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Express Yourself over a Cup of Coffee – Barista Lavazza

March 17th, 2011

Coffee shop means different things in different countries and
different places. Few coffee shops mean an informal coffee shop
offering tea, coffee and variety of snacks. However there are few
coffeehouse chains across the worlds that are popular and well-known by
patrons for serving exclusive exquisite coffee from across the world.

Every other person begins their day with a sip of coffee and tea at
home or office. But spending an evening in a delightful, relaxing cafe
with squishy sofas and comfortable atmosphere with a close friend over a
cup of flavored coffee means energy, refreshment and is sure to unwind you.

Like every other country, coffee is the drink of choice for many in
India and this love for coffee made many renowned coffeehouse chains
open outlets in India and have brought different flavors and
combination. From chocolate mocha to a double chocolate chip iced
coffee or Espresso Italiano to Caffe Americano and Cappuccino, everything is available in every popular coffee shop.

Coffee shop is not only a
trend but also demand of time. All major coffee shops provide internet
access so that students and professionals can use their laptops while
enjoying their coffee. Many official meetings are also held in such
coffee shops where internet is a must. Even students can be seen
working on projects and study materials sitting in a coffee shop and
enjoying their favorite coffee or tea. The demand and love for coffee
has made coffeehouse a continuous trend across the globe. You would
find coffee shops every third step in America and even big coffee
chains would prefer to have pop up outlets in gas stations and airports
to serve coffee to travelers. Coffee shops also help in the economy by
creating job opportunities.

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