March 2008
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Snapshots from Childhood (Part III)



To some of you, it won’t matter when the child makes his childish demands and is adamant. But it matters a lot for the child! Some of you may never take your child seriously, forgetting that the child himself/herself may very well take him/herself very seriously! Read this… from the time I was… as it goes here: 




Jab mai Jiddi Tha


Age of 4


We used to go to our Muzaffarpur house some times. On that particular trip, we stayed there for quite some time. When we came back to Motihari, the next time I wanted to go to the toilet, I asked where my toilet was? They didn’t understand… But I wanted to go to the same toilet in our Muzaffarpur house! They asked me to go to the toilet that was there in our house! But I started crying and demanded the same toilet that was there in our Muzaffarpur house! And this childhood tantrum of mine lasted for a long time! J


Age of 5


I have told you this story before. Then we lived in a joint family, and most of my cousins were having younger siblings. I had an elder sis, but now I wanted someone younger to me. I asked my mother to give me a baby. They didn’t take me seriously. I kept demanding that. Then, one evening, on the Saraswati Puja night, my mother, my bua, I and my sister were returning after seeing some idols, and then, in the middle of the road, I stopped. They came back to me and asked what happened? I said: “Mommy, give me a baby!” Later, my wish was fulfilled, when an angel come to our life as my younger sister. J


Age of 6


In my childhood, I held myself no less than a prince. And I loved some of my cloths very much. Particulars to be mentioned are: Army-green jacket, one jeans pant, one gallis walla trouser with a rabbit’s picture on the front, and a pair of shoes. When I dressed like that, and made my hair well, I stood tall J But the height of my fancy came when I declined to put off my favourite ones even in the nights. So for days, I went to bed with my shoes on J


Age of 7


Now this was really sad. We had gone to our Muzaffarpur house, where many of our uncles and their families had come. Once we were playing with some toy, but one of my cousins took the toy from me, which I demanded back. Some scuffle happened, and his mother came annoyed, snatched the toy from me, and gave it to him. I felt bad, really bad. I started weeping, and went out of the house. But I hid myself in a corner of our campus. After 10 minutes of sheding tears, I heard some noises from the house, they were searching for me J Now the game started. They sent a servant out on the road to find me! Come-on, I was not like that! Then I saw my grandma searching for me. And the kids too. 15 more minutes passed, and suddenly, the one who found me was none other than – my grandma! J


Dedicated to the children who are really tough and jiddi


(To be continued…)