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World’s Largest Floral Carpet – Whirlpool India

August 21st, 2010

World Record Carpet

The 14,400 sq.ft. floral carpet that was laid in Thrissur on Tuesday. The organizers claim it to be the largest in the World.

In an attempt to create history and enter into the Limca Book of World Records, Whirlpool India, supported by the NGO, Goonj and city-based children make the World’s largest floral carpet
on Tuesday at the Luluonvention Centre here. The record breaking
14,400 sq.ft. floral carpet was created in three hours using 12.5 tonnes
of fresh flowers in the presence of the official from the Limca Book
of World Records.

The size of the previous largest floral carpet was 12,000 sq.ft.

As a part of the initiative Whirlpool donated a part of its sales
during Onam to the NGO. Also, as a commitment to society, the company
created multiple platforms to facilitate consumer participation in its
wide-reaching social programme.

Kitchen Chimney with Hoods to Make Your Kitchen Smokeless

August 4th, 2010

Kitchen plays an extremely significant role in every household. It is the place where food is cooked and Homemakers spend the majority of their time preparing meals for the family members. Kitchens might be of diverse shapes and sizes; however its purpose remains the same all the time.

Kitchen Chimneys are a vacuum cleaner sort of an appliance which has a mechanical system of generating air turbulence. Fairly alike to an exhaust fan, a chimney hurls air away from the cooking region making a low force/suction effect close to the cooking means. They are merely the finest object you can place in your kitchen to keep away all that grease and spices off your attire and face.

Though, an electric chimney is far more refined in nature. It has duct mechanism which supplies to channel the air course in a proficient way. Its exhaust fan has a great suction at its rear-end, the smolder does not have to search out directed all the way to the fan which is positioned at the peak end of the room.

The electric chimney is placed just over your cooking stove/hob and the smoke which understandably goes up, penetrates in the chimney automatically. Further the exterior part is also relatively outsize which makes evading of the smoke not a problem.

Electric Chimneys in India are nowadays pretty well-liked and on the go to build modular kitchens in India. As a Women spend the majority of her time in the kitchen and so if her environs are according to her taste and well-resourced, it would be extremely uncomplicated for her to carry out the work with a great deal of  satisfaction.

Fundamentally there are two kinds of kitchen chimneys at present found in the Indian Market: Baffle and Metal Grease Filter. Both of them have diverse utilities. Baffle filters have overlapped filters which suck the oil out with their utmost power. The Metal filters on the other hand have big openings which suck the grease in a fair way. Cleaning of baffle filters is unproblematic as they are screw fixed and can be simply taken out without any outside assistance and can be scrubbed with soap.

Chimneys are available with or without hood. Although we find may benefits of having Kitchen hoods. They do a great deal more than keeping the noxious waste away. As the polluted air is forced away due to the low pressure, the clean outdoor air acquires its place that makes a healthier living atmosphere. Size and power of hoods or fans for the kitchens should be chosen according to the size of the kitchen, energy efficiency and less noise. The good range hoods are able to facilitate in getting rid of the stickiness on the cabinets and kitchen racks because of the excess moisture and oil. These cooker hoods are furthermore a source of illumination as it encompasses a low voltage light.

The electric chimneys are an answer to your problem of making your kitchen and home a smokeless region. They are used to put in fresh air indoors by draining smell, smolder and extra smoke away from the kitchen.

There are many companies in the market with different range & variety of kitchen hoods. Whirlpool of India is one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of major kitchen appliances in India. It manufactures different types of kitchen hoods. The Variety of models is designed to suit the necessities of different classes of consumers and is highly appreciated in the market. For more details and information you can visit our online portal

Pizza Hut – Indian Fast Food Restaurant

August 2nd, 2010

Indian Restaurants are extensively dispersed according to diverse cultures and cooking fares. Restaurants in India present an extensive palette of both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. There are a variety of places that you would love to go off with your date and similarly there are restaurants that are perfect for families. All you want is a high-quality food that tastes excellent before deciding on any restaurant that satisfies your taste buds. While nowadays eating in the restaurants is a rage among the metropolitan cities and the NCRs.
Gurgaon, occasionally called as the mall center of India, has plenty of things to captivate visitors other than extensive shopping malls and the massive campuses of the big MNC’s and BPO’s. The city is quickly increasing extensive chains of restaurants provoking the taste buds of food lovers. Gurgaon restaurants are turning into an excellent choice to satisfy dissimilar tastes.

Mumbai restaurants are also able to gratify the most discriminating taste. There’s always something latest to try there and you can hit upon restaurants that can win anybody’s dining experience.

But Nowadays people don’t have enough time as they have really tight schedules. Consumers who have restricted funds and time restraints would like to expend their money on something that is fast and appetizing, which is what has given augmentation to the fast food culture in India.

Pizza Hut is a sensation in fast food dining restaurants in India with 147 stores across 34 cities in India. Pizza Hut made its magnificent commencement in India with a dine-in restaurants Bangalore in June 1996 and was the foremost international restaurant chain to cross the threshold in this type of cuisine and can be attributed with revolutionizing the pizza market in India.  The Pizza Hut within India, include traditional toppings and add in chicken tikka, keema, lamb korma, and paneer etc in their pizzas. Beef toppings are not sold as the cow is measured as a sanctified animal amongst the Hindu majority.

According to Yum! Restaurants International, India is amongst the top five growth markets for Pizza Hut. They keep making plans to expand and come up with some best new restaurants.
In today’s luxurious world, everybody is troubled about putting money to its finest use. To obtain more business, restaurants have started offering remarkable deals.

Fast foods are the most excellent means for people who are constantly on the go. Reduction of time and money makes fast food restaurants an enormous achievement.

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