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Should Sanjay Dutt behind bar again?

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Favoritism will set bad precedent? Sanjay got preferential treatment: Lawyer? We even canít see cruelty to the dogs. Mahatma Gandhi and Shilpa fought against racism? Then how may we be unfair unjust?


Sanjay got preferential treatment: Lawyer

In a potentially embarrassing development for Sanjay Dutt, his lawyer, Satish Maneshinde, has been caught on TV admitting that a Tada court may have given the actor preferential treatment.


On April 16, all the pending applications will be decided by the TADA court and on April 19, the court has called all the 123 accused including 100 convicts including those acquitted in the case.

Readers speak in TOI on ďFavoritism will set bad precedentĒ

* It ain’t true for all

* Unjust use of power

* He has brought shame to Indians

* A good idea

* Strict penalties should be imposed

* The suggestion is welcome

* Women are no less than men


Dog vs man in cities and Sanjay Dutt vs other accused in TADA Court

Debate is useless: Dog vs man in cities. Dog can sniff terrorists but we canít. India tv scanned yesterday a live clipping of Bhavanipatana Dist Kalahandi of Orissa.  One orphaned newly born monkey is milking female dog daily. Both love each other more than us.


A stray dog created a furor in the Maharashtra Assembly before two days.

Two children dyed due to the bite of stray dogs are biting children Even though there is protest in various places for not killing the dogs. When we give more honor to dogs than how can we not give honor to the accused of 93 blasts ?

Pakistan and villain of kargil is greatest friend

Our government wants peace. So it treats Pakistan not enemy though India could be forced by it to fight three wars. Manmohanís most reliable friend is Musharraf, villain of Kargil. Our PM showed this to adopt joint mechanism against terrorism.


Terrorists and Naxals are brothers and children

In the eyes of our secular government terrorists and Naxalites all are equal to those who become victims of these. Home Minister Shivraj patil has aready said that they are their brothers and children. So a naxal who caught in Bhopal mention Shivraj patil as his father.


SIMI Vs MP Yogi Adityanath

Ban on SIMI by NDA government was opposed by Sonia Gandhi, Cabinet Ministers Ambika Soni and Sri Prakash Jaiswal. Few days before Mulayamís withdrew the cases against SIMI chief and others to utilize them in the coming election. Mulayam Government framed charges against MP Yogi and sent him jail without reasoning. MPs of Congress and Samajwadi party are joking when MP Yogi Adityanath was weeping in the Parliament. Still people say that seculars are unjust and Court favored Sanjay Dutt!


Is Abu Azmi not in Rajya Sabha?

So how can we see injustice with the accused in TADA court? Abu Azmi was accused in 93 blast but now not only he is free but even he is a member of Rajya Sabha on the ticket of Samajwadi Party. Is this injustice?


Tilak Vs Gandhi

Shivaji killed Afjal Khan when Afjal attempted to stab Shivaji so secular called Shivaji communal. Even Lokmanya Tilak and Savarka be written as terrorist in NCERT and IGNOU books. We know only Gandhi and Gandhigiri, nothing else.


Afzal Guru vs Dhanjay Chatterjee
Congress, PDP and CPI (M) moved for pardon to Afzal who got death penalty from the Supreme Court in the case of parliament attack. They saved Afzal Guru from hanging? We are secular so we could see the hanging of Dhanjay Chatterjee!


Afzal Guru and Abu Salem toa ban gaye gentle men

About 20,000 posters and banners of the kurta clad don have been put up across the constituency wishing people for Id and Diwali as part of a “goodwill-cum-sympathy” campaign. He is going to contest in the assembly election of UP. Afzal Guru can also say ďMain toa ban gayaa gentle man!Ē. In our country even a terrorist may be PM. Our PM Manmohan Singh says inclusion of tainted personalities in the cabinet is the compulsion of Alliance government. Then how can any one blame seculars that they are partial?


Afzalís son vs Martyrsí sons

President Kalam met Afzal Guruís seven-year-old son Ghalib accompanied Guruís wife and so called human activists. But President could not find time to meet the children of such martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save lives of hidden half culprits sitting in the parliament. Are we not 100% pure seculars?


