June 2007
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This morning

This morning


This morning, like any other working day, I was walking to reach my office. At one junction, I noticed something unusual. There was a group of twenty something young boys and girls on the footpath. One boy was beating a man with slaps and fists. The person getting beaten was unshaved, with a plastic bag in his hand, the types of men who sit on the benches for some time watching the traffic and then move towards their destinations. He was not resisting, and taking as it came. One or two girls were saying something, and it seems the man had passed comment on any of the girls, so the male companions were proving their worth. In true spirit of Mumbai, I didnít stop and kept walking. I noticed one man reaching them, from the shop dealing in metallic scraps, which is part of the Muslim community neighborhood. Two minutes down the lane and I heard something which seemed to be two gun shots! But I have no experience to identify whether the sound was of pistols or some tire burst.


I passed in front of Eternity Mall. A dangerous and frustrated looking dog was looking from one side of below a car parked on the side of the road. I tried to find out what he was looking for. There was another dog sleeping on the other side, below the car, with his back all scratched to show some pink flesh.


How are we humans different from dogs?



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  • V T

    Nicely written. This is the eternal question… which never had an answer. I wish the world could be neatly divided into Black and White. I see grey shades everywhere!

  • It”s a sad incident…human beings like to think they”re superior to animals for some strange reason, but I don”t think we are.

  • Durga

    If one person hits another person for some reason, everybody will pounce on that person without finding the truth about it. People want to show their muscle power.

    Animals at least protect their own category. If anybody harms an animal, they all come together and fight against the enemy. They are more sensible than us.

    Almighty alone can save the mankind.

  • Durga

    Dear Rahul,

    Thanks for sending the message. I am fortunate to have friends like you who share the happenings around us and in the country.

    I agree with your views. Human beings are worst than animals. God has been very sensible in creating both the human beings and animals. The vital difference between human beings and animals is the power to think. But nowadays, I feel everybody thinks only about themselves and are least bothered about others. They feel they are perfect. They donít have the time or patience for other not to find out about the truth.

  • Amita..

    yes !

    humans can write good article about the happenings whereas animals participate in action.

  • I had faced a similar situation, where the conductor of my bus was beaten up by auto Rickshaw guys for no fault of his.Being new to mumbai, I have not yet inculcated the true spirit of mumbai…and I stopped them from doing so…..

  • Nice writing budddy.. And the question is worth.. No Idea what to say.

  • That is typical of a city… Getting involved? I do not know. the bullets have their own set of rules….

  • would interfering with them have made u feel better or done any good…..its easier said than done.

  • At times…I repeat, at times…They are better off! :))

  • Sangeet..

    It”s a good question you have raised ,Rahul……….indeed ,amidst this hustle & bustle of our lives we are gradually forgetting our sensitivity,those finer aspects which differentiate us – humans from that of animals !

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