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FBI Warning: Airports on High alert


Email threat is given to hijack US-bound planes from India. Al Qaeda or fake seculars can’t divide us. Why Christian Gadahn & Hindu Barot converted to Islam are main jehadi of Al Qaeda? What is Secularism?


Is Love affair behind Al Qaeda threat as email threat to PM? Free Afzals to save daughters of Mufti Sayeeds? Al Qaeda fears Giri half moustache! Why Al Qaeda belief on Muslim Convert Gadahn & Barot?


Indian airports are again on alert following FBI warning.

Three days after Indian airports were put on high alert following a letter warning of possible Al-Qaeda strikes; security was again tightened at airports across the country on Nov 12, after a senior Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official received a threatening email that US-bound planes from India would be hijacked. The email, originating from India, was sent to the FBI headquarters on Nov 11.


Love affair may be behind Al Qaeda’s threat

Kerala police has become tension free to say that   a failed love affair led Akbar Raj to send the threatening to PM and the President Kalam by e-mail messages that sent to 20 police officers. Communist parties should assure again that the email threat of Al Qaeda is only a love affair.


Would Afzals be free to save the sons-daughters of Mufti Sayeeds

Mufti Sayeed has previously been a member of the Congress party. In 1987, he quit the Congress to join V P Singh’s Janata Dal, which led to his becoming the first Muslim Home Minister in 1989. His daughter Rubaiya was kidnapped by terrorists within few days of his taking office. She was released in exchange for the release of some militants.


He rejoined the Congress under P V Narasimha Rao which he left in 1999 along with his other daughter Mehbooba Mufti to form his own party, People’s Democratic Party. PDP is an ally of Congress in J&K. He became CM of J&K before Congres CM Gulam of Afzal. Farooq Abdulla was also CM of J&K. These ‘three ticket maha viket’ are mercy seekers for Afzal Guru. Congress and its allies do not oppose the mercy appeal. So secular Indian Government should send a lovely letter to Al Qaeda in the light of above said facts.


Would Al Qaeda stop to see Gandhigiri with a half-moustache?

In stark contrast to stressed army personnel shooting their colleagues in Jammu and Kashmir, a Central Reserve Police Officer (CRPF) has chosen satyagraha, a half-shaven moustache and one meal-a-day to register his non-violent protest. We can give an example of the suicide of a trader of Delhi against sealing. We are followers of non-violence. As Al Qaeda follows Law of Shariat  we also follow non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi, Mahveer and Buddha. We should enroll our names in Greenish book for the tolerance.


Can Al Qaeda or fake seculars divide us?

I read a comment in TOI:” Hello countrymen, Al-Qaida is a threat to our country and let us remind them that India is a great country as it’s not so easy to break and divide this holy land by carrying out a couple of attacks”. It is 200% right. But what percentage would be for the Congress led Government who are publicizing Sacchcha Committee report, religious head counting in the army security forces judiciary and every field of the society to disunite us? Muslims and Hindus both save peace of Malegaon even after Malegaon blasts. But read the articles of the Hindu Daily and other secular media and the statement of CPM which blamed Bajrangdal to spread riot. Few Muslim leader approached Sonia and PM. After that few Hindus of Hindus majority area of Malegaon were detained by the police.


Why Al Qaeda trusts on Converts to Islam as teen?


American Gadahn converted to Islam as a teen

Gadahn grew up on a farm in Riverside County, Calif., and converted to Islam as a teen, moved to Pakistan in 1978, attended al-Qaida training camps, married an Afghani refugee and served as an al-Qaida translator.

Gadahn was born Adam Pearlman on September 1, 1978, the grandson of a prominent Jewish surgeon and the son of musician Phil Pearlman, who converted to Christianity and changed his named to Gadahn (apparently derived from the Biblical figure Gideon.) He grew up in Santa Ana, California, converted to Islam and, in 1995, posted an essay on the USC Web site describing his conversion.


Gadahn’s father, Philip, said he moved to the farm in the 1970s to escape the noise and traffic of the city, changing the family name from Pearlman because he was starting a new life. The family tried raising goats as a business, but it wasn’t profitable.


Gadahn did not attend college, choosing instead to move to the suburbs of Los Angeles where he became a Muslim and worshipped at the Islamic Society of Orange County. The mosque later expelled him for attacking one of its leaders.


Dhiren Barot of NRI Hindu parents converted in teen


On Nov 7, 2006, Dhiren Barot, 34, was sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 40 years, for plotting to bomb US financial landmarks and blow up London targets with explosives-filled limousines.The sentence is one of the toughest handed out in Britain for a terrorist offence.

Barot, a 34-year old Briton, was born in India but raised in Britain. He was a former airline ticket clerk and a Muslim convert. He was trusted by the al-Qaida leadership to conduct their research and present the results back in Pakistan.

Kashmir connection

Barot was one of the most long-standing terrorists that the security agencies had ever come across, with his “career” stretching at least as far back as 1995, when he first attended a terror training camp in Kashmir.


Financiers in Pakistan

Starting in 1995, Barot trained at terrorist camps in Pakistan, Kashmir, Malaysia and the Philippines – crisscrossing the globe to refine skills with weapons, bomb-making and chemicals, Lawson said.

In a detailed proposal submitted to al-Qaida financiers in Pakistan, Barot planned to use a six-man team to blow up limousines crammed with gas cylinders underneath parking garages – a plan that Barot said would kill “hundreds if the building collapses.”


Connection to 9/11

Security sources believe Barot was probably the person identified in the 9/11 Commission’s report as Issa al -Britani, which was an alias he often used.


Synchronized attacks planned

During the two-day sentencing hearing, prosecutors outlined details of a plot to launch synchronized attacks in Britain in a bid to unleash a “memorable black day” of terror.

In a dramatic exchange on Monday, the prosecution showed clips of a reconnaissance video taken by Barot during a 2001 visit to New York, which on Tuesday were posted by the London Metropolitan Police on their website, on a page detailing the Barot investigation.

Barot filmed the city’s stock exchange, a fire station, police cars and even a Jewish “Star of David” symbol on an office window. The footage also zoomed in on the World Trade Center’s towers as a man is heard mimicking the sound of an explosion. It was found spliced into a videotape copy of the movie “Die Hard With A Vengeance.”


“gas limos project”

The most developed plot of his was the “gas limos project”, a plan to blow up three limousines “packed” with gas cylinders and explosives next to or under target buildings in the UK.

He stated he wanted to “emulate” the Madrid train bombings, which killed almost 200 people in March 2004 with co-ordinated back-to-back attacks. Arson through hijacked petrol tankers and the use of an aircraft were among other possible methods of attack considered.


Material recovered and used to form the prosecution case included documents, e-mails, DVDs and computer hard drives.


Hindus & Non-Hindus converted to fake secularism?

There are foreign born citizens under Indian as well as foreign country such as Italy citizenship and become our leaders. There are so many Christians’ leaders preachers who are with the intention to deceive people with Hindu names, dress and Hindu makeup. There are also such leaders such as Arjun Singh who are though still Hindus but their acts are totally Non-Hindu. These all say themselves seculars. In fact they play secular card to deceive the people. Are caste and religion based reservation and other non-secular activities such as evoking minorities and playing vote bank politics secularism?


So people should think again and again about the secularism of fake seculars. Can Al Qaeda divide us? No, 200% not:  But what percentage should we give these fake seculars?  



By Premendra Agrawal


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