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Rahul vs Modi: Little Man (Film)

In the hilarious comedy “Little Man, American film of 2006” Shawn Wayans plays a man so anxious to become a father that he mistakes a short-statured, baby-faced criminal on the run, played by Marlon Wayans, for his newly adopted son.


People laugh to see Rahul in the front of Modi. Laughtrer becomes louder when Sonia and Manmohan Singh becomes the runner for the tired cricketer Rahul Gandhi of ‘O’ run. Congress wants Rahul to make Dhooni.The scene is laughable because we find it easier to laugh than to cry at the imprudence, confusion, absurdity, awkwardness, and naïveté of the dynasty of lovefool followers:



Who in Congress for PM post?


Who will be in the Congress for PM post in midterm election of 2008 or general election of 2009? BJP posed a threat to the Congress to declare L K Advani as its candidate for PM post. Narendra Modi becomes the next threat to Congress for its second rank leadership. Sonia and Manmohan Singh both made the situation awkward for the Congress.



Invited bull to beat


Main target of Sonia and Manmohan Singh is Narendra Modi since the election campaign. This has become the boon for Advani and Modi both. Now BJP wants to maintain this tempo continue upto the next Midterm poll of 2008 or General Elcetion of 2009. Congress leaders themselves invited bull to beat them.



Majority rule vs Mob rule: Bogus democracy


Congress could not declare its candidate for CM post in Gujarat and Himachal assemble election. Leaders of Congress say that Congress follows democratic norm in the selection. Is blind following of a dynasty means democracratic way. So Congress follows bogus democracy to fool the people.

Democracy is however not for a blind following of a dynasty. Democracy expects citizens to reason so that they may make the best decision without binding him to a pole. They should not be moved around a pole as ‘Expeller-bull’. Majority rule through blind followers is but mob rule. Are Congress leaders mature enough to build skyscrapers but too childish to elect the leadership due to blind following tendency?



Advani as BJP candidate for PM post


BJP has declared Advani as its choice for PM post. NDA has not raised the question on that. NDA in this way buried the question mark who will be next after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Vajpayee has already decared his retirement from the active politics. Though, his guidance will be available to the BJP and the NDA.



Congress is uncertain


Congress leaders are uncertain as they are not sure whether party president Sonia Gandhi will project Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for a second term. It is also not certain whether she herself or her son Rahul Gandhi will now contend for the top government post as and when the general elections are held.


The choice before Sonia Gandhi and Dr Singh is to reserve Premiership for Dr. Singh till 2009 and forego the nuclear deal, or go ahead with their commitment to US President George W. Bush and then throw the ball in the court of Left finally.



Even Congress has no dummy candidate for PM post


At the time of election voters are trained by the parties to show dummy ballet papers. In the election dummy candidates also file the nomination form though they withdraw in the last. But even Congress has hesitation to declare a puppet for PM post as at present Manmohan Singh is PM. Congress allies especially RJD and DMK and many leaders with in the Congress at the top level do not want to break relations with the Left. They want to enjoy the honeymoon between Congress and Left.

Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance



There is doubt in the Congress circle about Dr. Singh


Without left Congress will be unable to walk. Left never support the candidature of Manomohan Singh as next PM. Left thinks that Dr. Singh is a spy of US. In Sonia’s good book besides Manmohan none is for PM post temporarily. Sonia wants a puppet PM till the acceptability of her or her son Rahul Gandhi. Rahul becomes baba to renounce his Columbian or Sapanish or other girl friends to be PM. Otherwiose these girls have been hided in unknown destination near to Delhi or else.



Congress can’t declare Sonia as its Candidate for PM post


It is difficult for the Congress to declare Sonia Gandhi as its next candidtate for the PM post. Congress can’t dare to declare Sonia as its candidate for PM post. Congress saw the opposition of Sonia in the past which is still continue.

For Congress Sonia may be ‘Desh ki Bahu’ but for the people she is Pope’s representative in India. She herself projected her as the Christian leader of Anti-Hindus.

Sonia sponsored media highlighted bogus poll surveys to show Sonia for PM of the people’s choice. But this media could not get success in its move as they succeded to save Afzal move.

Bogus Poll Surveys: Media on Sale



Grooming of Rahul for next PM


As discussed above even top ten Congress leaders think that Mrs Gandhi will not become the Prime Minister if the party comes back into power. So gromming of Rahul baba by dCongress is now in full swing to please Sonia Gandhi and to cash the blind following of the dynasty.

However, Rahul’s road shows not show the defeated result in UP and there after Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. He has not impressed top ten senior party leaders with his few public appearances also. “Rahul needs time,” is the general opinion of the Congress leaders

Dynastic Rahul Vs Dynamic Dhoni



Rahul vs Modi


* Sonia Gandhi’s remark ‘Merchant of death drew Congress in the back foot. After that Dr. Singh gave air to that fire. 


* Manmohan Singh said at Vadodara on Dec 11, “The BJP felt threatened by Modi and hence felt the need to appoint somebody else as the prime ministerial candidate, a day before the Gujarat election,” Now both mistakes has become the ‘wild fire’ to burn the credibility of Congress. It means in the eyes of present PM Dr. Singh and the Congress Modi should be BJP candidated for PM post.


* On the question of leadership Congress has become nude more than Mallika Sherawat or Britney.


* Modi took brave step to give tickets to 100 new faces.


* In Gujarat BJP went in the election in the leadership of Narendra Modi in spite of the open revolt by former CM and few senior BJP MPs in Gujarat. Evidently now Narendra Modi wins. The BJP quickly moved to crack down on the high-profile rebels by expelling two rebel MPs and gave notice to other two Keshu Bahai and Rana.


* In Himachal BJP fought election in the leadership of Dumal. Dhumal is the choice of Narendra Modi.


* BJP president Rajnath Singh feels that the party is headed for a decisive victory in the western state and is also confident that saffron strongman Narendra Modi’s emergence as a powerful leader will not lead to a conflict in the party.


So victory of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal will increase the stature of Modi high. Narendra Modi himself will keep his one foot in Gujarat and another foot in the politics of centre. He has no challenge in Gujarat. So he throws arrows of Hinduism on the Anti Hindu top leadership of Congress especially on Chirstian Sonia and her puppet Manmohan Singh. At the moment he is in the centre stage. 



By Predmendra Agrawal

Posted in Current Affairs.

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