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Freshen Up your Mood with Coffee at Barista

April 3rd, 2013

A freshly brewed coffee is enough
to start a day. A perfect cup of coffee in your much loved coffee mug is what all
you need to remove your daily stress and drowsiness. Even the aroma of coffee
is sufficient to take your sleepiness away and wake up your senses for the day
ahead. Coffee is still one of the most favorite drinks that are enjoyed almost
by everyone, it has indeed never lost its popularity and people still love to
have a cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.

While coffee seems to stimulate
energy and make your body and mind ready to act, it is not really an energy
boost from the body rather it is just an effect of the chemicals. The chemicals
that are produced through the caffeine intake cause this stimulation. People
take coffee to wake them up in the morning because it is strong, full-bodied
and tastes great in itself. The taste of coffee is truly pleasurable in any
form and throughout the years, different ways to enjoy the coffee has been
discovered whether it is through instant coffee, a coffee dessert, a flavored coffee
ice cream, pure coco chocolates, coffee muffins or anything.

Coffee comes in many flavors,
variants, and types but the most basic difference between different flavors and
variants is their preparation method, their aroma and caffeine content. At
Barista you can have an authentic Italian coffee drinking experience and can
enjoy an immense variation with its regular coffee flavors that are Espresso
Italiano, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and Caffe Mocha. Every
cup of coffee at Barista is brewed using the Espresso method and has an intense
flavor and aroma of each coffee bean.

Barista Lavazza is a pioneer
coffee bar and its chain of espresso bars delivers a truly Italian coffee
experience in warm, friendly and relaxed environment. It offers a comforting
place for all the youngsters and adults, who are exposed to global lifestyles
and enjoy the authentic flavors and tastes of coffee. Barista Coffee Company
Limited offers over 200 Barista Lavazza Espresso Bars and Barista Lavazza
Crèmes in over 30 cities across India. Here at Barista coffee bars the finest Arabica
coffees and cuisines are served by friendly and efficient brew masters at great
value prices. A soothing ambience is provided to the guests to share a cup of
joy. Highest quality products are passionately served to maintain the
consistency and to become a globally competitive organization.

Express Yourself over a Cup of Coffee – Barista Lavazza

March 17th, 2011

Coffee shop means different things in different countries and
different places. Few coffee shops mean an informal coffee shop
offering tea, coffee and variety of snacks. However there are few
coffeehouse chains across the worlds that are popular and well-known by
patrons for serving exclusive exquisite coffee from across the world.

Every other person begins their day with a sip of coffee and tea at
home or office. But spending an evening in a delightful, relaxing cafe
with squishy sofas and comfortable atmosphere with a close friend over a
cup of flavored coffee means energy, refreshment and is sure to unwind you.

Like every other country, coffee is the drink of choice for many in
India and this love for coffee made many renowned coffeehouse chains
open outlets in India and have brought different flavors and
combination. From chocolate mocha to a double chocolate chip iced
coffee or Espresso Italiano to Caffe Americano and Cappuccino, everything is available in every popular coffee shop.

Coffee shop is not only a
trend but also demand of time. All major coffee shops provide internet
access so that students and professionals can use their laptops while
enjoying their coffee. Many official meetings are also held in such
coffee shops where internet is a must. Even students can be seen
working on projects and study materials sitting in a coffee shop and
enjoying their favorite coffee or tea. The demand and love for coffee
has made coffeehouse a continuous trend across the globe. You would
find coffee shops every third step in America and even big coffee
chains would prefer to have pop up outlets in gas stations and airports
to serve coffee to travelers. Coffee shops also help in the economy by
creating job opportunities.

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Pizza Hut Dining Restaurants – A Splendid Affair

September 24th, 2010

Pizza Hut is part of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands Inc. It is the world’s prime pizza chain with over 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries.

Pizza hut India is a renowned chain of fast food restaurants prevailing in different areas of India. It is an international brand name with an Indian spirit, in provisions of product, excellent service as well as costing. The Indian consumers have a preference for value as well as price and Pizza hut reinforce their product values and standards to remain in tune with the Indian customers. It has been positioned as the ‘Most trusted Food Service’ brand. In addition, the company also has been named the most trusted quick-service restaurant brand name for the past three years Within India, Pizza Hut has 147 restaurants across 39 cities.

