June 2007
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My views on Presidential Elections – 2007

My views on Presidential Elections – 2007


In a nutshell, my views on presidential elections 2007 are like this:


Ms. Pratibha Patil may be an intellectual and a very mature lady, or may be Shree Bhairon Singh Shekhawat have more experience of handling high and delicate posts. But the first thing that strikes me when I think of these presidential elections is – Why election? Why are the elections being held?


In present state of affairs, the public, specially the younger generation is getting disillusioned from the politics and the politicians. Politics has really become a dirty word. The need of the hour is – to keep politics and politicians as distant and separate as possible from the day to day life of Indians. Because of this reason, I think that even the posts like BCCI chief should be occupied by non-political people. The post of President of India has long been occupied by aging politicians, and the present generation thinks that this post should not be for “rewards”, as the ruling UPA (read Congress) is going about it. Keeping non-political persons on this post will pacify the rage that is running in the countrymen against the lot of the politicians.


Also, there is a bigger evil – the tendency of the UPA government of not accepting anything that the previous government did. This happened with Dr. Venugopal of AIIMS earlier and this is happening with APJ Abdul Kalam this time. This tendency is not healthy for our democracy.


In my opinion, present President APJ Abdul Kalam has brought dignity to the post of the president. He has lived his vision, inspired millions of students and made us believe that an ‘honest’ person can reach the highest post in our country without any unethical means.


I still think that APJ Abdul Kalam is the best candidate for the President of India.