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‘G’ for Ganeshotsav Vs ‘G’ for Gandhi

GC stands for ‘Ganeshotsave- Ceremony’ not for Gandhi Clause by which without ability its heir automatically becomes eligible to rule India. After Tilak Yug, Mahatma Gandhi Yug & then adopted Gandhis came.


In my opinion ‘G’ for Ganeshotsav and GC stands for ‘Ganeshotsave- Ceremony’ instead of Gandhi Clause by which without ability its heir automatically becomes eligible to rule. Why Italian origin Sonia is superior to Sikh born Menka Gandhi? Why Dr Deepak Jayant Tilak grand son of great lokmanya Tilak and lalbahadur’s sons Sunil and Anil are not better choice than Rahul? Real Gandhi was Mahatma Gandhi. Then why his sons are underground and only adopted Gandhis are in the front.


After Tilak Yug, Gandhi Yug came

Further Lalbahadur had done with in 13 months greater than Nehru. Lokmanya Tilak had not done less than Mahatma Gandhi. The great warrior of India‘s freedom struggle departed for his heavenly abode on 1st August 1920. That marked an end of Tilak Yug and beginning of Gandhi Yug. To day we have to decide which our path is and which our destination is. We should know who united us.  Who plays votebank politics to divide us? 


Ganeshotsav has gone secular in real sense

Ganeshotsav is not associated with any political party. Many non-Hindus participate in the ten-day pageant. Spend a couple of minutes with the statue of Lokmanya BaL Gangadhar Tilak. “This great man inspires us after all he was the one who popularised Ganeshotsav. He was the one who gave us the slogan, “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it.”


Is Tilak was Terrorist?

Ganeshotsav have been started on the pious “Ganeshchaturthi”. Today you have to decide what punishment to give in democratic way to the culprits who wrote in NCERT text books that Tilak, savarkar and other martyrs are terrorists. Durga drank wine. Shiv had sexual relation with other goddesses.


‘Ga’ for Ganesh was communal but ‘Ga’ for Gadha is secular!

When I was student in MP when Katju was CM, then I read ‘Ga’ for Ganesh. But after that it could be treated as communal. Later ‘Ga’ for gadha (ass) will be placed in the books. At that time in the centre Maulaln Azad was the education minister.


“Tilak Maharaj Ki Jai” & “Bharat Mata Ki jai”

In fact, the British, sensing trouble, did not allow the masses to use the slogans like “Tilak Maharaj Ki Jai” during the Ganeshotsav celebrations, so they chanted “Tilak Maharaj Ganapathicha Jai Jai Kar” “Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangala Murti Morya”.

Now Gulam nabi Azad’s Govt banned in Poonch Dist of Jammu to raise slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ in the way of ’Budha Amarnath’ and MF Hussain who painted nude painting of Bhara Mata, to be lessoned in Govt books. 


1893 Riots & !993 Bombay Blasts

Tilak raised a very pertinent question that those who are blindly following the Britishers and their culture can really occupy the places of those very Britishers in the Indian administration! The 1893 Hindu-Muslim riots at Pune and Mumbai further added to his restlessness. Just after 100 years in 1993 there were Bomay Blasts whose main accused Daud and Memon are in Pakistan. Indian seculars celebrate Dec 6 as ‘Sad Day’ for destruction of ‘Babar Sturcture’. 


Hindu Muslim both are patriot except some….

Like a true nationalist, Tilak desired to emphasise and preserve the national sentiment by giving due credit to all that was good in the old system. He wanted to unite the Hindus but he was not against Islam. He was only opposed to those Muslims incited as they were by the British to favour and actively participate in the riots.


The same situation is at present. Hindu nationalists are not against Muslims, they are only against those who are supporting terrorists such as SIMI. After all, all should to decide: are we followers of Babar or Ram?