Since, in India 70% sales are for vegetarian items in the Indian restaurants, seeing that there is an all- veg Pizza Hut as well, the worlds first for the company, in the Jain-influenced city, Ahmedabad.

As nowadays, customers splurge more time and money on food in the restaurants. Consequently, Pizza Hut has changed its position as a fine dine restaurant and is therefore not a fast food restaurant any longer. The menu has been long-drawn-out and a face-lift in ambience and interior decoration has also been done.

Pizza Hut puts in plain words that the youth who frequent its outlets are motivated by the twin objectives of eating and linking. The apt phrase to illustrate this activity would-be “entertainment”.

In India, 103 outlets in 34 cities are designed for restaurant dining, the rest are ‘Carry Out’ and ‘Delivery only’.

The company has also established a logo and tag-line, “Stories Happen” as part of its line of attack to carry on performing in the fast-evolving market.

The Great Indian Treat product range presents a four-course meal with a blend of Indian taste in an international set-up, through an assortment of beverages, starters, pizzas and desserts.

The new conception is launched at Pizza Hut restaurants Mumbai and restaurants Delhi.

Pizza hut has also come up with a new concept pizza huts chef table. In this concept, the Chef makes an elaborate lunch spread focusing on the supreme range of ‘Tuscani Pastas’ with tempting starters, desserts and revitalizing mock tails.

The opening of Chef’s Table was held in July 2010 at Pizza Hut, Forum Mall restaurants Bangalore, and was a grand event with a custom-made bill of fare of the day organized by Pizza Hut Head Chef. The new Pizza Hut restaurants have warmer lights, earthy tones, exhibit destination sitting plus mood graphics on the wall and an enormously stretched out bills of fare.

Pizza Hut – Italian Restaurants in India

September 4th, 2010

With quickly increasing middle class population, transforming standards of living, rise in nuclear families predominantly in urban India, exposure to international media as well as Western food and growing number of women joining the workforce have had a great impact on the eating habits of people in India. It all has directed us to a new era of eating and that is ‘fast food’

India is blessed by means of one of the fastest promising fast food markets of the world. Approximately all the major fast food brand names of the world like Pizza Hut have been successful in creating their existence in the country and the majority of them are gaining considerable escalation in their business. All the famous fast food chains have chalked out extensive plans for escalating their trade.

The central causes following the achievement of these global chains is their proficiency in product improvement, sourcing performances, excellent standards, service levels and consistent working procedures in their restaurants, the strong points that these fast food restaurants have developed over years of practice around the world. These outlets also have the provision of take-away and home delivery.

Fast food outlets in India target youngsters as their main consumers. They launch array of products that can draw the youngster’s interest and by aiming youths they automatically target their parents.

Pizza Hut’s family restaurants keeps on launching diverse kinds of items for consumption so that people of all ages, gender, income groups etc can approach and turn into a regular customer of their food line up. The success of these restaurants also lies in their affordable price points and value schemes. These Italian restaurants can be found everywhere these days be it stadiums, airports, zoos, college campuses, supermarket, petrol stations and even in big organization’s canteens.

Pizza Hut is a renowned fast food centre established in various metropolitan areas of India like  Delhi Restaurants, Gurgaon Restaurants, Mumbai Restaurants, Bangalore Restaurants, Noida, etc. Pizza hut, the name is only recognized for its signature Italian pizzas, starters, pastas, appetisers, desserts and beverages. Pizza Hut, the famous Italian cuisine restaurant is implementing a double approach to benefit from the financial brake. These Italian restaurants are flanked by fine-dining and quick-service family dinner restaurants in several parts of India.

Pizza Hut dining restaurants are speedy, well-organized and dedicately providing unbending fast food to gratify everyone’s appetite and senses with excellence and offering customers the utmost value for money and becomes the favorite family restaurant.

