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Poem: Colorfull Disco Party of Netaji for lakhs people

Amroha is in Rohelkhand of Uttar Pradesh. Harish Nagpal is an independent MP of Amroha. His brother Devendra Nagpal is also MLA from one constituency of it. His wife Anjula Nagpal has contested mayoral election of Ghaziabad on Samajwadi Party’s ticket as a wealthiest candidate to declare her wealth cash, jewellery and bank balance totalling Rs 97 lakh besides property worth crores. Harish Nagpal is a Founder of Ram Dass Nagpal Trust for public service; playing an important role in the establishment of social and educational institutions, health care and rural education facilities; upliftment of the farmers and ensuring their security.


Harish nagpal organized a colorfull disco party on the occasion of the naming ceremony of his newly born son. One lakh people entertained themselves with the bar girls dance and eat sweets in the party given by their lok Sabha Sansad. A beautiful moving dancing girl ‘Sujein’ of Ujbekistan won the hearts of the geathering. Above one crore rupees are expansed in the sexy function to entertain the people of his constituency. Bar girls are brought from Mumbai.


Weapons have been shown openly in that political colourful party. People zoomed to see the bar girls’ dace. Netaji said there is no entertain medium for the entertainment of the people of his constituency. People want entertainment and so organizing dance party is the necessity instead of crime. These parties are common now days in UP. Though, open money game are played in these. In election days these are more popular than cricket in UP. Tags: Mumbai Bar Girl Disco Netaji MP Amroha uttar Pradesh Harish Nagpal MLA Samajwadi party Lok Sabha Leader Dancer Sexy Election Voting kiss Robot Music poem Public Weapon Political entertain UP Cricket;


This poem is written on that romantic political event.





Look Bar disco Dancer

Leader brought dancer




Dance sexy her dance
It’s time for romance
chance chance chance

Every election chance






You catch her breadths

In palm of your hands

Joyous beats are your

She is for you treasure





Questioning one foot

Answering other foot

Yes leader is not fool

We all are totally fool





She slowly pulls clothes

Ninety percent clothes

We all pull our shirt off

Are we all not mad half?





Every five year election

Voting dance in election

Confidence vote on floor

A fine way for defection





Wonderful thing election

Bar girl dance in elcetion

Get huge sum in election

Be minister do defection





See see both sex dancer

Lips meet touches finger

Hear sweet music singer

Count currency by finger





When dancer start dance

Heart beating seet dance

‘Dance with me’ she calls

Kiss, give kiss and dance





Dance dance disco baby

Move & move body baby

Move to the rhythm baby

Dance all night disco baby





Bar girl is dancing robot

Auto & systemetic robot

Channel tuned to feeling

Dance romantic dancing





Attractive & inspiring girl

She much sexy disco girl

Builted space age design

Move groove music fine



By Premendra Agrawal

Posted in Current Affairs.

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