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The ABCs of a Great SEO Leader

June 17th, 2009

Below, from A to Z, you’ll find what I believe are the traits, qualities and intangibles found in the people that lead not just SEO, but entire companies.
Analytical: Know what to look for, and be able to create an action plan from your findings.
Business savvy: Give your team some job security. Make money and plan to make more.
Calm under fire: Your rankings just went off the radar. No reason. Can you keep your team calm?
Decisive: If you don’t believe in your decisions, no one will.
Ethical: If you represent a brand, there’s no room for questionable tactics. Win within the rules.
Fast: How long does it take your plan to go from your mind to moving the needle?
Gap Bridger: PR, SEM, Tech and more are lurking. Can you bring them all together?
Historian: Know what’s happened in the past or you’re doomed to repeat mistakes.
Innovator: Can you create new ways to succeed?
Jumps in: A leader gets their hands dirty. Lead by example.
Killer smarts: Intelligence, and more importantly common sense, attracts followers.
Loves what they do: A miserable leader can only be effective short term.
Mass thinking: It’s all about scale. Do your plans build in chunks to leverage infrastructure?
Never give up: If you quit, your team will too.
Out of the box: It’s ok to win by being unconventional. It’s actually a lot more fun.
Patience: Giving up on a plan too quickly can lead to a lost opportunity forever.
Question everything: If you understand the ‘why’, it’s that much easier to get the ‘how’.
Respectful: Treat everyone with respect and you can expect them to go to battle for you.
Stand up guy/girl: You’re the leader. You take the credit, you take the blame.
Tester: Don’t be afraid to fail. Try new things. It may take many small failures to see great success.
Understanding: Step into someone else’s shoes. Get their perspective, whether or not you agree.
Visionary: What’s coming down the line? Are you prepared with a plan for it?
Winner: When it comes time to win for your idea, can you step up?
X-factor: A great leader has a charm or charisma that makes people want to follow their lead.
Yes man: No way! Can you tell your boss that their idea is going kill organic traffic?
Zero mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. Leaders have plans in place to find and correct them.

As always, this is just one man’s opinion. And, frankly, thinking of a quality that begins with every letter of the alphabet can be quite time consuming.

Link Building Tips – Must Read

May 18th, 2009

1. Submit your site to Web Directories. This is a pretty monotonous process that can get you several hundredbacklinks if you have the time. An alternative would be to hire a manual directory submitter. Here’s a list of web directories you canuse. You can also find some blog directories here.

2. Submit Press Releases to PR sites. A basic press release about your website’s launch can be released to several PR websites, who will distribute it to various online news outlets. A good way to get a free link. I recommend using PRWeb and PRLeap.

3. Reciprocal Links with Similar Websites. Its important to pick sites that are of high relevance so you’ll not only get links but traffic. Reciprocal linking can be useful from the beginning but don’t overdo it. You can find link partners by emailing them directly or searching through webmaster forums.

4. Squidoo Lenses. A Squidoo lens is fairly easy to create. It only takes around 15 minutes to set up one fully and you’ll be able to insert a bunch of anchor text links to your website along with your feed content. Hubpages is another similar site you can use.

5. Article Submissions. Create a short article on your niche topic and submit it to article directories for a back link and some traffic. You might get more links if your article is picked up and published on other websites. Here is a list of article directories, sorted by Alexa and Page Rank.

6. Social Media Profiles. There a whole bunch of social websites online which allow you to insert a link to your website on the profile page. Sign up for some of them, preferably using a user name and avatar that brands your business or you as a person. This might come in useful when you decide to promote your site via the social website in the future.

7. Social Bookmarking/Voting Websites. Certain social voting websites like Netscape or Digg are often crawled by search engines and their links do help to get a website indexed. 3spots has the biggest list of social voting and bookmarking websites I’ve seen so far.

8. Forum Signatures. Sign up for some forums in your niche and start contributing to ongoing discussions. Insert a link to the homepage or some inner pages of your site.

9. Create a Tool, Theme or Widget. Pay a designer to come up with an add-on application or template that is related to a specific social network, popular website or platform. Include a credit link that points back to your designated website.

10. Blogs on Other Blog Platforms. Use existing blogs you have on other blog networks. Or set up different versions of your blog on different blog networks like, Blogger and Xanga. Link to specific webpages on your website.

11. Comment on Other Blogs. Start commenting on relevant and popular sites in your niche. Don’t just spam for links but focus on building a relationship with other bloggers as well. Write a relevant comment and try to avoid using keyword names or signature links.

12. Guest posting on other blogs. Like article and press releases, this one involves having readily available content you can send out to certain blogs in your niche. This is great for getting relevant links and traffic.

13. Hold Contests. Some websites often offer contests in a bid to attract anchor text links from bloggers. An example is this iPhone giveaway on Gary Lee’s site. Contests allow you to determine the specific anchor text but its possible that too many links using the designated keyword may harm your domain instead.

14. Collaborative Projects. You may need to develop an article specifically for a writing project, blog carnival or meme but it will usually get you a couple of back links, depending on the number and generosity of the participants involved.

15. Offer your Expertise. This will apply if you have a specific skill set such as web design, copy writing, translation or SEO. Write to an established website and offer to revamp/optimize their website in return for a mention or credit link on a web page. This offers excellent branding, particularly if your offer is picked up by a website with a decent audience.

Source: Link building tips for New -

What is ethical search engine optimization ?

March 23rd, 2009

Ethical search engines optimization is all about optimizing a website for visitors, not for search engines. But yes, we can’t forget that we are optimizing for website’s search engines rankings. In this way, we need to use only ethical methods and white hat seo techniques.

Now, let us consider some of SEO methods / practices –
1) SE Friendly Design – Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Making a website according to guidelines by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live will definitely help in search engine index, find, and rank your website.

2) Content - Website content should be relevant to the particular page and should be optimized with the targeted keywords. Don’t overdoyour keywords and don’t duplicate it on the pages of the website. Content should be fresh and unique. Make pages for users, not for search engines.

Don’t deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users, which is commonly referred to as “cloaking” which is an unethical way.

3) Meta Tags – Meta tags (title, description, keywords) are used to show your keywords and phrases to the search engines and to online visitors that what services you are offering. Always use unique and relevant title, description and keywords in meta tags content for any particular web page.

4) Directory Submission – Always choose the most relevant category for submission of your website in free / paid directories available on internet.

5) Link Popularity – Link exchanging is still considered as a major practice in the search engine optimization for good rankings in search engines for any website. Link exchange with only relevant websites is only the way for the right traffic toward a website. If you even go for a 3 way link exchanging, please do not go for any irrelevant website in 3 way LE too, all three website must come in the same theme.

6) Sitemap – Always offer a site map to your users with all the important links of your site. If the site map is larger than 100 or so links, you may break the site map into separate pages.

If we say about unethical ways, then, in that area, everything is optimized for the search engines and methods such as hidden content or hidden links, cloaking, unwanted automated queries and doorway pages are integral part of unethical SEO. Please note that unscrupulous search engine spam techniques could get your site removed and “blacklisted” from search engines.

So, always use only ethical SEO techniques and services.

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