November 2007
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Naxals thriving in Chhattisgarh


Naxals thriving in Chhattisgarh


Between January and October, 134 policemen were killed by Naxalites in Chhattisgarh. The media is celebrating the killings and the central government is sitting tight. Having lived in the state for two years, I have known the locals to some extent. They are innocent, simple people who donít have big ambitions. But at times they are sentimental, conservative andthey love drinking. They are Indians. Having known them I know that most of them donít support the violence. After creation of the separate state, there have been tremendous growth and development in the state and that is what the Naxals donít like.


Some times I wonder why the state has reached this stage. 134 policemen killed in ten months! That is too grave a situation. Sometimes I wonder whether their attacks are being supported or funded by some external countries or what. I learn that another protest is brewing, under the leadership of CPI leaders, against a proposed TATA (steel) plant. Some times I hate these communists, how can they play politics on the dead bodies of innocent Indians?


The non-cooperation by the UPA government is evident. From the time I was there, the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, who is one of the most honest and clean politicians in India, demanded resources to tackle the menace. And the centre remains unheard. Similar is the cases of the other states where Naxals are thriving Ė Jharkhand, Bihar, and Orissa.  No state government have the resources, intelligence and expertise to handle the scale of violence that is going on. And we understand that not all CMs can be a Narendra Modi who hasnít allowed another Akshardham to happen in his state. Under these conditions, things are only going to be worse. Any optimist out there?

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