After 1892 Ganeshotsav became public festival ‘Sarvajanik Utsav’

The year 1818 saw the end of Peshwa rule with Union Jack being unfurled on the great Shaniwar-Wada. Among the valuables the Britishers took away was a ‘ruby’eyed Ganesh idol made in pure gold studded with diamonds and rubies. It was reportedly valued at £ 50000 in those days. After the end of Peshwa rule, from 1818 to 1892 Ganesh Festival remained a family affair in Maharashtra. Emulating the example of Peshwas, princely states of Baroda and Gwalior too involved common people in the Ganesh festival.


Apart from social and political situation existing then, Lokmanya Tilak an erudite person he was, had come across the writings about the different festivals observed in Ancient Egypt and was also a witness to the Ganpati Festival in Gwalior State which inspired him to start a similar public celebration of Ganesh Festival.


Christianity in 1892-93 and now

Around 1892-93 the influence of Christianity on Indian psyche had become quite obvious.


The same situation is at present. Glady Staines was awareded ‘Padmshree’ to convert tribal in Christ. Benny Hen’ healing touch ‘Intellectuals faith’ and ‘Idols drinking milk’ is blind faith as per secular media.


Is Gandhi dynasty a reserved caste for PM post?

On the day of Ganeshchaturthi, both pro and anti reservationists have to find the answer. Doesn’t ‘Gandhi dynasty’ now stand for globalisation of India’s PM post and to mortagazue of our nuke independency?


Only India will decide on nuke testing?: PM

There was Mole in Indira’s and Narsimha Rao’s PMO. This is open fact. In mole’s name may be confusion. Because of these moles both PMs could not did the ‘Pokhran’. If, American scientists will be to spy in our land to watch our nuke process then how MM or other coming PMs will dare to be free in nuke fully? Please PM doesn’t fool the nation. If on the direction of Super PM you have a hidden deal then please don’t deceive the people. We know you people are going to handcuff our nation. Only for getting doctorate you have placed an example to praise British rule in India at Oxford.


GC stands for Ganeshotsave Ceremony instead of Gandhi Clause

Rahul said that getting PM post is not much difficult for him. He has so cofident because of his father; his grandmother and his great grandfather also were PM. Here is also I am confused. What is the formula to worship Italian origin Sonia Gandhi instead of finding her substitute in Sikh Menaka Gandhi or other? Is assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is the only reason?


In a democracy, the rulers reflect the nature of the population

See the US, for instance. An idiot who can barely speak syntactically correct English (never mind semantics) heads that government. Why? The reason is the average American is an ignorant idiot. Or see Bihar. Ignorant idiots vote ignorant idiots into office. There is a pattern. Most people are in the grip of caste and illerate, so they are therefore likely to elect an uneducated ignorant idiot. It is all karma, neh?” Now whole India is going to be Bihar as we saw Bihar wild animals and wresters in the parliament.



Tilak’s main contribution to India and the Congress Party is his four fold programme, which consisted of:

Swaraj – With built in democracy
Swadeshi – With a view to develop Indian industry and wealth
Boycott – That is an agitation within the framework the constitution
National Education – To create inspiration, to develop technical and scientific knowledge.

To day we have to think can our democracy save under Sonia Gandhi,  Election Commissioner Navin Chawla and lefts naxalites combination? To whom we should boycott? Is our present IGNOU and NCERT text books and Rservation policy in education not a black spot for our nationality?


Shivaji Jayanti & Ganeshotsav Vs World Cup Football

At the time of Tilak, only the intellectuals were involved in the freedom struggle. In order to inspire the common man and galvanise them into a movement, he started Sarvajanik Ganesh festival and Shiv Jayanti festival in 1984. Daily Keertans and speeches by prominent leaders marked the occasions.


The celebrations attained national importance in 1896 with Tilak addressing mammoth crowds for the duration of the Ganeshotsav in Pune and Bombay.

Shivaji Utsav was launched on the Raigard Fort in 1894 which also became popular in Japan by 1905. To day Congress of Bihar worshiped ‘Italian football’ with the photo of Sonia for the victory of Italian football team. They are competiong such elements who celebrate the victory of Pakistan in Cricket or Hockey match. We are progressing in this direction: “jas raja tas praja”.


By Premendra Agrawal

Posted in Current Affairs.

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