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Gandhis hide tears, Modi dropped tears, why?


Gandhis tries to hide tears. Modi unable to hide and tears flow from his eyes. Congress supportsrs Left Lalu Paswan smile to see followon of Congress in Gujarat.


Some times tears are more precious than smile because you give smile to every one but tears only to some one whom you never want to loose. Wrongly understood this, Sonia and Rahul alongwith their lovefoos want to hide their tears to see the result of their black deeds in Gujarat.

Opposite to this, Narendra Modi’s tears flow on Dec 24 at the time of embracing victorious 117 MLAs, why?


* Show large-heartedness towards each and everyone

Give thousand chances to your enemy to become your friend. But! Don’t give single chance to your friend to become your enemy. Modi shows this heartedness on Dec 24. Making an indirect reference to his opponents Narendra Modi, who will take oath as Chief Minister of Gujarat for the third time on Dec 24, said “it is the need of the hour that we show large-heartedness towards each and everyone”.

He invited rebel leaders of his party for joining hands to strengthen the party.



*Raise the slogan” ‘Bharat maata ki jay’

Tears come out from his eyes on the question, who is bigger, party or Modi. He answered in simple way. If parent takes child on his shoulder then how would the child be bigger than his parent?

Modi let the world know: “Maa thi chokro mota nahi hoi shakey (a son can never be bigger than his mother).” This is the way of Modi to reply his critics who have been predicting that he could supersede senior party leaders to take the ‘big leap’ at Centre after his victory in Gujarat.



Heart winning way

This is the heart winning way which he showed at the time of his election as a leader for which width of his chest would become wide.  Due to this he comes automatically in the centre stage of the party and politics of the nation. He throws arrows of nationalism menas Hinduism on the top leadership of Congress and forces them to stand on wrong foot.    

Rahul vs Modi: Little Man (Film)



Gift of victory to Atal on his birth day

Modi, who was chosen the leader of the newly-elected MLAs, will take oath as chief minister for a third term at the Sardar Patel stadium here a little after noon coinciding with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday on Dec 25.

Atal-Poems: Who win the coming battle of ballet?



Kickbacks: BJP workers vs Congress Leaders

“However, the BJP workers have not come to make commission but are out on a mission. They have not joined the party to receive but to give something back to the society,” Modi said. Here commission means kickback which is as alleged the birth right of Gandhi dynasty and the Congress.

Hasan Ali of Rs 350 million in Swiss: Dung on wall? How did cow climb?

In every big scandal Bofors to War Room Leakage and Oil for Food kickbacks Sonia’s imprints are found.



Stomach cutter leaders

We see pocketmar in the crowd. People are unable to see stomach cutter leaders. They are not mediacal cetified doctors.

Manifesto of Lies for empty Stomatches



“Bin maange moti mile mange mile na bheekh


In the exchange of Keshubhai Patel he was sent to lead BJP Govt in Gujarat in 2001. His development work Hindutva and ability to block terrorism returns third time Chief Ministership to him. He is not asking a space in the centre leadership of BJP. He does not want to slip on these three motos for getting accepatance of NDA. But NDA partners now start to shake hand with the determinations of Narendra Modi. Everest peak of NDA Atal, Jayalalitha, Nitish Kumar come forward to praise Narendra Modi.

NDA gives its stamp of approval to Modi



Who lifted Modi on their shoulders?

Addressing a gathering of 117 BJP MLAs and nearly 200 party workers in Gandhinagar soon after he was chosen the leader of the BJP legislative party, he said, “The world is getting to see Modi everywhere because of BJP party workers who have held him on their shoulders. Ironically, the world missed to notice them.”



Lesson to fake secular Anti-Hindu media

“Modi My image appears to be bigger because of the limitation of your lenses which stop at me. But if you were to widen your focus, you could see thousands of BJP workers who have lifted me up on their shoulders,” Modi indirectly attaked fake secular media in taunting tone.



Modi gave a chance to smile to Anti-Hindu Congress supporters

Left, DMK. NCP and other worried to face the midterm poll. Congress wanted to go in the midterm poll. Now due to the defeat of Congress in Gujarat and possible defeat in Himachal throw away the fear of midterm poll. So Congress is in coma and its supporters are smiling. Left Lalu think that downfall of Congress will increase their weight and bargaining power in the UPA government.



By Premendra Agrawal

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