Pizza Hut – Indian Fast Food Restaurant

August 2nd, 2010

Indian Restaurants are extensively dispersed according to diverse cultures and cooking fares. Restaurants in India present an extensive palette of both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. There are a variety of places that you would love to go off with your date and similarly there are restaurants that are perfect for families. All you want is a high-quality food that tastes excellent before deciding on any restaurant that satisfies your taste buds. While nowadays eating in the restaurants is a rage among the metropolitan cities and the NCRs.
Gurgaon, occasionally called as the mall center of India, has plenty of things to captivate visitors other than extensive shopping malls and the massive campuses of the big MNC’s and BPO’s. The city is quickly increasing extensive chains of restaurants provoking the taste buds of food lovers. Gurgaon restaurants are turning into an excellent choice to satisfy dissimilar tastes.

Mumbai restaurants are also able to gratify the most discriminating taste. There’s always something latest to try there and you can hit upon restaurants that can win anybody’s dining experience.

But Nowadays people don’t have enough time as they have really tight schedules. Consumers who have restricted funds and time restraints would like to expend their money on something that is fast and appetizing, which is what has given augmentation to the fast food culture in India.

Pizza Hut is a sensation in fast food dining restaurants in India with 147 stores across 34 cities in India. Pizza Hut made its magnificent commencement in India with a dine-in restaurants Bangalore in June 1996 and was the foremost international restaurant chain to cross the threshold in this type of cuisine and can be attributed with revolutionizing the pizza market in India.  The Pizza Hut within India, include traditional toppings and add in chicken tikka, keema, lamb korma, and paneer etc in their pizzas. Beef toppings are not sold as the cow is measured as a sanctified animal amongst the Hindu majority.

According to Yum! Restaurants International, India is amongst the top five growth markets for Pizza Hut. They keep making plans to expand and come up with some best new restaurants.
In today’s luxurious world, everybody is troubled about putting money to its finest use. To obtain more business, restaurants have started offering remarkable deals.

Fast foods are the most excellent means for people who are constantly on the go. Reduction of time and money makes fast food restaurants an enormous achievement.

Italian Fast Food Restaurants – Pizza Hut

July 1st, 2010

Pizza Hut renowned Red Roof made its venture in India with a dine-in restaurant in June 1996. Though it started with six units in first year, an overpowering demand for distinctive pizzas and trade name in dining experience made it achievable for double-digit record augmentation.

Pizza Hut was the first international brand to cross the threshold in the food retail segment in India. When the first Pizza Hut restaurant Bangalore was opened, the fast food service industry was at a budding phase and the pizza category was subjugated by a solitary regional player which had a marginal existence.

Pizza Hut’s unvarying attempt to offer additional importance – whether it is the pizzas which are offered to go with every price range, fresh promotions or the beginning of modern product ranges has allowed it to expand its existence in India to the current 70 fast food restaurants across 18 cities. Pizza Hut plans to level up its occurrence with 100 more restaurants. While strengthening its charisma in the metropolitan cities e.g. pizza hut restaurant Mumbai, Bangalore etc. they have also expanded in the various NCR e.g. pizza hut restaurant gurgaon, noida etc.

In India, eating out is alleged as a type of leisure, that’s why Pizza Hut servers and provide their customers great food, they also sing and dance for them. The jig n jeeto contest was organized in pizza hut restaurants Delhi for the first time and it received an extraordinary response.

A serious reason in its achievement has been its bill of fare that has frequently changed and extended to accommodate to the varying desires and particular likings of customers in different parts of the world. In having understood the pulse of the customers in India, Pizza Hut Italian restaurant has undoubtedly customized itself as a brand name with an Indian sensitivity. In addition to presenting an extensive array of vegetarian pizzas, pastas, appetizers, desserts etc., it was the first pizza chain to open a 100% vegetarian dinner restaurants in India.

A significant aspect in its victory has been its exclusive dining experience. Crewmembers at Pizza Hut make every effort each day to endow with ‘customer mania’ – the kind of service that makes certain that every visit of the customer is an unforgettable one.

Internationally and in India, Pizza Hut has come to become tantamount with the ‘best pizzas under one roof’. It is dedicated in providing uncompromising product value, presenting customers the utmost assessment for money and giving service that is affectionate, pleasant and special.

