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Target Soni Sonia Congress instead of Pawn DMK

Open Letter to all those who have root in Indian Culture instead of Anglo-Italio-Culture



Donft forget Culprits of Ram Drohi Affidavit!

Donft forget the deeds of Soni Sonia and their other political partners including PM!

Donft remember only Karuna-nidhi which is a treasury of sorrows



Left bear the stab of Nuke deal to avoid early election


Congress wants to hide their sin of Ramdrohi affidavit under the cover of Karunanidhi.

Leftist wants to get relief from their humiliation of defeat in Indo US Nuke deal. They are not in a position to see their defeat in the midterm election. So they can bear the stab of Nuke deal in their chest to avoid early election.



Is Lanka of DMK safe place for political demons?


So Congress and Left parties take the shelter in the roof of Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi said in the past himself a Ravan. So demons think that Lanka of DMK is the safe place. They forget that there are Vibhishans also in the Srilanka. People should know who is behind the U trurn of Karunanidhi?



Ram is not the symbol of Regionalism.


So movement against Ramdrohis should not be diverted or limited to a particular state. Indians with culture of Indian root should not divide themselves. Main conspirator of Anti-Ram move is Non-Hindu Ambika Soni and Christian Sonia Gandhi with the help of atheist Balu. They involve in this sin other atheists Leftists and captives of Nehru Gandhi dynasty.


Donft divert the issue towards only DMK. Karunanidhi being atheist and ally of Congress is playing in the hands of Christian Sonia and atheists Leftists. I have already said in my article that International Christian organizations and other Anti-India forces abroad are pushing India into the civil war.



Sonia will represent India in UNO through Anti-Ram move


Example of the Nepal is before us. It should be notable that 30% of the Maoists of Nepal are Christians. Their top leaders are Christians or half Christians. Soniafs representation of India in the UNO on Oct 2 is through that political route. I have explained this in my previous article:



U turn of Congress


Did DMK not enter in the forefront of this movement under a planned conspiracy of PMO and 10 Janpath?

Ramdrohi affidavit came into the knowledge of the public. Congress led Government and Congress party became the Ramdrohis in the eyes of people. Atonce there after Sonia and Law Minister took U turn. They could not face the anger of public. Law Minister Bhardwaj and Sonia came to rescue. For a shortwhile Ram became god and eJai Shri Ramf sloganf secular for them. After that conspirators of PMO and 10 Janpath drew a plan to divert the movement towards South. Slowly and slowly Rambhakts and their organizations are coming in the grip of their conspiracy. Donft let Congress and Left to divide India into South and North.



Go to Delhic.Delhi ChaloacccDelhi koochcccc.


I pray to all Rambhakts and organization for targeting the main culprit. Donft follow the policy of Soniafs government. They tried to wash their hands by making scapegoats to the two officers of the cultural ministry. Like that tagetrting only DMK is not good.



Target Anti-Ram tanks of Delhi


Link of culprits take strength from two Anti-Ram tanks of Delhi. Are they not hided in PMO and 10 Janpath? So there should be democratic routemarch towards Delhiccc.Go to Delhic.Delhi ChaloacccDelhi koochcccc.



Know planned conspiracy of Congress and Left parties


There is a planned conspiracy of Congress and Left parties to crush the tolerance of Hindus to please minorities. They follow the policy of George Bush of America. Bush invaded Iraq on the false ground to divide Shitti (Shia) and Sunnis. Like that Congress and Left parties want to divide the Hindu Muslims again in India. They follow the policy of British invaders eDivide and rulef.


Who is happy to see the attack on the BJP HQ, Hindu Munnani office?

Who is real source behind this attack in Delhi?

We should discuss on this news.


We should also discuss the todayfs aticle of Vir Sanghvi of Hindustan Times:’s+sake



By Premendra Agrawal


Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Soniafs representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following:


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Atal-Geetaswar: Who win coming battle of ballet?



