March 2008
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Snapshots from Childhood (Part IV)



Last night, I got a call from my parents. It was a bit surprising, as they normally call on Sundays or Saturdays. Today, I was talking to my sister and she told me something that I made me realise something: Yesterday was the marriage anniversary of my parents! I called up my mother and told her that I had forgotten. Mother said: “I was happy. Because my children have become so busy that they don’t remember such faltu dates J”




‘First’ Anniversary


This pulls me back to the day when we came to know that something on the earth was called ‘marriage anniversary’ also. Before that day, we didn’t notice anything like that. I guess I was in 7th standard at that time. Mother had prepared several delicious things. When we asked if there was something special that day, she didn’t answer. After some requests, she gave up and told us that it was father’s birthday. Wow! Though we celebrated our birthdays, we never did that for our parents. We (my elder sis, younger sis and I) became guilty about it. We decided that it was never late and we would celebrate his birthdays beginning that very day.


So my younger sister prepared something special for Papa. She made a big sketch, with a big “7 March” in the centre and lot of decorative paintings in the surrounding. And she wrote a big red “Happy Birthday” also. We kept that painting in our drawing room, and waited for father to return from office. He came and we told him “Happy Birthday”. He took some time to adjust. We understood that, as it was the first time we were celebrating his birthday! So he must be nervous J But… but we were told something that made us smile, giggle and laugh! 7th March was not father’s birthday, but his marriage anniversary! What a day!




Shaadi aur Bachche


This again pulls me back to the time when I believed that marriages were sacred things and God blessed the married couple with children J Then while watching movies, I used to notice that heroines used to weep a lot J And they used to say something that meant “Maine paap nahi kiya hai..” I asked my parents why did the lady cry? They said she had a child without marriage. Then I remember what I asked, “But how can she have a child without marriage?” They said, “Sometimes it happens”. Then I was at my best, “Then how is SHE responsible for that mistake? It is the God who did the mistake, na?” J Don’t remember what answer I got, but I was not convinced J.


Dedicated to the children who are really innocent J


(To be continued…)

Happy Women’s Day



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