Pizza Hut – International Restaurant for Italian Cuisine

June 11th, 2010

Pizza Hut is the world’s leading Italian pizza chain Company. In
India, Pizza Hut has 140 restaurants across 34 cities, including Delhi,
Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh

In the recent past Pizza Hut has announced the roll-out of a
brand alteration plan in India, the name renowned by now in the casual
dining arena. The transformation absorbs the commencement of the
enhanced dining concept with the casual dining section. This includes a
new advanced look as well as a new logo and a label line that fit
perfectly with the brand’s progress.

The new tag line,
Stories Happen, detains the disposition of Pizza Hut restaurant,
as a place where people unite, build strong friendships and create
immense memoirs while sharing excellent food. The augmentation project
also comprises of renovating the look and feel of Pizza restaurants
with a better decor.

This Italian food
is all about giving an exclusive and memorable
dining experience by offering the finest and most discrete Italian
pizzas with an Indian touch and a perfect service, in a peaceful and
pleasant ambiance. It is well-known to deliver a range of delicious
cakes, pastas and pizzas that are perfect for the customers who are
searching for luxurious food for business meeting. In Pizza Hut
restaurants one can also organize a custom-made corporate lunch for corporate
clienteles, a kitty party or a kid’s birthday
. Corporate lunches
facilitate to create common interests, build up communication, and
makes working in cooperation easier.

Pizza Hut is renowned
for promoting Italian cuisine in India. Lately they have added 30 new
exciting items in their menu list including a new range of tuscani
a cuisine of central Italy to tempt your appetite.
One can enjoy a good 4-course meal with friends or relatives at
affordable prices here with a large variety of appetizers inclusive of
pastas, garlic breads and a wide range of beverages. Then move to the
main course bursting of luscious cheesy pizzas with ice cream desserts
being the best way to end a great meal. The fact regarding Pizza Hut is
that they act like a medium, a bonfire that brings people as one.

Hut dining restaurants are speedy, well-organized and dedicately
providing unbending fast food to gratify everyone’s appetite and senses
with excellence and offering customers the utmost value for money and
becomes the favorite family restaurant.

Pizza Hut offering Italian
Cuisine, Tuscani Pastas
and delicious Ice Cream
with dine restaurant experience. To get more
information, you can logon to

Delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake from Pizza Hut

May 27th, 2010

Pizza Hut is a great place to dine with a variety of
pizzas, deserts and drinks on the offer. Pizza Hut is one such place
which offers great family time. There are certain things which are all
the same at all Pizza Hut outlets be it anywhere.

This time when we went to Pizza Hut
outlet in Sushant Lok, like always we were greeted by
their ever impressive staff who informed us about their latest chocolate
truffle cake
. When we took a look of the same in the menu
card it gave a feel of a very yummy chocolate cake. My son being a
chocolate fan was really adamant on ordering it along with his favourite
cheese garlic bread. So we went ahead and ordered for the truffle cake
with the choice of our regular pizzas and garlic bread for our son.

Being a vegetarian it is difficult to find good eggless cake which
would really tempt you to it especially when it comes at a normal
price. Being really honest, the sight of cake was really mouth watering
so one can image its taste. Especially the thick layer of chocolate
with a lavish top coat of choco chips can really make one forget about
the calorie count at any time.

It was a very light and fluffy
chocolate delight. The texture of the cake is bound to impress anyone
to fall in love with it. It is really a slice of chocolate heaven. The
chocolate is so tasty that it just melts in the mouth. And the taste of
the same lingers for a long time which left us wanting for more. It
was by then that we realized that we wanted to have some more of the
awesome cake, so my husband ordered another one for all of us.

delicious chocolate truffle cake is a light and delicious chocolate
delight for every age group. All of us had an amazing time eating the
hot pizzas and the lip smacking cake. Ones taste buds are sure to get
satisfied with this delicious cake which offers lingering taste not for
tongue but for mind as well.

Pizza Hut offering hot pizzas
and delicious chocolate cakes with fine dining restaurant
experience. To get more information, you can logon to

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