Atalji on Sept 21 sends message to the BJP leaders attending the three days conclave at Bhopal. His message looks like a little Geetaswar Gutka means shortest presentation of Geeta in the present atmosphere. Atalji ended his message with a few lines from his poem in Hindi:


Ahuti baki hai;

Yagya adhoora hai;

Apnonke vighnon ne ghera hai;

Antim jai ka vajra banane;

Nav dadhichi haddiyaan galaayen!



* I am quoting here a short poem of renowned filmy personality Shekhar Kapur:



You coward!

stop moralizing your

your own sense of fear

stop crystalizing unknown,

imagined demons

into moral statements

listen to Krishna,

don’t waste his time

do not be afraid

of the chaos

of battle

there are so many of us

waiting for Krishna

to push us

over the






Who fear to hear the roar of Dushantfs Bharat?


I have quoted above for endorsing my following articles which I wrote since Sept 12, 3007 under following titles besides the latest two articles of 21 and 22. Few viewers of my articles are hurted to read word of eMahabharatIIIf, Ram Ravan War and roaring of Dushyantfs Bharat.


Followers of Indian culture never feel fear to see the Bow in Ramfs hand and to hear preaching of Krishna, which is in Geeta. So all Indians should be fearless.



If Ravan is then coming of Ram certain


For throwing fear, people should know the culprits of Ramdrohi affidavits.

Karat and Bardhan of leftist parties came to save the skin of Karunanidhi of DMK

In the past Karunanidhi called him a Ravan.

If Ravan is he then how can he deny the presense of Ram and Ram Sethu.

Actually they represent the proverb gVinash kale viprit buddhif.

Other fake secularsf trongues are paralyzed due to their fake secularism. Mulayam leads these confused forces.


Karunanidhi accepted the existence of Ram Sethu in TN Gazettier of 1972. Then who is behind the U turn of Karunanidhi. I tried to explain this in my artcle of Sept 21.



Since Sept 12, 2007 I have written following titles articles besides the latest two of today and yesterdayfs:


(1) Mahabharat III: Coming of Ram Krishna to punish evil forces

(2) Six 6s of Yuvraj vs Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK

(3) Roar of the sons of Dushyantfs Bharat has power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism

(4) Ram Ravan War: Ram vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

(5) Pope Bush via Religious freedom behind Ramdrohi Affidavit

(6) Qick March: About turn: Soniafs Style: Ramdrohi Affidavit!

(7) Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram – Ramayan

(8) Cheer-haran of Bharatmata? Read National Dharm Granth Geeta: HC


All above articles may be found at:



Who can dare to block asking these questions?


Who brings the matchboxes from Shivakashi to fire in the hearts of eRam Krishna devotees?


Who are in government? Who brings the matchboxes from Shivakashi? Who uses matchboxes to burn tolerance of Hinduism? Who gives fuel to the fire? Who can dare to block asking these questions? Silence is not the solution. Rambhakts should not be kangaroos to hide head in the sand.


In above mentioned number (7) article of dated Sept 13, I have written: gHigh Court says Geeta be national. Govt says No.The Supreme Court has permitted dismantling poisonous ship ‘Blue Lady’, as reported by media. Govt controlled by a lady, has filed affidavit in SC aiming to ruin Ram Sethu to declare that neither Ram went to Sri Lanka nor war happened between Ram and Ravan. Can Sonia dare to say this about the non-existence of Christ and Bible?


After that Left and Karunanidhi gave fuel to the fire which was the result of Ramdrohi Affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh..



Little Geetaswar of Atalji


Atalji ended his message as said at the top of this article, with a few lines from his poem in Hindi: Ahuti baki hai; yagya adhoora hai; apnonke vighnon ne ghera hai; antim jai ka vajra banane; nav dadhichi haddiyaan galaayen (The job is still incomplete; our own people have created hurdles; for the final victory, youth should come forward).

