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Huzur Radhasoami

Radhasoami is a faith, considered by adherents as a true way to realize [[God]]. It is neither a religion, nor a caste or creed or sect or a division in society. The Radhasoami faith is also
referred to as Sant Mat (Path of the Saints) or Religion of Saints. The word ‘Radhasoami’ is actually a combination of two words: ‘Radha’ the Prime Spirit Current, and ‘Soami’ the Prime Sound Current, which intermingled at the beginning of creation and this sound ‘Radhsoami’ has been resounding ever since, and the sound and spirit currents are indistinguishable in the Region of Pure Spirit or Truth also known as Dayal Desh (Region of the Merciful) or Nirmal Chetan Desh.

This faith emphasizes the need of a living Spiritual Master or Satguru…and internal and external worship of the Supreme
Lord.  This done externally by attending the spiritual service or “satsang” of the Living Master or Satguru and internally by meditational practices to raise one’s consciousness to
higher spiritual planes. Hinduism has already given the mantra or sound “Om” and Sikhism has graciously gifted the “Satnam” (TrueName) sound/mantra to the world. These names are however, human names of the holy sound or mantra. The sound/mantra/shabda in its true sense is indestructible, permanent,omnipresent, omipotent and un-nameable. All these names given to it are just expressions of its qualities and powers. Meditating/repeating internally the holy name granted by the living master (also known as ‘Naam’ or name) at the 3rd eye centre helps to move towards the goal of being one with the master/lord internally (and thus achieve the ‘real naam’ or the supreme). The ‘Naam’ or Name has been now gifted to the world and was given by Soamiji Maharaj when he threw open his Satsang in 1861. Repetition of ‘Naam’ at the 3rd eye center, or tisra til, or chasm e batin, is said to help raise the soul’s consciousness to higher regions internally. “Radhasoami” is also known by the Agra sects of this faith, where it originated, as the primordial name or Nam, aka the WORD, etc. It has been stated recently by the current Spiritual Master in Dayalbagh that even if one says the name or word “Radhasoami” in calumny of the faith, one may be entitled to escape the cycle of birth and death…such is the mercy and grace of the Supreme Lord. Thus, practising meditation daily- as instructed by the living master, helps to escape from the cycles of birth and death(chaurasi)- with the mercy of the Supreme Being…

Radhasoami faith is based on the fact that [[atman|Aatma]] ([[soul]]) is part of [[Brahman|Paramaatma]] (God). Human body is made of five elements prithvi (earth or soil), jal (water), vayu (air), agni (fire) and aakash (ether). At the time of pralaya (dooms day), the earth will be absorbed by water, water by fire, fire by air and air by aakash. Mind goes back to Niranjan (Kaal) as mind is the agent of Kaal. There is one more thing in our body, i.e., Aatma (Soul) which is a part of Paramaatma. Every element is happy to join its source. Earth’s source is earth, water’s source is ocean , Fire’s source is sun, Air’s source is atmosphere , Aakaash’s source is aakaash itself and Aatma’s source is Paramaatma. Aatmaa will be happy when it goes back to Paramaatma. The spirit is an ansh or a droplet from the ocean of spirit or a ray from the sun of spirit…

The creation is in 3 parts: Spiritual-Sach Khand (6 regions of pure spirit), Brahmand (6 regions mental/spiritual) and Pind (6 regions of the physical creation). The Radhasoami faith builds further on the already well established Hindu philosophy that the seat of the spirit is at the third eye (between the two eyes at the pineal gland) and that there are 6 nerve ganglia or chakras in the body, and 12 above, starting from the third eye. There are 6 chakras in the physical body, 6 kamals or padams in the Grey matter of the brain corresponding to Brahmand or mental/spiritual creation, and 6 in the White matter of the brain corresponding to the spiritual creation or Sachkhand.  Only the human body is equipped with these nerve centers or ganglia.  These 18 gateways or spiritual centers can be activated through meditational practices. However, the 6 lower body chakras are materialistic in nature and meditation for these do not let the soul achieve ‘Mukti’ or Nirvana as they still bind the soul in this ‘Maya’ or material of the world. Hence meditation should begin from the third eye upwards. The human body is a duplicate of the entire creation and it’s purpose is to enable the spirit to internally raise consciousness and have visions of the higher planes of the creation while in the physical human body. The 18th portal or gateway/chakra/padam/kamal, being the highest of all, is the ‘Akaal’ or indestructible, ‘Radhasoami’ Anami, and is the ocean of spirit or the lord almighty himself. This is the ultimate goal to be achieved via meditational practices.

