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Hanging stayed to honor Supreme Court order?

Do not conduct research on my grief for Afzal- Congress. Hanging of Afzal, have been stayed on the plea that hearing on mercy petition is going on.


People of India wants answer from the fourth pillar of democracy, media and the highest authority of India the President Kalam. Secular should search their soul which they have sold to the Non-Indianess government


(1) Afzal did not write letter for mercy to the President Kalam.

(2) Without receiving letter from Afzal why mercy under consideration?

(3) On the basis of fake hearing why hanging stayed?

(4) Neither Afzal nor his wife accepts Kashmir as a part of India. Musharraf book contains Kashmir in Pakistan in his book: In the line of fire. Why book of Musharraf is being sold in India against the prevailing law?


People answer of above questions from the leaders of every party also.


Gulam of Afzal

`Don’t execute him during the month of Ramzan,’ plead
others as if executing an anti-national terrorist is
an affront to Islam. “It would send a wrong message
to the people,” says the Chief Minister of
Jammu and
Kashmir Gulam of Afzal. `


On the days of Ramzan terrorists attacked on CRPF and innocent people to hide in a hotel of lal chowk Srinagar was a pious act. Gulam has nothing to say for that. When there was a terrorist attack on the tourist of Gujarat then Gulam dropped tears which are brought from the dirt stream of Congress.


The court also ruled that before any grants or pardons, the victim’s family view should be taken into consideration. The ruling comes in the wake of pardon granted by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh Sushil Kumar Shinde to a Congress leader Guru Venkat Reddy.

Afzal Guru’s seven-year-old son Ghalib accompanied Guru’s wife Tabassum to Rashtrapati Bhawan, requesting clemency for him, told the President that his dream was to become a doctor and for that he needed his father around. ‘I cannot fulfil my dream if you hang my father’.

One should take Ghalib to meet the innocent orphan kids of Kashmiri Pandits, who are lying on the streets for that they needed their fathers around.Can the Seekers of pardon for Afzal bring back their father’s who were killed without reason by many Afzals?

The family of CRPF Jawan Kamlesh Kumari, who was martyred in the attack on Parliament in 2001, has warned to return the Ashok Chakra awarded to Kamlesh posthumously if President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam accepts the mercy appeal of Mohammed Afzal Guru, the Parliament attack convict. Kalam and Secular Cabinet should hear the kids of terrorists and the kids of the victims of terrorism. Blood is blood of whom se ever. Don’t think:-Your blood is blood and others blood is water.


Indian voters should deliver the Congress slaps on the Cheeks of its candidates in the every coming poll.


Pardon based on Cast religion & political consideration is void

The Supreme Court said in its today’s order that ‘pardons can not be granted on caste, religious and political considerations or by fraud. If it is so, then the court has the power of a judicial review.’

Decisions on the basis of caste, religious and political considerations are life line of the congress. Congress lit fire to the Constitutional structure of peace coexistence equality for all appeasement to none. Reservation on caste basis and head counting on religious basis are the examples of this.


Reddy was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the murder of a TDP leader Tirupati Reddy. However, the family of Venkat Reddy moved a mercy petition after he had served a 3-and-half year jail term. The victim’s family promptly moved the Supreme Court after the Governor quashed the rest of Reddy’s sentence.

“The victim’s children have challenged the matter before the Supreme Court saying that the granting of pardon was purely for political considerations because he (Venkat Reddy) belonged to the Congress party and his wife is a Congress MLA. After seeing the case reports and records, the Supreme Court set aside the pardon,” Supreme Court lawyer P Veera Reddy.

The ruling gains significance especially as it comes at a time when political turbulence marks the mercy petition of Mohammad Afzal Guru, sentenced to death in the 2001 Parliament attack case. Afzal’s hanging has been postponed after his family petitioned President Kalam.


* The court also said supremacy of the rule of law must prevail and it required governance in accordance with the law, and the rule of law is the basis of the constitutional structure.

* The court also ruled that grant of clemency was not an act of grace, but a matter of performance of the official duty. And if irrelevant consideration or political expediency are taken into consideration, then such an exercise is in derogation of the constitutional authority given


Pardon & Article 72 or 161

Was Dhanjay’s crime great than the crime of terrorist Afzal?


