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Pizza Hut Dining Restaurants – A Splendid Affair

September 24th, 2010

Pizza Hut is part of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands Inc. It is the world’s prime pizza chain with over 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries.

Pizza hut India is a renowned chain of fast food restaurants prevailing in different areas of India. It is an international brand name with an Indian spirit, in provisions of product, excellent service as well as costing. The Indian consumers have a preference for value as well as price and Pizza hut reinforce their product values and standards to remain in tune with the Indian customers. It has been positioned as the ‘Most trusted Food Service’ brand. In addition, the company also has been named the most trusted quick-service restaurant brand name for the past three years Within India, Pizza Hut has 147 restaurants across 39 cities.

Since, in India 70% sales are for vegetarian items in the Indian restaurants, seeing that there is an all- veg Pizza Hut as well, the worlds first for the company, in the Jain-influenced city, Ahmedabad.

As nowadays, customers splurge more time and money on food in the restaurants. Consequently, Pizza Hut has changed its position as a fine dine restaurant and is therefore not a fast food restaurant any longer. The menu has been long-drawn-out and a face-lift in ambience and interior decoration has also been done.

Pizza Hut puts in plain words that the youth who frequent its outlets are motivated by the twin objectives of eating and linking. The apt phrase to illustrate this activity would-be “entertainment”.

In India, 103 outlets in 34 cities are designed for restaurant dining, the rest are ‘Carry Out’ and ‘Delivery only’.

The company has also established a logo and tag-line, “Stories Happen” as part of its line of attack to carry on performing in the fast-evolving market.

The Great Indian Treat product range presents a four-course meal with a blend of Indian taste in an international set-up, through an assortment of beverages, starters, pizzas and desserts.

The new conception is launched at Pizza Hut restaurants Mumbai and restaurants Delhi.

Pizza hut has also come up with a new concept pizza huts chef table. In this concept, the Chef makes an elaborate lunch spread focusing on the supreme range of ‘Tuscani Pastas’ with tempting starters, desserts and revitalizing mock tails.

The opening of Chef’s Table was held in July 2010 at Pizza Hut, Forum Mall restaurants Bangalore, and was a grand event with a custom-made bill of fare of the day organized by Pizza Hut Head Chef. The new Pizza Hut restaurants have warmer lights, earthy tones, exhibit destination sitting plus mood graphics on the wall and an enormously stretched out bills of fare.

Pizza Hut – Italian Restaurants in India

September 4th, 2010

With quickly increasing middle class population, transforming standards of living, rise in nuclear families predominantly in urban India, exposure to international media as well as Western food and growing number of women joining the workforce have had a great impact on the eating habits of people in India. It all has directed us to a new era of eating and that is ‘fast food’

India is blessed by means of one of the fastest promising fast food markets of the world. Approximately all the major fast food brand names of the world like Pizza Hut have been successful in creating their existence in the country and the majority of them are gaining considerable escalation in their business. All the famous fast food chains have chalked out extensive plans for escalating their trade.

The central causes following the achievement of these global chains is their proficiency in product improvement, sourcing performances, excellent standards, service levels and consistent working procedures in their restaurants, the strong points that these fast food restaurants have developed over years of practice around the world. These outlets also have the provision of take-away and home delivery.

Fast food outlets in India target youngsters as their main consumers. They launch array of products that can draw the youngster’s interest and by aiming youths they automatically target their parents.

Pizza Hut’s family restaurants keeps on launching diverse kinds of items for consumption so that people of all ages, gender, income groups etc can approach and turn into a regular customer of their food line up. The success of these restaurants also lies in their affordable price points and value schemes. These Italian restaurants can be found everywhere these days be it stadiums, airports, zoos, college campuses, supermarket, petrol stations and even in big organization’s canteens.

Pizza Hut is a renowned fast food centre established in various metropolitan areas of India like  Delhi Restaurants, Gurgaon Restaurants, Mumbai Restaurants, Bangalore Restaurants, Noida, etc. Pizza hut, the name is only recognized for its signature Italian pizzas, starters, pastas, appetisers, desserts and beverages. Pizza Hut, the famous Italian cuisine restaurant is implementing a double approach to benefit from the financial brake. These Italian restaurants are flanked by fine-dining and quick-service family dinner restaurants in several parts of India.

Pizza Hut dining restaurants are speedy, well-organized and dedicately providing unbending fast food to gratify everyone’s appetite and senses with excellence and offering customers the utmost value for money and becomes the favorite family restaurant.

Home UPS & Inverters – To Beat Power Failure by WhirlpoolIndia

September 3rd, 2010

In India where people face extensive power cuts are to a large extent aware of the benefits of having an Inverter at home. With the temperature hovering more or less 40 degrees in summers, living with no fan or a cooler is a very uneasy task. Inverters in India have continued being a well-liked convention in the field of providing the power supply arrangement. An inverter executes the task of altering direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Inverters have become obligatory in offices, home and industrial companies. It is the requirement of everyone these days.
However as the inverter is an equipment to convert Direct Current (D.C.) into Alternating Current (A.C.) where as in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) it is a circuitry which lets an immediate change to the backup power supply in case of a power cut thereby making certain a continuous power supply.

UPS systems are becoming more and more reasonable for people to run in there individual homes. Owing to the ever-increasing power breakdown for hours, the value and requirement of Inverter is going extremely high. The majority of us rely a great deal on our personal computers. To beat regular power failure, we are required to put in home ups.

If we compare inverter and ups, in that case, Inverter generates square wave form, and in case of UPS, it produces sinusoidal waveform that is the standard waveform of an AC power supply. Effect time is superior in inverter which is extremely less in ups.

For home computers, there are 2 main forms of H-UPS: standby and continuous. Both types execute in diverse manners and control the course of the electrical current in their own way.

A standby UPS lets your PC obtain power directly from your utility company. But if there’s any difficulty it rapidly mediates linking the connection and starts a power inverter to deliver an upholding current from the UPS’s interior battery.

In comparison, a continuous UPS sustains a steady link to your PC by delivering an uninterrupted current from its battery. The UPS’s battery is continually recharged by the utility power.

Home inverters are an essential element of our household these days as they are used to supply constant power to run domestic electric devices like Air Conditioner. These inverters for home are available in varied voltage and load facilities.

When making final selection prefer brand names, everybody should take consider such issues as power battery swapping ability, type and quantity of outlets, warranty period and local service availability. There are many companies in the market with different range & variety of home Ups & Inverters.

Whirlpool of India is one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances in India, has come up with new addition in the series of Home UPS. For more details and information you can visit our online portal

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