November 2007
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There are some hypocrites and there are some politicians. How far one can go to justify means for ends? Though many of you wonít like to say anything about politicians, I always fall in the trap of thinking them as human beings and Indians. Here is a para from a newspaper article, which bares all about one of the few self-proclaimed atheists in India:


Tamil Nadu CM M.Karunanidhi may be a self proclaimed atheist, but he is closer to religion than you may think. Each day, as his motorcade rolls out of his Gopalapuram home in Chennai, it veers towards a Krishna temple round the street corner. His family members frequently trawl temples. They had gone to Tirupati to pray for him ahead of 2005 assembly poll results. Son and heir-apparent MK Stalin visits temples before kicking off election tours. Since the 1996 elections, Karunanidhi has been wearing his trademark yellow shawl. He has always ducked queries on his but DMK insiders say it is to propitiate Jupitar for his longevity.


Ref: HT, Mumbai, September 29, 2007

8 comments to Hypocrisy

  • sad… reelee sad… hw dumm kan ne 1 get… dint ya knw politikz was alwiz a sinonim fo hipokri-C… o visa-vursa… pik ne 1 in politikz… n u wud find da hipokri-C in da max form… so y singl out poo-a KN??? … not tht i givva fuck abt em… but y juz singl em out???… abt da ri8 — simpl n EZ 2 folo… stuck to wht u wantd 2 tel… n i lik it… peace!!!

  • ref ur post: hypocrisy: very well said…….i believe that the “atheists” are more religious then the religious ones…….even the statue of any leader and if garland put would me worshipping in any form….in simple words …i think DMK party itself has so many religions in it…

  • What they preach and what they practice, the twain will never meet– for politicians.

  • Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins…..

  • These self-proclaimed atheists preach for their political followers only, but when it come to them they are different. Even the father of their movement, EV.Ramasamy Naicker (Periyar) who asked his followers to break Vinayaka idols in public, was a trustee of a Vinayaka temple in Erode, his birth place.

  • the world is full of hypocrites … but your efforts to point out some of them is well taken. Rgds, Sunshine

  • lol…he is one hell of a clown

  • you are right Rahul. there are many in that category….

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