Indian constitution provides two safety valves in the form of articles 72 and 161. Under article 72 President has the power to grant pardon and under article 161 Governor of a state has the power to grant pardon. Dhananjoy sought pardon both from President and Governor, but his mercy pleas were turned down.


Government of India has apparently reserved article 72 for grant of mercy to terrorists parliament attacker Afzal and hardened criminals whose cases are pleaded by foreign powers. Foreign nationals, who were convicted in the famous Purulia arms drop case, were pardoned even though they did nothing to demonstrate remorse.


Similarly, in extradition proceedings from European countries (recent case being of Abu Salem and his associate Monica from Portugal) Government of India routinely gives undertakings that the President will use his powers under article 72. If Dhananjoy, during his stay at prison, had made friends with some cronies of Dawood, he could have affected a jailbreak and fled to Portugal. After his arrest in Portugal, Government of India would have guaranteed a pardon from the President and he could have returned without any fear of death penalty.


Government is the prosecutor in any criminal and pardon case

By a combination of various Supreme Court judgments and spineless nature of successive incumbents, the President of India has been converted into a perfect rubber stamp. Government acts blindly on the basis of caste, religion and vote bank consideration on the advice received from Government. This is strange.


Mahtma Gandhi Vs Sonia Gandhigir

Mahatma Gandhi said: “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” But Gandhigiri follows:

The President or leaders of Congress after hearing Supreme Court decision would begin minority appeasement song by starting the tempo by slapping their thighs then clapping their hands and then yell. Remember – this is an echo song by mixing sound of dog, cat, mouse, frog etc.


Chaanta laga? Smriti’s slap was the hardest. Thank God, it was just one slap! But Congress is habitual shamelessly to bear slaps.

Congress is follower of Gandhigiri three monkeys. Don’t hear evil, don’t see evil, and don’t say evil. Congress neither hears nor sees the Supreme Court’s order of today. Congress will be also unable to comment on it.

Favourite thappad scene?

In Deewar, when Nirupa Roy slaps Amitabh Bachchan.

Are Supreme Court order resulted to abolish wall between Hindus and Muslims which can be cementing more and more by pseudo-secularists’ congress?

I have received many tight slaps.

Kisne mara? Aur kyun?

Manoharji’s hand landed heavily on my cheeks

Please recall Supreme Court’s decisions on Shah Bano Case, Common Civil Code, Jessica lal murder Case, Supreme Courts direction on tainted ministers, Delhi sealing and so on.


‘Thappad ki goonj’

In Karma between Anupam Kher and Dilip Kumar.


Sound of today’s decision of Supreme Court has been touching every corner of the democracy which follows secularism in real sense. The decision shows that vote bank politics, evoking minority and to give ‘Garibi hatao’ slogan for making wealthy more and more congressmen and giving them free hand to save terrorists, separatists, infiltrators, rioters and naxalites are neither symbol of democracy nor according to the constitution of India.


Tear for SIMI and Afzal is an example of above sighted details. On the instruction of Sonia Gandhi Congress CM of J&K Gulam bhi Azad bhi initated ‘save afzal’ move to evoke sentiments of Kashmiris and minority community. Slowly and slowly this tratorist type revolt touches its allies one by one to ncrease in theirs minority vote bank. Mourn sorrow ‘karuna’ for Afzal even reached upto Karuna ‘grief’ nidhi. Congress treasurer Motilal Vora is filling Congress treasure by getting separatists and terrorists’ supporters.


Chaanta laga?

Not at all. I always make sure that my cheek doesn’t come in close contact as I will have a good reflex action and my co-stars might get a swollen face.


Congress and its president Sonia Gandhi is expert to save themselves. Congress and its 10 Jan path is a coal mine of corruption. Shake handing to them means return with blackish hands. Congress symbol ‘hand’ is the symbol of corruption. Every patriot should save himself to be stamping on his body that sin able symbol on his body. They are expert to throw their sin on their opponents as they just are doing towards George Fernadis. George will take rest in the artificial hanging garden especially developed by Sonia Gandhi. 



By Premendra Agrawal

Posted in Current Affairs.

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