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Pizza Hut – International Restaurant for Italian Cuisine

June 11th, 2010

Pizza Hut is the world’s leading Italian pizza chain Company. In
India, Pizza Hut has 140 restaurants across 34 cities, including Delhi,
Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh

In the recent past Pizza Hut has announced the roll-out of a
brand alteration plan in India, the name renowned by now in the casual
dining arena. The transformation absorbs the commencement of the
enhanced dining concept with the casual dining section. This includes a
new advanced look as well as a new logo and a label line that fit
perfectly with the brand’s progress.

The new tag line,
Stories Happen, detains the disposition of Pizza Hut restaurant,
as a place where people unite, build strong friendships and create
immense memoirs while sharing excellent food. The augmentation project
also comprises of renovating the look and feel of Pizza restaurants
with a better decor.

This Italian food
is all about giving an exclusive and memorable
dining experience by offering the finest and most discrete Italian
pizzas with an Indian touch and a perfect service, in a peaceful and
pleasant ambiance. It is well-known to deliver a range of delicious
cakes, pastas and pizzas that are perfect for the customers who are
searching for luxurious food for business meeting. In Pizza Hut
restaurants one can also organize a custom-made corporate lunch for corporate
clienteles, a kitty party or a kid’s birthday
. Corporate lunches
facilitate to create common interests, build up communication, and
makes working in cooperation easier.

Pizza Hut is renowned
for promoting Italian cuisine in India. Lately they have added 30 new
exciting items in their menu list including a new range of tuscani
a cuisine of central Italy to tempt your appetite.
One can enjoy a good 4-course meal with friends or relatives at
affordable prices here with a large variety of appetizers inclusive of
pastas, garlic breads and a wide range of beverages. Then move to the
main course bursting of luscious cheesy pizzas with ice cream desserts
being the best way to end a great meal. The fact regarding Pizza Hut is
that they act like a medium, a bonfire that brings people as one.

Hut dining restaurants are speedy, well-organized and dedicately
providing unbending fast food to gratify everyone’s appetite and senses
with excellence and offering customers the utmost value for money and
becomes the favorite family restaurant.

Pizza Hut offering Italian
Cuisine, Tuscani Pastas
and delicious Ice Cream
with dine restaurant experience. To get more
information, you can logon to

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