Our life on earth consists of paying the consequences of ‘karmas’ or actions from the previous lives, and also committing new karmas, the consequences of which will be paid in the future lives. Good karmas yield good results, and hence are the better parts of our lives, and likewise bad karmas contribute to the suffering in our lives. The spirit or soul therefore keeps on coming back to the earth in various life forms (8400000 or ‘chaurasi lakh’ in total) to settle the consequences of karmas and so caught in this never ending cycle of suffering,death and birth, detached from its master or the lord almighty. Since humans are the top of the evolution scale, have the ability to think and decide what is good for themselves, and communicate, this life form or the human body is a rare treasure and gift of the Supreme Lord and should not be wasted. In order that we do not commit bad karmas or corrupt our thinking, a vegetarian and [[teetotaler]] diet should be maintained.

Radhasoami conveys the same philosophy as other saints from Sikhism, Hinduism, and Sufism. It is stated that the first Saint or Sant or Satguru to incarnate on earth from the
region of pure truth (Sat) Spirit was Kabir Sahib, and others included Guru Nanak, Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, Paltu, Jagjivan, Dadu, and the first Saint from the Supreme Region was Soamiji Maharaj (Shiv Dayal Singh) of Agra.  Soamiji’s incarnation was Supreme Being Himself, i.e. a wave from the Supreme Ocean of Mercy descended on this earth and has stayed here ever
since…and has merely changed human forms one after another and will continue to do so until
the redemption of the entire creation.

== Radhasoami Satgurus [[Dayalbagh]] ==

Soamiji Maharaj ([[Shiv Dayal Singh]]) and His Successors…present to date….both a spiritual
center as well as a university campus. The concept of NIJ DHAR prevails here, meaning that the “Primordial Spirit Current” incarnated as Soamiji Maharaj and then has taken one human form after another taking His seat in each Human Successor and thus continuing to inspire the Divinity of the Satsang.  Service and meditation held twice daily in the presence of the Living Spiritual Master.  Donations from non members are not accepted and from initiated members are extremely nominal and not mandatory.  The Living Spiritual Masters have all lived on their own earnings and do not take donations for personal expenses and in fact have donated for charitable purposes from their own pockets. There is also no priest class or system and
neither are there temples. Halls are constructed in various places for spiritual gatherings and no proselytizing is permitted.

”’Spiritual Sant Satgurus of Radhasoami Satsang at DAYALBAGH :”’

”’Param Purush Purandhani Huzur Soamiji Maharaj alias Radhasoami Sahab   Sri Shivdayal Singh
Param Guru Huzur Maharaj      (Rai Bahadur Saligram)

Param Guru Maharaj Sahab      (Pandit Brahm Shankar Misra)

Param Guru Sarkar Sahab       (Sri Kamta Prasad Sinha)

Param Guru Sahabji Maharaj    (Sir Anand Sarup Kt.)

Param Guru Mehtaji Maharaj    (Rai Sahab Gurcharan Das Mehta)

Param Guru Dr. Lal Sahab      (Dr.(Prof.) Makund Behari Lal)

PRESENT SPIRITUAL LEADER: Param Guru Dr. Satsangi Sahab (Dr.(Prof.) Prem Saran Satsangi)”’

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