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After Afzal ‘save serial killers of Ratlam’ move by Union Minister

Should we salute such intellectuals who write for the following culprits of democracy humanity unity of India? Politicians hide Noida’s truth. Now Minister Bhuria moved to save serial killers of MP


As many as 234 pieces of bones, including portions of foetus skulls, were found on Feb 21 from a sewage chamber at a missionary hospital and outside a doctor’s house, where fresh searches for skeletal remains were carried out. Thirty bone pieces were found in an underground tank outside the house of the doctor, while 204 pieces of skeletal remains, including 73 pieces of skulls of foetus and newborn, were recovered from the sewage chamber of RatlamChristianHospital, police inspector S S Tomar said


With the fresh find, as many as 767 pieces of bones and skulls have been recovered from the hospital since February 17, he said adding the remains were being sent to medico-legal institute in Bhopal for tests.

Hospital Medical Superintendent Williams and sweeper Jagram were earlier arrested for concealment of births by secretly disposing bodies, and released on bail, police said. The incident had evoked sharp response from different quarters demanding action against missionary hospitals across the state.


Many residents tried to support the abortion-racket theory by citing how the sex ratio had fallen in Ratlam district — from 945 females per 1,000 males in 1991 to 927 in 2001.Despite laws banning sex determination tests, the killing of female foetuses is still common in India where the preference for sons runs deep. Infanticide is also practised in some areas. Last December, the government said 10 million girls have been killed by their parents in the past 20 years either before they were born or immediately after.


As we know ‘Save Afzal Guru’ move was initiated by Congress CM of J&K Gulam of Afzal. Later his move got support from other two former CM of J&K, Congress Treasurer Motilal Vora, UPA allies NCP, Lalu and CPI (M).


Pakistani media is accusing Hindus for firing ‘Samjhauta Express’. The Hindu Daily, Muslim leaders of Congress including President of Maharashtra Human Right Commission claimed that Hindu Organizations including Bajrang Dal had blasted in Malegaon.


On the instruction of ChristianSuperPMUnionState Agriculture Minister Kantilal Bhuria has begun to save serial killers of Ratlam. named two persons with RSS links, including a local scribe, as allegedly being responsible for purposely defaming the Christian institute.


Speaking to media persons, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Bhuria, who is MP from Jhabua, a district with predominantly tribal Christian population, named Manish Sharma, a medical shop owner, and Mithilesh Bavecha, a correspondent with Hindi daily Nai Dunia, and alleged that the whole matter was their doing to defame the hospital at Ratlam, a little over 250 kms west of Bhopal.


However, Bhuria changed his stance soon when the journalist denied any link with the RSS and claimed that he had said only what the hospital management told him. Later, speaking to Hindustan Times, Bhuria said, “It was the Mission people who told me that they had some row with the medical shop owner on the issue of encroachment. It’s they who told me that Sharma is a RSS man.”


When asked what his own opinion was about the whole episode, he quickly said, “The investigation is going on. What can I say before the reports are out?” He, however, sought to dismiss the very findings of the bones from hospital premises saying the hospital is more than 100 years old and such burials are commonplace in old hospitals.


Meanwhile, the inquiry committee headed by Civil Surgeon Dr K C Pathak recorded the statements of Hospital Superintendent Dr Williams, doctors, the matron, sweeper Jagram and the hospital’s business manager. The committee would record the statements of patients whose names were found in the hospital records for last one year and has taken the help of the police to trace them.


To a question about what conclusion he could draw prima facie after going through the records, Dr Pathak said, “Illegal abortions are never shown on paper by anyone. We would have to find that out by tactfully speaking with the concerned staff and by a thorough scrutiny of the documents.”


Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Ajay Vishnoi has said the bones of children recovered from Christian Missionary hospital in the state’s Ratlam district could be victims of “foeticide or infanticide”. The police Saturday recovered several skulls of infants and about 390 bones and skeletal remains of aborted foetuses from a gutter of the hospital.

“It is not right to compare the incident with the one in Nithari where bones of missing children aged between one to 14 years were found. Here initial reports indicate foeticide or infanticide”, Vishnoi told IANS.


Here it must be notable that so many skulls found are also related to born minor children. Further are killing of unborn and born children below 14 years not killing? I have discussed this in my previous article and the poem on this subject. My opinion is that serial killers of Ratlam MP are more dangerous than the serial killers of Nithari Noida Mohinder Surinder and Beer cane serilal killer Ravindra Kantrole of Mumbai. Serial killers of Nithari and Mumbai are individuals where serial killers of Ratlam belong to the Christian religious organizations who got support from the Christian Super PM. Minister Bhuria belongs to Jhabua and Ratlam where Christian


Missionaries are most active in conversion of tribal of Jhabua and surrounding areas. Still bureaucrats of MP are being influenced by Congress Leaders of MP and Central Government of UPA. Few days back an officer of Home secretariat has submitted the report to the Central Government on the direction of Congress leaders and Ministers as Bhuria that Hindu Organizations Bajrang Dal, RSS and others are attacking Christians and their institutions. After knowing this that officer has been supended.


Who evoked Muslims in Vadodara?

He went Gujarat Vadodara when there was a riot on the matter of a dargah situated in the way. He evoked Muslims to demur, particularly since they do not consider dargah as places of religious worship, and when Hindus had co-operated with the removal of shifting of temples.

Congress wants violence to divide both communities to increase its minority vote bank. At that time the Gujarat High Court has ruled there should be no discrimination when religious structures are demolished. His statement dishonored the high Court. Union Home Ministry got stay from Supreme Court and thus appease Muslims for not wideningthe roads in Vadodara


Afzal speaks in the parliament

Supreme Court verdict of hanging Afzal came in August 2005. UPA, its allies and Anti-Indianess elements remarkable step is to make atmosphere for hanging the Supreme Court order instead of hanging the Afzal as per SC order. Just after that Congress CM of J&K started move to save Afzal. Slowly and slowly as per fake secular planning others joined the move. Congress allies Mufti Sayeed’s PDF, Shard Pawar’s NCP, Lalu’s RJD and others jouned the move alongwith noutside supporter CPM. So called, foreign funded human activists, NGOs, Narabada Bachao Andolan and others pushed the move to evoke sentiments of Muslims. Even Farooq Abdulla of national Conferense threatened the Supreme Court judges. All these fake seculars including UPA government demanded mercy


By premendra Agrawal


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