He earlier wrote: gThere is instability and uncertainty at the Centre. The countryfs military capability seems to be at stake. A dejected government at the Centre is attacking people’s sentiments. Under such circumstances, our responsibility has increased. People have hopes from us. We cannot neglect the hopes of the masses and have to fulfil them.h

Though the leadership issue was not to be discussed at the conclave, the message triggered speculation among BJP leaders that he had decided to pass on the baton to Mr Advani. 


In this article I am pleased to present the flowers (Nof of gandhigiri) of the Ataljifs poems to the viewers.





* Anuhuti ke swar

Mere prabhu!

Mujhe itani unchai kabhi mat dena

Gairon koa gale na laga sakun

Itani rukhai

Kabhi mat dena



* Dusari anubhuti Geet nayaa gaata hoon


Tute huye taron se fute vashanti swar

Patthar ki chhaati men ug aayaa nayaa ankur

Jhare sab pile paat

Koyal ki kuhuk raat

Prachi men arunim ki rekh deh paata hun

Git nayaa gaata hoon


Complete poem at:



* Hiroshima ki peeda


Kisi raat koa

Meri neeNd achaanak uchaT jaati hai,

AaNkh khul jaati hai,

MaiN sochne lagtaa huN ki

Jin vaigyaanikoN ne anu astroN kaa

Aavishkaar kiyaa thaa:

Ve hiroshimaa-naagaasaaki ke bheeshan narsanhaar ke samaachaar sunkar,

Raat ko soye kaise honge?….kyaa unhe ek kshan ke liye sahi,

Yeh anubhuti hui ki unke haathoN jo kuch huaa,

Acchaa nahi huaa?

Yadi hui, to vakt uNhe katghare meiN khaDaa nahi karegaa.

Kintu yadi nahi hui to itihaas unhe kabhi

Maaf nahi karegaa.


by A. B.Vajpayee (1995)


English Translation: at:

The Pain of Hiroshima



* Jhuk nahin sakte


Toot sakate hain magar ham jhuk naheen sakate!

Satya kaa sangharsh sattaa se,

Nyaya ladataa nirankushtaa se,

Andhere ne di chunauti hai,

Kiran antim ast hoati hai!


Complete poem at:



* Apane hi man se kuchh boalen


Kya khoya kya paaya jag men,

Milte aur bichhudte mag menf

Mujhe Kisi se naheen shikayat,

Yadyapi chhala gayaa pag pag men,

Ek drishti beeti par daalenc, yaadon ki poatali tatoalen!


Complete poem at:



* Pahli anubhuti Geet naheen gaataa hoon


Be nakaab chehare hain

Daag bade gahare hain

Tootataa tilism Aaj sach se bhay khaata hoon


Complete poem at:



* Doosari anubhooti Geet nayaa gaata hoon


Toote huye taaroan se foote vashanti swar

Patthar ki chhaati men ug aayaa nayaa ankur

Jhare sab peele paat

Koayal ki kuhuk raat

Praachi men arunim ki rekh dekh paata hoon

Geet nayaa gaata hoon


Complete poem at:



*  Ek Baras Beet gayaa


Jhulsataa jeth maans

Shard chaandani udaas

Siski bharate saavan kaa

Antarghat reet gayaa

Ek baras beet gayaa


Complete poem at:





Paudhe naheen ugate,

Naa hi ghaas hi jamti hai!

Jamti hai sirf barf,

joa kafan, ki tarah safed aur

maut ki tarah thandi hoati hai!

Kheltee khil khilaati nadee,

Jiskaa roop dhaaran kar,

Apane bhaagya par boond boond roati hai!


Complete poem at:


Mere prabhu!

Mujhe italni unchai kabhi mat dena

Gairon koa gale na laga sakoon

Itani rukhai

Kabhi mat dena


By Premendra Agrawal


Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Soniafs representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following:


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