We want refugees and infiltrators
Kashmiri Pandits are drove away on gun point from the kashmir. Their forefather are Pandit nehru and his father Moilal nehru. They are moving without shed in the streets of Delhi near 10 Janpath.
We want votes. So Congreess and CPI (M) welcomes the infiltration from Bangladesh. They got raton cards. Their names are in the voterlist.

Bribe to riot victims

Our Prime Minister has announced for giving seven lakh to each family of the victims in Gujarat riots but secular Government will not give a single paisa to the family of the karsevaks who were burnt in the Sabrmati Express compartment at Godhara.


Massacre of 1984

Yes we are not partial so up till now not a single person or leader could find punishment for the murder of hundreds and hundreds Sikhs in 1984 in anti-Sikh riots.  


Equal Opportunity

Yes we want to give equal opportunity so a youth of poor upper cast family canít be got reservation but a youth of creamy layer OBC can get.


Equal Share to minority

Our secular government doesnít want to give equal share to all including Muslims on the economic basis. But it want to count religious heads for this purpose. Government is identifying minority villages, cities and provinces so they can get especial economic package in wholesole.


Gandhi dynasty is a Reserve Caste for PM post

When Congress reserved the PM post for Gandhi dynasty in an invocative democratic way as Hitler and Mao had done. But objection rose on in the name of Italian origin. So, Congress invented a hidden Super PM post for their Italian born leader. Congress treats Videshi bahu as Deshi bahu and Deshi bahu as Videshi bahu. Like that seculars honor the wishes of people and the Indian culture.


Natwar Vs Sonia Gandhi

Natwar Singh was charge sheeted but on the same ground Sonia Gandhi could not be charge sheeted in the scam of Food for Oil. Member of Gandhi dynasty canít be punished in any scam including Bofors even if that member becomes accused.


Gandhighat is reserved

Gandhighat is now reserved for only the dead members of Gandhi dynasty. Former PM late natsimha Rao could not find the place there.


Shibu Soren

Congress made corrupt Shibu Soren and others JMM MPs corrupt. Congress feels guilty conscious. So Congress now does not ask resignation of Shibu Soren though he got life punishement.



Sanjay got preferential treatment: Lawyer

In a potentially embarrassing development for Sanjay Dutt, his lawyer, Satish Maneshinde, has been caught on TV admitting that a Tada court may have given the actor preferential treatment.

The ‘sting’, telecast by a private channel, has Maneshinde questioning the Tada’s court’s decision to absolve Dutt of terror charges under Tada while those who delivered weapons and grenades to the star ó a part of the blast arsenal ó were being charged under the tough law.

“People in the chain have been convicted under Tada but he (Dutt) has been spared. Even people who didn’t know what was in the bag have been convicted under Tada,” Maneshinde said, according to a press release put out by the TV channel.

When contacted by TOI late Friday evening, Maneshinde said,” They (the channel) are not showing the full interview, but broadcasting just bits and pieces of the conversation.”

The lawyer added that he may contemplate action against the channel. “I haven’t thought about it yet, but that’s a strong possibility.”

The lawyer, who has achieved celebrity status defending “difficult” cases for people such as Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray and actor Priyanka Chopra, has said that if Dutt was spared from Tada provisions, so should others named in the case.

This is likely to spur relatives of those convicted under Tada to protest; some of them have already made the point that Dutt was being spared due to his superstar status. Maneshinde has said that Supreme Court could make things difficult for Dutt.


11 applications still to be decided before the order comes
There are eleven applications still pending before the court as on March 14. These include two applications of Sanjay Dutt, one seeking probation and the other for extension of bail.
There is an application by 67 out of 100 convicts seeking parity with Sanjay Dutt as far as removal of charges under TADA are concerned. Also, there are three other applications from Yususf Nalwala, Rusi Mulla and Kersi Adajania seeking benefits under the Probation of Offenders Act, 1958.
In one of the applications before the case it is mentioned that there should be retrial as the entire trial spanning more than 13 years has been following the wrong procedure.
There have been allegations against the prosecution, the CBI and almost everyone involved with the trial. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said that there has been one more application that says that certain accused have been forced to file false applications making allegations.


By Premendra Agrawal

Posted in Current Affairs.

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