger or wider kitchen countertop.
This is simple in function you merely need to plug it into the wall
and can start heating or cooking your meals.


Such microwave type unites conventional
microwave technology with heat energy to let you bake, auburn, and
grill your food. It comes equipped with heating constituent and also
includes a fan to assist hot air movement. These elements make this
type of oven a real power saver. Cooking with a convection microwave
requires some alterations, but proves much easier and more worthwhile
in the long run.

Combination microwave
ovens combine the good organization of a microwave with the
traditional browning and roasting of a conventional oven and grill.
The benefit of this type of microwave is it gives you the flexibility
to switch between types, making it possible to heat food the way you
do in a convection microwave oven or a conventional oven.

and built-in microwave

If your countertop is a bit
jam-packed and you can’t just make a space for a countertop microwave,
a built-in or over-the-range oven can be the best choice. Because of
their features plus the fitting cost, these microwaves generally
come more costly.


The microwave
is a versatile time reduction kitchen appliance that uses
radiation to heat food. This is the same food cooking way cooked in
the microwave is as healthy as food cooked in other ways. Research
advises that cooking food in microwaves preserves more vitamins,
minerals and nutrients than boiling.

There are many kitchen
appliance companies in the market with different range & variety.
Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of major
home appliances in India. It manufactures different types of microwaves.
The Variety of models is designed to suit the necessities of
different classes of consumers and is highly appreciated in the

Adventure Tours to Indian Wildlife

June 11th, 2010

India is an extraordinary wildlife destination. It is a delight in
terms of wildlife holidays. It possesses great Himalayas on one side
and the forest reserves with wild animals on the other.

The diverse natural surroundings support an
astounding range of wildlife. There are some 1200 species of birds in
75 families. There are over 500 species of mammals, including the
elephant, the rhinoceros and the Indian bison, among the largest land
mammals in the world. India is the last shelter of the one-horned
rhino and of the Asian lion. It is also the only country where one can
find the magnificent trio of large cats — the lion, the tiger and the
leopard. You can discover the beauty of the jungle through popular
national parks with their varied geographical locations in India. Some
of the most popular National
Parks in India
are: -

The Corbett National Park |
Kanha National Park | Bandhavgarh National Park | Ranthambore National
Park |  Sundarbans National Park | Manas National Park | Bandipur
National Park | Kaziranga National Park |
National Park | Nagarhole/Madumalai National Parks (Tiger Reserve)

With wildlife tours one can discover the wild jungles and forests of
India. One can also experience the thrill of seeing a magnificent
tiger prowling in a jungle, or elephants and rhinos squashing their way
through the tall grass of national park. One should not miss seeing
wonderful animals on wildlife safari tours in India. You can spot wild
creatures and explore nature tracts inhabited by rare and beautiful
birds at Bird
Sanctuaries in India
like -

   Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary | Sariska
Wildlife Sanctuary
| Gir Wildlife Sanctuary | Periyar
Wildlife Sanctuary
| Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary

Face to face with Crocodiles, gharials in the rivers with a sloth
bear or a wild hyena; feel the thrill of photographing a wild lion and
experience jungle safari tour.
India Wildlife Tours offers
unforgettable adventure
tours to India
. The wildlife and safari tours travel packages
gives you the scope to feel the picturesque beauty and speckled
wildlife of India. One can enjoy the various wildlife safari options
that comprise of jeep safari in the Indian jungles and elephant safari.
People select and choose from the various wildlife reserves and
national parks of India for their vacations and enjoy it fullest.

The Indian wildlife travel journey is completely customized by India
Travel Planner to suit ones’ elongated holiday plans. With wildlife
tour packages India
one can experience wild jungles and forests
of India and enhance their knowledge with the detailed itineraries of
the India
Travel Packages

Pizza Hut – International Restaurant for Italian Cuisine

June 11th, 2010

Pizza Hut is the world’s leading Italian pizza chain Company. In
India, Pizza Hut has 140 restaurants across 34 cities, including Delhi,
Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh

In the recent past Pizza Hut has announced the roll-out of a
brand alteration plan in India, the name renowned by now in the casual
dining arena. The transformation absorbs the commencement of the
enhanced dining concept with the casual dining section. This includes a
new advanced look as well as a new logo and a label line that fit
perfectly with the brand’s progress.

The new tag line,
Stories Happen, detains the disposition of Pizza Hut restaurant,
as a place where people unite, build strong friendships and create
immense memoirs while sharing excellent food. The augmentation project
also comprises of renovating the look and feel of Pizza restaurants
with a better decor.

This Italian food
is all about giving an exclusive and memorable
dining experience by offering the finest and most discrete Italian
pizzas with an Indian touch and a perfect service, in a peaceful and
pleasant ambiance. It is well-known to deliver a range of delicious
cakes, pastas and pizzas that are perfect for the customers who are
searching for luxurious food for business meeting. In Pizza Hut
restaurants one can also organize a custom-made corporate lunch for corporate
clienteles, a kitty party or a kid’s birthday
. Corporate lunches
facilitate to create common interests, build up communication, and
makes working in cooperation easier.

Pizza Hut is renowned
for promoting Italian cuisine in India. Lately they have added 30 new
exciting items in their menu list including a new range of tuscani
a cuisine of central Italy to tempt your appetite.
One can enjoy a good 4-course meal with friends or relatives at
affordable prices here with a large variety of appetizers inclusive of
pastas, garlic breads and a wide range of beverages. Then move to the
main course bursting of luscious cheesy pizzas with ice cream desserts
being the best way to end a great meal. The fact regarding Pizza Hut is
that they act like a medium, a bonfire that brings people as one.

Hut dining restaurants are speedy, well-organized and dedicately
providing unbending fast food to gratify everyone’s appetite and senses
with excellence and offering customers the utmost value for money and
becomes the favorite family restaurant.

Pizza Hut offering Italian
Cuisine, Tuscani Pastas
and delicious Ice Cream
with dine restaurant experience. To get more
information, you can logon to

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